New York Jets – The Case For Joe Brady

Michael Meegan with the case for the New York Jets to hire Joe Brady as their next Head Coach…

Adam Gase will eventually be gone.  It could be this Monday it could be Tuesday after the bye it could be on Black Monday week 17.  Joe Douglas needs to get the hire of the next HC right as he likely will not get a second chance to hire another one.  Many candidates have come to head from all different walks of football.  Today I will make the case for one, If the Jets want to go out and hire an NFL coordinator it should be Carolina Panthers OC Joe Brady.


New York Jets – How Does Joe Douglas Find Success In New York?

Michael Meegan

The Adam Gase Era is the worst I have seen in my 23 years as a Jets fan.  He is by far the worst HC in the current NFL and every week he is still employed by this franchise is befuddling. Adam Gase has only done one thing right during his time as he was an instrumental part in getting Joe Douglas to be the GM of the Jets.  Now some will say that the media narrative of Gase and Douglas bromance dating back to their time in Chicago is overblown and is not the reason Douglas took the job and with that I agree. 


New York Jets Secondary Review – Week 2

Michael Meegan breaks down the New York Jets secondary in week 2

The Jets secondary was atrocious on Sunday against San Francisco.  Jimmy Garappolo   carved up the secondary on one leg completing 14 out of 16 passes for 131 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Seeing that the Jets were no threat Nick Mullens played the second half and the Jets struggled to stop him as well.  In a week with very few positives lets hand out some awards!


New York Jets Week 1 Secondary Review – 300 Yards For Josh Allen…

Michael Meegsn with his week 1 review of the New York Jets secondary…

Josh Allen eviscerated the Jets secondary on Sunday.  He completed 70 percent of his passes for 312 yards and two TDs.  Frankly it should have been even more as Allen missed some wide open throws in the second half.  The secondary was always a work in progress especially after the Jamal Adams trade but they need to be way more disciplined going forward then they showed on Sunday.  Time to hand out some awards!


New York Jets 2020 Quarter By Quarter Season Predictions

Michael Meegan gives his quarter by quarter season predictions for the 2020 New York Jets

The New York Jets have certainly split opinions on them heading into the 2020 seasons. Some think Adam Gase finally bottoms out and the Jets are looking at a top 5 pick with an outside chance of getting the top pick in the 2021 draft.  Others look at the 6-2 finish to 2019 as real momentum and think the Jets can build on their 7-9 from last year to be a dark horse playoff contender especially with 7 playoff spots this year.  The Jets have a better roster then they did last year but the schedule is harder than last year.  I approached my schedule predictions for the Jets by breaking it into 4 parts much like a football game instead of just going game by game. 


New York Jets 2020 Opponents – Cleveland Browns

Michael Meegan finishes his New York Jets opponent preview series with a look at the Cleveland Browns…

The Cleveland Browns like the New York Jets are a tortured franchise.   In 2019 the Browns were seen as the next big thing with a hype train that got out of control.  Poised for the Super Bowl by some the Browns woefully underachieved in 2019 finishing with a 6-10 record.  They fired their HC and GM and brought in Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry Two Ivy League minds to finally right the ship.  The Jets face off with Cleveland in their home finale week 16 with both fan bases hoping that both sides will have something to play for come December.


New York Jets 2020 Opponents – Los Angeles Rams

Michael Meegan breaks down the New York Jets matchup with the Los Angeles Rams…

The second half of the Jets late season west coast trip sees them return to LA for the second time to face off with the LA Rams. The Rams lost a bit of luster in 2019 as they endured a Super Bowl hangover and missed the playoffs. While some people are down on the Rams they are still a very talented team and will be a tough matchup for the Jets especially on the road.


New York Jets 2020 Opponents – Seattle Seahawks

Michael Meegan breaks down the Seattle Seahawks, the New York Jets week 14 opponent

The Jets will see some familiar faces when they face off with the Seattle Seahawks in week 14.  Former Jets HC Pete Carroll has gone to great success with Seattle after his one year with the Jets in 1994 and a new wrinkle was added to this game after Jamal Adams was traded to Seattle after a messy exit from New York in July.  With Russel Wilson the Seahawks will always be a tough out and the Jets will have their hands full this December.


New York Jets 2020 Opponents – Las Vegas Raiders

Michael Meegan with a breakdown of the Las Vegas Raiders, the New York Jets week 13 opponent…

The Raiders left Oakland for the bright lights of Las Vegas.  The Raiders got off to a hot start in 2019 but faltered to a 1-5 finish to go 7-9.  With another loaded draft class, the Raiders are looking to break through and look again like the 2016 Raiders which looked like a Super Bowl contender.  The Raiders come back to Metlife for a December showdown Week 13 with the Jets looking to get revenge for the spanking the Jets put on them last year. 


New York Jets 2020 Opponents – Miami Dolphins

Michael Meegan continues his look at the New York Jets 2020 opponents, with a breakdown of the Miami Dolphins

A team that was accused of tanking in the first half the Miami Dolphins righted the ship and finished the season 5-4. They added numerous big named free agents and had 5 top 60 picks to help fill out a roster that has undergone massive turnover since they hired Brian Flores in 2019.  The Jets and Dolphins have the wonkiest schedule you will ever see when they face each other as they play successive games in Weeks 10 and 12 with each team having their Week 11 Bye in-between.