TOJ #PickSix – Best Offensive Coordinator Candidates For Jets

Dalbin Osorio with a TOJ Pick Six of Offensive Coordinator options for the New York Jets

The New York Jets lost their offensive coordinator Chan Gailey as he officially retired. Gailey’s retirement has been a subject of debate. In this writer’s opinion, the truth lies somewhere in the middle; Gailey openly spoke about retirement at the beginning of the season and he probably wasn’t as sold on second round pick Christian Hackenberg as the rest of the Jets front office and Head Coach Todd Bowles are. With this team, you just never know. With that said, the Jets now have a vacancy to fill and here are the six offensive coordinators the Jets should be considering to both develop Hackenberg and help improve what has historically been a pretty bad offense.

I will also pair the OC candidates with a veteran quarterback and a rookie that would fit, with explanations for the pairings provided over the next two weeks. I’m also including realistic options because I don’t think it makes sense to focus on guys like Mike McCoy, who should be in high demand for head coaching vacancies. Whereas our piece earlier focused on more known names, this one will focus on guys that I think the Jets should reach out to but who you might not hear linked to them.

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TOJ Sidelines: Why New York Jets Are Right In Development Of Christian Hackenberg

Dalbin Osorio on the New York Jets decision to how to handle quarterback Christian Hackenberg

Fans will have you believe that second round picks, and maybe they mean positions other than quarterback, don’t typically sit for an entire year. They will also have you believe that every QB taken after round one has a better chance of becoming Tom Brady than the guys taken in round one. Historically, first round quarterbacks are more successful because coaches typically have more reason to invest in those QBs.

Coaches are more patient, and with good reason as the financial commitment to the first round QBs used to be potentially crippling to a franchise. Now, with the rookie slots it is easier to miss on first round picks. Still, if you hit on a QB things suddenly look better. The Philadelphia Eagles traded the farm for Carson Wentz and, despite their losing season, feel good about the direction they are headed in. The Cowboys have a young signal caller in Dak Prescott that has led them to the top seed in the NFC and homefield advantage through the playoffs. These are the examples the fans use to say “look, THIS is why you play Christian Hackenberg.”

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TOJ Pick Six – New York Jets Mock Draft 1.0

Dalbin Osorio with a pick six on who the New York Jets should target in the NFL Draft

With the third part of the Dream offseason I’ve outlined for the Jets, I will now conduct my first mock draft. To recap, here is how I would create cap space and who I would sign

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TOJ Pick Six: New York Jets Free Agency Targets

Dalbin Osorio on six players the New York Jets should sign in free agency this offseason

Last week, we brought you six moves I think the Jets should make between the end of their regular season and right up until the very first day of free agency. To recap, feel free to click here:

Before we go any further, let me give you contract figures for the one player I believe the Jets should resign right away:

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TOJ Sidelines: Sleep in Peace Joe McKnight

Dalbin Osorio on the untimely passing of former New York Jets RB Joe McKnight

Tragedy struck yesterday as former New York Jets Running Back Joe McKnight was gunned down in Louisiana. As eyewitnesses have their accounts trickle in, it seems like this was something that could’ve easily been avoided and did not have to happen the way it did. With the tenor of the country the way it is, you can’t help but initially question why a 54 year old white man felt he had to ignore a young black man’s apology, shoot this young black man once, drag him out of his car, and unload what eyewitnesses said was three more shots while standing over him.

We don’t know what McKnight’s murderer was thinking, and we don’t know if there will be things that come out in the next couple of days that provide some kind of context in a social media era that sorely needs context due to the echo chamber that currently exists. At best, it was a road rage incident that turned deadly and at worst it was an execution of a 28 year old young man who was a brother, a teammate, and a friend.

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TOJ Pick Six – Moves New York Jets Need To Make Pre NFL Draft (Part One)

Dalbin Osorio with a TOJ Pick Six of moves the New York Jets should make this offseason before the NFL Draft (part one)

As we barrel towards the 6th straight year that the New York Jets miss the playoffs, we turn our eye to the offseason. Kevin had our first look at prospects that the Jets should have their eye on right here, but this week’s Pick Six focuses on 6 moves the team should make before we get there. These are realistic moves, and not Madden-style moves. Let’s take this one back like a Ryan Fitzpatrick throw in Arrowhead:

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TOJ Sidelines – What The Hell Is Going On Out Here?

Dalbin Osorio on frustration with the reaction to Josh Brown comparatively to other issues around the league…

The NFL feels like it is at a crossroads, much like the rest of the country, with its ratings as low as they’ve been over the last decade and the product on the field suffering from a lack of quality talent at its most important position. There have been more eyes on what goes on outside the boundaries of an NFL game. Commissioner Roger Goodell is being scrutinized for focusing on player celebrations and not doing enough to combat dirty hits from repeat offenders like Vontaze Burfict.

The NFL is also under more scrutiny due to the pending CTE lawsuit and the, at times, inconsistent and hypocritical nature that the game is refereed and policed. As our society continues to evolve and becomes more tolerant at times, the NFL punishes a player more games for smoking marijuana than it does for a player that allegedly abused his partner. It is a weird dynamic and one that is on full display in New York this week.

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TOJ Sidelines – Sleep In Peace, Dennis Byrd

Dalbin Osorio with some words on New York Jets great Dennis Byrd…

I have been a Jets fan my entire life and one of the best moments for me as a fan was watching Ladainian Tomlinson walk on to the field with the rest of the team captains carrying Dennis Byrd’s jersey on to the field at Foxborough. I go back and watch YouTube highlights of that game and the highlights always start with that image. The number 90 blowing in the wind with LT looking straight ahead like a soldier going to war. The Jets players would speak the game finished about how motivated they were after hearing  Byrd speak to the team the night before the game. They spoke as if they felt Byrd was out there with them. I know that I felt like Byrd was pushing Braylon Edwards through arm tackles on his way to the end zone. It felt like Byrd led that Tom Brady pass into the arms of David Harris. It felt like Shaun Ellis played with the spirit of Byrd inside of him with how he was beating the Patriots offensive linemen repeatedly. As a Jets fan, we don’t have many good memories. I really believe Dennis Byrd gave us one that night.

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TOJ Leftovers – New York Jets Moving On To Week 6

Dalbin Osorio with a TOJ Leftovers as the New York Jets prepare to move to week 6 against the Arizona Cardinals

After another loss by the boys in green, we’re left to eat some leftovers and see what went wrong for a Jets team many figured would be much more competitive than they have shown through 5 weeks.

We’re two weeks away from Halloween and the Jets are already facing a crossroad of sorts. Do they try and make a run at a wild card berth that they will, at first glance, probably need 10 wins to have a shot at? Or do they fold up shop and give some of their younger guys reps in preparation for next year? I personally don’t think the Jets can sell veterans like Darrelle Revis, Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Nick Mangold, and David Harris on punting the season away and Todd Bowles is from the Bill Parcells mold so you know he isn’t thinking about next year.

Furthermore, there are a lot of young guys that will be key to this team contending for years to come and I don’t think you get them used to a regime and a culture that can give up on a season. The Jets still have a lot to play for, and a game against an underachieving Arizona Cardinals team is on the docket for Monday Night. Before TOJ dives into that, let’s finish our Leftovers from this past week…

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TOJ Pick Six – New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Edition

Dalbin Osorio with a TOJ Pick Six to prepare you for Jets vs. Steelers

As the Jets prepare to play the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game many Jet fans are wrongfully calling a season saver, we are back with another edition of a Ryan Fitzpatrick staple: the Turn On The Jets Pick Six where we answer your six questions chosen from Twitter. The Jets face a Steelers team they’ve only beaten once in their history. Let’s dive right into it.

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