New York Jets Positional Preview – Fullback?

Michael McLaughlin previews the New York Jets fullback position…

Both tight end and fullback were virtually non-existent positions in the New York Jets offense over the past two seasons. With the addition of offensive coordinator John Morton and a West Coast offense, both may be making a return. Below, we take a look at the two players battling to be the team’s fullback… (more…)

2017 NFL Draft – Do Safe Prospects Exist?

Michael McLaughlin on if “safe” prospect exist in the NFL Draft…

Every NFL draft features certain prospects who are labeled safe. Some are projected to be stars while others have physical limitations but a low floor for their potential. Michael McLaughlin examines recent drafts to see if such players have produced as expected.

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New York Jets – A Tale of Two McCowns

Michael McLaughin on New York Jets QB Josh McCown history of playing with young wide receivers…

Josh McCown will help the New York’s young wide receivers develop, right? The logic is that he will bring a stabilizing, veteran presence, be able to properly read coverages and throw accurate enough to not stunt the growth of players such as Quincy Enunwa, Robbie Anderson and Charone Peake. Is that true, though? Continue reading “New York Jets – A Tale of Two McCowns”

Positional Spending: Should Both Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker be Cut?

Michael McLaughlin on the New York Jets spending at the wide receiver position and how they should handle it this offseason…

Only four teams in the NFL have more of their 2017 cap dedicated to wide receivers than the New York Jets.  That begs the question, should a team in its current state dedicate so many resources to the position? Continue reading “Positional Spending: Should Both Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker be Cut?”

What Will New York Jets Offense Look Like in 2017?

Mike McLaughlin looks at John Morton’s time as an Offensive Coordinator at USC and projects what the Jets offense may look like in 2017…

New York Jets Offensive Coordinator John Morton has never held the position before in the NFL. With his experience at this level mostly coming from coaching wide receivers, it is difficult to project what his offense will look like. That’s why I looked at the limited film available from his time as an OC at USC to gain a better understanding of what fans might see on the field…

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New York Jets – 10 Free Agent Targets Under 25

Mike McLaughlin with 10 free agents under 25 years old the New York Jets can target

General manager Mike Maccagnan has made it known that he likes drafting younger players. The thought is that such an individual might be farther from his ceiling than a 23-year-old, fifth-year senior. The article below takes the same philosophy but applies it to free agency. All of the possible targets are under 25. Players under that age but who seem destined to stay with their team such as Le’Veon Bell are not listed. Continue reading “New York Jets – 10 Free Agent Targets Under 25”

New York Jets – Should They Draft Another Quarterback?

Mike McLaughlin on if the New York Jets should draft another quarterback…

To draft a quarterback, or to not draft a quarterback: The New York Jets, yet again, face that decision. Some fans and commentators alike are arguing that choosing another one would mean general manager Mike Maccagnan is admitting he made a mistake in selecting Christian Hackenberg. Should a team actually operate that way?

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Prospects in Bowls: Auburn DE/OLB Carl Lawson

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — bowl season. Not all of the games feature great teams, but every game has a couple of draft prospects. Throughout bowl season, TOJ will be profiling the top draft prospects playing in each game. Michael McLaughlin continues the coverage with a look at Auburn edge rusher Carl Lawson:

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New York Jets – Who is the Leader of the Franchise?

Mike McLaughlin on the New York Jets lack of leadership

Under Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles, the New York Jets have heavily invested in the secondary and defensive line. In a passing NFL, that would seem to be a good idea. The short list of examples below, however, illustrate that style of play matters less than creating a culture. 

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New York Jets – How Not to Spend Money

Michael McLaughlin on the New York Jets best and worst deals currently compromising their salary cap

The New York Jets have a spending problem. More specifically, the team has struggled to get value out of the investments it has made in players. While the organization used its last eight first round draft picks on defensive players, the cap hits for the offense and defense in 2016 are nearly identical. The numbers are a little over $67 and $68 million respectively.

As is expected with a 4-9 team, however, the roster is not filled with players outplaying their contracts. Below, I look at some individual players and position groups (this is not an exhaustive list) to evaluate the quality of personnel decisions made. All contract numbers are taken from, and the NFL salary cap for 2016 is 155,270,000. The 2017 cap is not yet known.

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