TOJ – “What If”, Episode 2: New York Jets Don’t Draft Vernon Gholston

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio asks “What If” the New York Jets don’t draft Vernon Gholston in Episode 2 of this TOJ Series

There were many questionable draft choices made by now former New York Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum, but none more so than former Ohio State Buckeye Vernon Gholston. The 2007 Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year, Gholston was one of two players to record a sack against his draft’s top pick, left tackle Jake Long, in his entire college career. Gholston was drafted in 2008 sixth overall, and was expected to be the Jets primary pass rusher out of the 3-4 outside linebacker position. We all know what happened next: Gholston did not record a single sack during his time with the Jets, and was released after the 2011 season. From the time Gholston was drafted to the time he was released by the team, 606 players recorded at least one sack. What if the Jets never drafted Gholston?

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The Curious Case of New York Jets Kicker Nick Folk

Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio takes a closer look at New York Jets kicker Nick Folk.

Since New York Jets General Manager John Idzik took over, one mantra that everyone around Florham Park has been preaching is “competition.” We have a Quarterback competition, a Left Guard competition, a Tight End competition, a Safety competition, and a Wide Receiver competition. All of these competitions have received their fair share of warranted attention. However, one competition that seems to have been overlooked is the competition at Kicker between the incumbent Nick Folk and former Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff, the latter best known for the following kick…

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In The Building – New York Jets vs. New York Giants MetLife Bowl Recap

Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio recaps his experience at the MetLife Bowl as the New York Jets beat the New York Giants in OT

We sent Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio to last night’s game thanks to the MetLife Foundation and their Road To MetLife Stadium experience. Here are five things he thinks after attending…

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TOJ – “What If” Series, Episode 1: New York Jets Don’t Trade Up For QB Mark Sanchez

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio asks “What If?” – The New York Jets Didn’t Trade Up For QB Mark Sanchez.

Missing on a first round quarterback, especially one drafted by a rookie Head Coach to be “the man” for your franchise going forward, is probably the quickest way to get fired. John Harbaugh and Mike Smith attached their coaching careers to Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan respectively, and have had varying degrees of success with Flacco leading the Ravens to a Super Bowl this past year and Ryan winning his first playoff game. It is safe to say that Chuck Pagano will be in Indianapolis as long as Andrew Luck produces at the level he’s expected to, and the same came be said about Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill. This is why Jim Harbaugh drafted Colin Kaepernick, albeit in the 2nd round, and wasn’t hesitant to hand the reins to Kap despite Alex Smith completing 70% of his passes and leading the 49ers to an 8-1 record upon injury. You want your guy leading your team.

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New York Jets Preseason Week 1 Running Back Film Breakdown

Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio breaks down the film of the New York Jets Running Backs from Week 1 of the NFL Preseason.

Dalbin Osorio has returned to the TOJ film room to break down the film of the New York Jets running backs from Week 1 of the NFL Preseason. Let’s get to it –

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Turn On The Jets Film Room – New York Jets RB Chris Ivory

Dalbin Osorio breaks down film of New York Jets RB Chris Ivory

First off, a very heartfelt thank you to New York Jets fans for reading and for the comments. I read all of them and try to respond as much as possible. I really appreciate the feedback, and I am glad that you guys have enjoyed my articles. Kudos to you. Now, on to the film room.

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New York Jets – Veteran Options At Running Back

Dalbin Osorio looks at veteran running back options for the New York Jets

With an injured hamstring hindering Chris Ivory’s ability to practice with the New York Jets, coupled with Mike Goodson’s disappearing act (seriously, would anyone be surprised if Mike Goodson turned up with the 14 seconds missing from the Watergate Tapes?) and Joe McKnight’s overall ineffectiveness. It is becoming clear the Jets may need to bring in some reinforcements at running back. Here is a look at five realistic options they can/should target at RB, either via free agency or trade, ranked in order from most likely to least likely. Let’s get to it. Continue reading “New York Jets – Veteran Options At Running Back”

Is Year 5 Too Late For New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez?

Is year 5 too late for New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez to resurrect his career? Dalbin Osorio explores…

Due to the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement, first round quarterbacks were taken to ideally be the franchise quarterback for an extended period of time. If you connected with your pick, you have Peyton Manning or Donovan McNabb and can compete for a decade plus despite glaring weaknesses at other position groups. If you miss, you end up with Ryan Leaf and your franchise is set back for years. Sometimes, you end up right in the middle. You don’t get a savior (Jason Campbell) but you don’t get a bust either (Sam Bradford). Sometimes, you get a guy that leads your team to moderate success before flaming out amid allegations of blackballing and conspiracies (Vince Young) or a guy that goes on and gives you glimpses of why they were a first round QB on another team (Jay Cutler). Is improvement in the 5th year for a QB too much to ask for a former 5th overall pick? Let’s look at how other first round QBs drafted from 2001-2008 have done in year 5 and see if there’s any reason to hope for “Moscato” Mark Sanchez.

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New York Jets – Examining Rex Ryan’s Tenure As Head Coach

Dalbin Osorio examines the job done by New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan through his first four years. Will this be his last?

“I’m a hell of a lot better football coach than I’m given credit for. I don’t care. I don’t need the credit. But I can tell you one thing, when it’s said and done, they’ll look back and say, ‘Oh man, this dude can coach his butt off.’ And you know what? It’s true. And I’ll let the people that know best talk on my behalf about the kind of coach I am. I don’t have to brag, even though statistically, I can brag about anything I’ve ever done defensively.”

In a recent poll released by Pete Prisco of CBS Sports that set fire to Twitter, Rex Ryan ws named the 14th best head coach in the NFL. Rex was placed behind a legend in Marvin Lewis (79-80 in his tenure in Cincinatti, and 0-4 in the playoffs) and right ahead of a guru in Pete Carroll (two 10+ win seasons in seven years as a head coach). Other coaches listed above him were the incomporable John Fox (coach of a 1-15 team in Carolina that netted them the number one pick in the draft in 2011) and the Canton-bound Mike Shanahan (5 seasons of 10 or more victories in the last 13 seasons, and one playoff victory during that span). Couple that with Rex apparently being on the hot seat and being labeled a quintissential “lame duck” coach, we at TOJ felt it was an appropriate time to look at the man’s legacy.

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Expectations For New York Jets WRs Stephen Hill & Jeremy Kerley?

Dalbin Osorio on how New York Jets WRs Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill compare with other notable 2nd and 5th round WRs.

Members of the New York Jets have varying levels of importance when it comes to the team’s success this upcoming season. The Jets could be ok if Dee Milliner doesn’t play lights out from Day 1 because they had a highly ranked pass defense with Kyle Wilson playing corner opposite Antonio Cromartie. If David Harris doesn’t bounce back from a subpar 2012 it will hurt less if Mo Wilkerson and Quinton Coples don’t consistently put pressure on the QB. Some would say Mark Sanchez and/or Geno Smith need be nothing more than glorified game manager and the offense can stil be successful if Chris Ivory produces. However, two Jets who absolutely have to deliver because of question marks surrounding the wide receiver position are Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill. Continue reading “Expectations For New York Jets WRs Stephen Hill & Jeremy Kerley?”