New York Jets – Offensive Free Agents The Jets Should Avoid

Michael Nania on offensive free agents the New York Jets should avoid…

There’s still about a month to go until the floodgates of free agency open, but the options that the New York Jets need to be targeting have already been discussed ad nauseam. Kirk Cousins. Ryan Jensen. Allen Robinson. These are names that would be tremendous solutions in areas that have been problems for the Jets, including some of which that have been issues for an extremely long time. Still, we all know real life isn’t franchise mode in Madden and that the Jets aren’t going to get every top target.


New York Jets – Potential 2018 Under The Radar Offseason Moves

Greg Armstrong on potential under the radar moves for the New York Jets this offseason…

While Valentines Day may have passed and the season of love is in our rear view windows, there’s a lot to love about all the cap space and picks the New York Jets will have this spring. The big name signings and draft picks will get the most buzz come March and April but here are some under the radar moves I’d like to see the Jets make that will improve the team but maybe not the back page headlines of the Post. (more…)

New York Jets – Second Tier Free Agent Quarterback Options

Michael Nania on three second-tier free agent quarterback options for the New York Jets to consider…

The New York Jets quarterback room is as bare as it has ever been, which is saying something when discussing this franchise. However, the Jets have the luxury of there being a bevy of tantalizing options for solving their quarterback issue this offseason. Kirk Cousins and the top draft prospects have received the most attention, but is a future Jet quarterback actually lingering in the second tier of the free agency market?


New York Jets – Looking For A Pass Rush

Cody Emerson on pass rushers the New York Jets could target in the 2018 NFL Draft…

Throughout my New York Jets fandom, the offseason has been my Super Bowl. Hypothesizing about how Mike Tannenbaum, John Idzik or Mike Maccagnan will turn this team around is always a fun game. In the Rex Ryan era we were always an edge rusher and second corner away (LITO SHEPHERD  YOU COST US THE GAME AGAINST THE COLTS!) from taking the next step as a defense.

I’d watch the Senior Bowl religiously as well as the combine seeing which edge rusher could help us because our interior line *elite*.

It was hours upon hours spent looking at how Brooks Reed three cone drill was historically good, Justin Houston’s off the field issues weren’t that serious, how Melvin Ingram’s height would not be an issue because he was so explosive, how Vic Beasley would prove  to be a three down lineman despite his frame and Noah Spence was worth taking a shot on despite limited competition. In the end, the Jets would choose a 3-4 defensive end (three times) or an ILB over these players and here we are 10 years later still without an explosive edge rusher. 


New York Jets – Three Skill Position Free Agents To Target

Michael Nania with three skill position free agents the New York Jets should purse in free agency…

Skill positions are not where Mike Maccagnan needs to be looking first to invest premium free agency dollars. There are plenty of more important holes elsewhere, and the Jets’ RB and WR positions are arguably two of the most stable positions on a roster that is anything but. At both positions, they have a combination of intriguing young potential and steady veteran production.


New York Jets – Optimism For Available Quarterback Options

Cody Emerson on the wide array of quarterback options for the New York Jets in 2018…

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The New York Jets and Mike Maccagnan are in a great spot to land a franchise cornerstone at quarterback. They will have close to 100 million in cap space and the 6th overall pick this offseason. 


What Can New York Jets Take From This Year’s Super Bowl Teams?

Greg Armstrong with what the New York Jets can use from this year’s Super Bowl teams…

Just like with most professional sports leagues, the NFL is a copycat league. Teams take concepts from other teams or college teams and implement them into their organization looking to for an extra edge to hopefully reach the promised land of a Super Bowl. The New York Jets are in a position to completely change the trajectory of the franchise with this offseason and can improve their chances of a playoff (and hopefully Super Bowl) run in the near future with a few things from this years Super Bowl teams. (more…)

New York Jets – Three Free Agents Who Should Be Brought Back

Michael Nania on three internal free agents the New York Jets should bring back in 2018

Most of the attention among New York Jets fans this offseason has gone towards the outside free agents the team should be targeting, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that considering the porous roster they currently have. However, there are a few key pieces from 2017 that are set to hit the market as well. With the extreme amounts of dough Mike Maccagnan and the regime in Florham Park are set to have, they have the wiggle room to play smart in negotiations with their in-house talent. Here are the three they should focus on bringing back:


New York Jets – A Plan For A 2018 Playoff Appearance

Greg Armstrong with a plan for the New York Jets to make the playoffs in 2018

These last two weekends of playoff football have given me that playoff football itch that us New York Jets fans haven’t experienced in seven whole years. The closest we got was a snowy, frigid Buffalo Sunday two years ago when Ryan Fitzpatrick threw the Jets playoff chances directly to Bills defenders not once, not twice, but three times. It’s been a long time coming so lets play the hypothetical game and build a team that gets the Jets to the playoffs. (more…)

New York Jets Fire Offensive Coordinator John Morton After One Season

Greg Armstrong on the New York Jets firing offensive coordinator John Morton and what comes next…

The New York Jets will be on to their sixth offensive coordinator in eight seasons upon firing John Morton after just one season. Rumors began swirling that new Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was going to bring in Morton to be his offensive coordinator. That ultimately didn’t end up happening and Morton stayed put with the Jets until today. This comes at very ironic time, just hours after it was announced that Todd Haley was out as the Steelers offensive coordinator.  (more…)