New York Jets Top Five – Joe Douglas Draft History & Predictions

Joe Belic dives into Joe Douglas’ draft history and predicts his approach for the New York Jets in 2020

As holes are filled in free agency, draft day targets could change.  Regardless, Joe Douglas and the Jets have already been linked to several prospects, namely at positions of need.  By evaluating Douglas’ draft history, in this week’s Joe Jet 5, I address the most discussed positions and predict where they will likely be selected.  


New York Jets Top Five – Second Tier FA Targets

Joe Belic with five second tier free agent targets for the New York Jets

We all have our favorite targets this offseason, but with 32 teams competing for top players, it’s fair to say many coveted candidates will be donning other uniforms.  Gang Green must dig deep to fill multiple holes, and in this week’s Joe Jet 5, I list some second-tier free agents Joe Douglas could single out.  


New York Jets – Future Of Running Game

Joe Belic on ways for the New York Jets to fix their running game in 2020

Running styles and scheme fits remained hot topics this season. Inevitably, with a failed run game, some obvious questions have been raised. Aside from the offensive line, what were the main issues, and what can the Jets do going forward?


New York Jets – Fixing The Offensive Line

Joe Belic

When attempting to construct a wall to protect their QB, the last general manager used straw and sticks in place of concrete and bricks, especially at the center position, where it’s become common knowledge that weak play could have a trickle-down effect on the rest of the unit. While fixing the offensive line in one offseason may appear overly optimistic, in this week’s Joe Jet 5, I outline solutions to the problems upfront.  


New York Jets Top Five – NFL Draft Trade Down Scenarios

Joe Belic with five trade down scenarios for the New York Jets in 2020 NFL Draft

Uncertainty surrounding the 11th pick in the upcoming NFL draft has sparked much debate; who may or may not be available is anybody’s guess.  Trading back is always an option, but it’s a lot easier said than done. Regardless, let’s have some fun, rack our brains, and contemplate some potential trade down scenarios in this week’s, “Joe Jet 5.”  


New York Jets – NFL Draft Second Tier Options

Joe Belic with second tier options for the New York Jets with the 11th overall pick in the NFL Draft

Jets fandom can rest assure Joe Douglas will be active in free agency and plug several holes (especially along the OL) prior to the draft; this will give the Jets much needed flexibility come draft day.  There is a good possibility Andrew Thomas, Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Wills, Jerry Jeudy, and CeeDee Lamb are all off the board when it’s time for the Jets to select at 11. In this week’s “Joe Jet 5”, I consider routes the Jets could potentially take if the players deemed most coveted aren’t available.   


New York Jets – Best and Worst Of 2019

Joe Belic with the five best and five worst things of the New York Jets 2019 season

There’s nothing more cliché than a scene in a movie when kids—in the backseat of a car—ask their parents, “are we there yet,” but no image best describes what the last nine years have been like for Jets fans. It’s like a ride that seems to have no end, and we’re all left wondering if the destination is upon us and when the fun will finally begin.  


New York Jets – On The Head Coach

Joe Belic mounts his defense of Adam Gase

Jets fandom has its sights set on a new target, and the mission to fire Gase is in full effect.  While Gase deserves his share of the blame, I can’t say I’m behind the incessant desire to disparage him on social media, and it’s hard to find a discussion Jets related that is about much else.  I’m not here to defend Gase (I have my issues with him), but there is a difference between constructive criticism and destructive hate.  


New York Jets Top Five – Real Time Edition

Joe Belic goes REAL TIME on the New York Jets heading into Thursday Night Football

Gang Green got the win on a Ficken last-second field goal in a seemingly meaningless game and Jets Twitter was once again polarized.  Many fans insisted wins were more consequential while countless advocates clamored for the importance of a high draft pick. With Bell out—and bowling one heck of a game—some “discussed” his role in this offense while others contemplated the emergence of a certain quarterback in Tennessee.  It didn’t stop there, as Sam Darnold himself was questioned, and enthusiasts debated his legitimacy as a franchise quarterback.  


New York Jets Top Five – The Running Game Is Broken

Joe Belic on the New York Jets extended running game problems

The rekindled love affair with Adam Gase is back on the fritz.  Gase, who after a three-game winning streak was welcomed back by many with open arms, has once again been relegated to spending nights on the couch.  I can’t blame anybody for putting Gase in the dog house either. The rollercoaster ride, characteristic of many Jets seasons, has been tough to bear, and this latest precipitous plummet into the abyss—against an 0-11 Bengals team—had the fanbase sick and firmly clenching their vomit bags all the way down.