New York Jets – On The Head Coach

Joe Belic mounts his defense of Adam Gase

Jets fandom has its sights set on a new target, and the mission to fire Gase is in full effect.  While Gase deserves his share of the blame, I can’t say I’m behind the incessant desire to disparage him on social media, and it’s hard to find a discussion Jets related that is about much else.  I’m not here to defend Gase (I have my issues with him), but there is a difference between constructive criticism and destructive hate.  


New York Jets Top Five – Real Time Edition

Joe Belic goes REAL TIME on the New York Jets heading into Thursday Night Football

Gang Green got the win on a Ficken last-second field goal in a seemingly meaningless game and Jets Twitter was once again polarized.  Many fans insisted wins were more consequential while countless advocates clamored for the importance of a high draft pick. With Bell out—and bowling one heck of a game—some “discussed” his role in this offense while others contemplated the emergence of a certain quarterback in Tennessee.  It didn’t stop there, as Sam Darnold himself was questioned, and enthusiasts debated his legitimacy as a franchise quarterback.  


New York Jets Top Five – The Running Game Is Broken

Joe Belic on the New York Jets extended running game problems

The rekindled love affair with Adam Gase is back on the fritz.  Gase, who after a three-game winning streak was welcomed back by many with open arms, has once again been relegated to spending nights on the couch.  I can’t blame anybody for putting Gase in the dog house either. The rollercoaster ride, characteristic of many Jets seasons, has been tough to bear, and this latest precipitous plummet into the abyss—against an 0-11 Bengals team—had the fanbase sick and firmly clenching their vomit bags all the way down. 


New York Jets Top Five – Five Round Mock Draft

Joe Belic with a five round mock draft for the New York Jets

What the Jets do in free agency will impact how they approach the draft, but with Gang Green holding the 5th spot—at the moment—I thought it was fitting to deliver my first mock draft (5 Rounds) in this week’s “Joe Jet 5.” 


New York Jets Top Five – What Is Wrong With Running Game?

Joe Belic on the problems with the New York Jets running game

For a moment this past Sunday, I was floating on a cloud, and all seemed right with the world. There is nothing sweeter than knocking “big brother” off his pedestal and leaving our shared home with the victory.  Now, it’s time to come back down to earth and look ahead.  

The running game—or lack thereof—is one of many issues that needs to be addressed. 

How do the Jets fix it, and who’s to blame?


New York Jets Top Five – 2020 NFL Draft Targets

Joe Belic with five prospects the New York Jets can target in the 2020 NFL Draft

Operation Tank Season is in full effect—whether the Jets coaching staff accepts it or not—and it’s time to start evaluating players for the upcoming 2020 NFL draft.  In this week’s “Joe Jet 5,” I list some players the Jets should target in their pursuit to get the team back on course. 


New York Jets Top Five – Quarterback Comparisons For Darnold

Joe Belic compares Sam Darnold’s first 16 starts to other franchise quarterbacks

“Seeing ghosts” was an innocuous comment recently made by Sam Darnold, who was clearly experiencing difficulties during Monday Night’s game, and I personally appreciated his candidness.  However, I understand the world we live in, and I know what makes people in the industry salivate; Sam’s remark became comparable to Pavlov ringing his bell so the dogs could come to feast.


New York Jets Top Five – How To Beat The Patriots

Joe Belic with five keys for the New York Jets upsetting the New England Patriots

Just two short weeks ago, it seemed unrealistic to think the Jets had a chance to beat New England. Well, our young gunslinger is back, and hope is still alive.  While it won’t be an easy feat, in this week’s “Joe Jet 5,” I breakdown what it will take to bring down the Pats.  


New York Jets Top Five – The Eagles Checklist

Joe Belic with a New York Jets top five for how they can compete against the Philadelphia Eagles

The perfect recipe to roast these birds, the Eagles that is, and capture the first victory of the season includes a pinch of Uncle Rico swag, a full serving of Quinnen Williams, a slice of optimism, a dollop of diversity (in play calling), and rewards for the hardest working players on the team.  In this week’s Joe Jet 5, I breakdown the aforementioned as we all prepare for another week of Jets football.  


New York Jets Top Five – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Joe Belic on the good, the bad and the ugly around the New York Jets through two games…

If the Jets hope to remain competitive, they need to highlight the positives and improve upon the negatives. In this week’s “Joe Jet 5,” I breakdown the good, the bad, and the ugly, and emphasize what it’s going take to bring down the Pats.