New York Jets – Raising Leonard Williams’ Expectations

Daniel Essien breaks down reasonable expectations for New York Jets defensive lineman Leonard Williams in 2018..

New York Jets 2015 1st round selection Leonard Williams has had a mostly positive tenure with the team so far. However, there has been discussion regarding Williams’ production the last few seasons. It’s arguable that he hasn’t played up to the standards of his 6th overall selection. Let’s examine how his play stacks up to his peers and why this year is the time for him to take the next step.


New York Jets Draft Notebook: Grading Every Pick

Connor Rogers with grades for each of the New York Jets picks in the 2018 NFL Draft…

What a whirlwind draft week was, especially for the New York Jets. It was hard to imagine a scenario where Sam Darnold tumbled to three, but this is why it’s one of the more unpredictable events in all of sports.

Even without a second round selection, the team found value and remained active in the trade market. While these weren’t all household names, quite a few were favorites amongst the national draft media.

Let’s grade each pick the Jets made this year.


Episode 83 – Full NFL Draft 2018 Weekend Recap F/ Darryl Slater

New PLAJ Podcast: Scott Mason and Daryl Slater review the New York Jets 2018 NFL Draft…

Episode 83 of “Play Like A Jet” is here! Subscribe on iTunes or check out the audio below. Scott Mason talks to Darryl Slater of NJ Advance Media to recap the NY Jets’ draft.

Darryl talks the events tat led to the Sam Darnold pick, goes in-depth about the thought process behind each pick, goes over the undrafted free agents that were signed, and projects the team’s 53 man roster based on the events that occurred over the weekend!


New York Jets 2018 Undrafted Free Agent Breakdown

Michael Nania reviews the New York Jets 2018 UDFA class…

Robby Anderson. Wayne Chrebet. Brandon Moore. Damon Harrison. All four of these eventual key Jets contributors did not have their names called in and written on a card by an NFL front office on draft weekend; yet all four have gone on to make names for themselves as an undrafted free agent. Which 2018 Jets UDFAs have the best shot at joining that group?


Author: Michael Nania

You can follow me on Twitter @Michael_Nania. I'll be hosting the weekly Jets opponent preview podcast, Know Your Foe, starting with the 2018 regular season. I've been writing for Turn On The Jets since January 2018, and you can also check out more of my work on the Jets over at Gang Green Nation.

Initial Reaction, NFL Draft 2018 – New York Jets Select DL Nathan Shepherd

The Jets have made their third round selection, Fort Hays State DL Nathan Shepherd. Daniel Mosher gives his initial reaction to the pick.

The New York Jets selected Fort Hays State Defensive Lineman Nathan Shepherd with the 72nd overall pick in the NFL Draft. Daniel Mosher gives his initial reaction to the pick below. 


NFL Draft 2018 – Final First Round Mock and New York Jets 7 Rounds (Dalbin Osorio)

Dalbin Osorio with his final first round mock and New York Jets seven round mock for the 2018 NFL Draft…

We have finally made it, to the most important draft for the New York Jets in the last decade. The Jets are in position, with the second part of one of the better two year drafts at Quarterback, to select their franchise QB. All of the talent the Jets have added this offseason won’t matter if they don’t pick the right QB. Other teams are angling for talent as well, so here’s my final first round mock with a couple of trades thrown in for good measure…


Author: Dalbin Osorio

Dalbin Osorio is a Case Planner for Graham-Windham, New York's oldest child welfare agency. He is, also, a student at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Dalbin graduated from Monroe College with a degree in Business Administration. A 3 sport utility man in high school (think a mix of Jerome WIlliams, Brad Smith, and Jayson Nix), he joined TOJ in 2013.

New York Jets Five Things: NFL Draft Day Edition

David Aitken goes through five key things to consider for the New York Jets heading into the 2018 NFL Draft…

Here’s David Aitken with five things to consider heading into draft weekend…


NFL Draft 2018 – Players You Don’t Want In The AFC East

Cody Emerson on players he does not want to see the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins or New England Patriots draft this weekend…

With the NFL Draft approaching in two days and most of us going back and forth on if it’s gonna be Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen, it’s easy to forget that there are still over 200 other picks happening. It is also an extremely interesting time for the AFC East The Jets have accepted their rebuild the past two seasons and now have a team with some young talented players and potentially a rookie QB in line to be the face of the franchise. (more…)

New York Jets Draft Notebook: Welcome to Judgement Day

Connor Rogers with a NFL Draft Notebook to prepare you for the New York Jets decision on Thursday…

It’s the biggest week in at least a decade for the New York Jets franchise.

The Cleveland Browns and New York Giants will get the first chance to set the tables of the draft, but Gang Green will have a top quarterback prospect available when they are on the clock no matter what.

Who will they pick? What makes the most sense? Can we really buy into any April rumors?

Let’s break down the most realistic scenarios.


NFL Draft 2018 – Mid-Round Offensive Line Targets

Michael Nania with mid round offensive line targets for the New York Jets in the NFL Draft…

The quarterback debate has gotten the lion’s share of attention among Jets observers leading up to the draft, and for good reason. This pick is going to crown the next face of New York Jets football. However, it should not go forgotten that nearly as important as the franchise quarterback himself is the tandem of five behemoths tasked with protecting his majesty; together forming a highly important barrier that is only as strong as its weakest link. In their current state, the Jets lack the necessary depth and talent to construct a wall of protection fit for their new prodigy. (more…)

Author: Michael Nania

You can follow me on Twitter @Michael_Nania. I'll be hosting the weekly Jets opponent preview podcast, Know Your Foe, starting with the 2018 regular season. I've been writing for Turn On The Jets since January 2018, and you can also check out more of my work on the Jets over at Gang Green Nation.