New York Jets – Sheldon Richardson Is Getting Even Better

Mike O’Connor on how dominant Sheldon Richardson is truly becoming

Defensive Rookie of the Year award winner Sheldon Richardson was already practically a star entering his sophomore year in the NFL. In a surprising change from his dominance as a pass rusher at Missouri, Richardson demolished running lanes as his primary strength as a rookie. In his second year, he has begun to flourish as a pass rusher. His performance this past week against the Vikings without Muhammad Wilkerson was a perfect demonstration of his strides in this area.

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Do the Jets Have Futures in Jaiquawn Jarrett and Marcus Williams?

After recent significant surges in playing time, Mike O’Connor analyzes the possible furtues of Jaiquawn Jarrett and Marcus Williams.

Even though the Jets still have their battles to face in a tough losing season, it’s hard not to think about the future of this team. With the vision of next year comes two players who have recently been depended on as starting defensive players: safety Jaiquawn Jarrett and rookie corner Marcus Williams.

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Peaking At New York Jets Contracts For Upcoming Off-Season

Mike O’Connor takes a stance on some of the decisions the Jets will have to make in the off-season, and how the rest of the season will impact them

The New York Jets are not at the brightest of spots right now but at least John Idzik has set them up well to handle the team’s free agents this off-season while still reserving free money to spend elsewhere. Not only will they be looking to extend some of their cornerstone players, but they also have to make decisions on a bunch of guys finishing up their contract year. With this season a complete wash and only seven games remaining to convince their value, let’s look at which players should be invested in. Also, where will extensions be worked on, and how will it impact re-signing other players?  Using Over The Cap off-season cap numbers, a fantastic resource, let’s try and predict how this off-season’s money will be spent on the team.

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TOJ – New York Jets Mid-Season Secondary Grades

Mike O’Connor grades out the New York Jets secondary over the first half of the season

If you hadn’t watched the New York Jets all season, you would likely not be surprised that the secondary has played poorly as a whole if you saw their 1-7 mid-season record.  Injuries to Dee Milliner and Dexter McDougle set them back from the start, and serious regression from Antonio Allen and Dawan Landry has certainly not helped. The play of Darrin Walls and newcomer Philip Adams have saved the secondary from being as much of a wasteland as last season, but it still hasn’t been pretty.  Here is where everybody stands at mid-season

Note – I won’t be grading Milliner due to his injuries 

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New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills: Points of Focus

Mike O’Connor breaks down focus points for the New York Jets to beat the Buffalo Bills

The Bills are without their two top running backs in CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson, thus creating a massive drop-off in talent to Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon. Buffalo fought on and won quite literally in walk-off fashion against the Vikings last week with a Sammy Watkins touchdown from Kyle Orton. With their opponents’ health ailing and the Jets having Percy Harvin in their weaponry now, Rex Ryan’s squad hasn’t had a better opportunity to win since week one.

This game is one of the simpler games to break down for the Jets this season with how the team’s strengths/weaknesses and injuries clash. Here are two focus areas for the Jets to bring the fanbase back to life with a win. Let’s get to it.

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TOJ Film Room: Calvin Pryor Catching On, Secondary Grade Sheets

Mike O’Connor details Calvin Pryor’s improvements after his best performance of the season versus New England

New York Jets fans needed a revival in the past couple weeks. Relatively close games versus two dominant AFC offenses did just that. Losses are losses and since they’re primarily stemming from coaching, they remain frustrating but this is definitely not a terrible, 1-6 team. Not all the time, that is. In my realm of the secondary, there are still regressing players, but there are certainly bright spots even amidst the heartbreaking injuries (Dee Milliner’s sophomore season is over). One of those bright spots I’ll be looking over today is rookie safety Calvin Pryor, who, after a seven game stretch of wildly inconsistent games with some awful ones, put up a very strong one. Yet, unlike his other encouraging starts, his play versus New England hints that his growth as a player is here to stay for awhile.

Before we dive in to Pryor, I’ll hit on the secondary grades from both the Denver and New England games since the short week killed my schedule.

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TOJ – Secondary Grade Sheet (Week 5)

Mike O’Connor takes on the unenviable task of breaking down the Jets secondary against the San Diego Chargers

Another week, another load of secondary film to watch and cringe. I had faith in this unit before the season, but injuries and a drastic drop-off in safety play has made this, well, not a good time. Last Sunday’s bomb dropped by the Chargers was definitely the most painful one of the season so far, and that’s saying a lot after sitting through the second half versus Green Bay.

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TOJ Film Room – Secondary Grade Sheet (Week 4)

Mike O’Connor discusses how the secondary fared versus the Detroit Lions this past weekend.

The Jets’ loss versus Detroit this past weekend was just as maddening as the rest of the recent losses, of course, but it was definitely a weird game in hindsight. When reviewing the tape for the secondary, it wasn’t easy to pick out obvious mistakes players made like they have been prone to as of late. Instead, most of the clear faults were on Rex Ryan and the defensive gameplan.

David Harris covering Golden Tate, lots of zone coverage against a team with smart receivers, and ineffective blitzing at times. These are things we’ve become accustomed to from a confident Rex gameplan, but it was more frequent this week and as a result, no player from the secondary really fared too badly on a day where they were carved up pretty decently by Stafford and company without a healthy Calvin Johnson.

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TOJ – Secondary Grade Sheet (Week 3) & Why AA Isn’t A Long Term CB

Mike O’Connor reviews how the secondary faired versus Chicago on Monday and covers the issue of Antonio Allen possibly playing cornerback long-term.

It’s been a telling three weeks of football for the New York Jets. And when I say telling, I mean utterly perplexing about what is going on in the secondary with players often injured and moves being made with the depth chart. It seems that Dee Milliner could return in two weeks or might be the next Derrick Rose, judging from Twitter. Players on the back end have already flashed a little bit of everything. We’ve seen the good, we’ve seen the bad, and we’ve seen things that might hint at what will (or should, for that matter) happen within the secondary when Milliner returns.

After the excruciatingly frustrating Monday Night loss, it’s hard to derive conclusions in the secondary since most of the guys heavily featured are either new to the position (Antonio Allen) or we simply haven’t seen that much of them in the starting lineup to confidently believe anything with their play (Calvin Pryor and Darrin Walls). Entering Week 4, we can only infer and hope that with better defensive play-calling, the pass coverage will get better as a whole, though the upcoming offenses are daunting to say the least.

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TOJ – New York Jets Secondary Grade Sheet (Week 2)

Mike O’Connor analyzes how the Jets’ secondary didn’t quite hold up versus Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, with a closer look at rookie safety Calvin Pryor.

For reasons regarding our health as Jets’ fans, let’s sidestep the obvious cloud that hangs over the Jets’ secondary in the wake of the loss the Green Bay.  he back end was highly questionable in a grueling test versus Aaron Rodgers and company, and they couldn’t hold up in a flawed Rex Ryan gameplan. There, it’s out. Now with a little bit of picking on the defensive gameplan on this memorable collapse, let’s see what went wrong and why it did. Why couldn’t this secondary that impressed versus the Raiders hang in there against a legit quarterback?

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