TOJ Tweet Summary 2018, Week 1 – Jets vs. Lions

Daniel Essien recaps the Jets week 1 matchup with the Detroit Lions with #JetsTwitter

We back, baby! Tweet summary is back for 2018. As usual, we’ll take you through the best (and sometimes ugliest) of #JetsTwitter each gameday. Because Jets fans really are the strangest and best collections of fans on earth.

After a long and adventurous offseason, the New York Jets finally got to the start of the regular season. With their new promising rookie quarterback, Sam Darnold, and their reinforced defense, the Jets rode out to Detroit for their week 1 primetime matchup against the Lions. Of course, there were things to be concerned about. But, this year, for once, there was a little more reason for optimism. Here’s how things played out on #JetsTwitter.


Buck The Trend, Episode 14 – NFLSU (Part 1)

New BTT Podcast: Daniel Essien with a coach’s corner episode on LSU defensive coordinator, Dave Aranda.

LSU is one the best colleges of all time in terms of successful talent in the NFL. Keeping up that tradition is a coach who continues to excel in every challenge. Dan Essien covers LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda, his coaching journey, and the players he has that will take the NFL by storm. This is part 1 of our “NFLSU” coaches corner series. If you are yet to, make sure you subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!


TOJ Let’s Get Weird: Week 1 – Jets vs. Lions

Dan Essien get’s weird with the New York Jets week 1 matchup against the Detroit Lions…

Football is back and I come bearing gifts! Let’s Get Weird will be a weekly collection of non-conventional statistics, predictions, and general random observation about the Jets and their upcoming matchups. It will be VERY serious (READ: sometimes serious). We start off with week 1 as the New York Jets kick off the regular season with a Monday night showdown in Detroit, against the Lions.


TOJ Instant Reaction: Jets sign Jerry Attaochu

Dan Essien with instant reaction to the New York Jets signing Jeremiah Attaochu.

It’s been a mystery what the Jets plans are for the edge position for this season after the Bears outbid them for Khalil Mack amidst a bunch of roster cuts. With Jordan Jenkins, Josh Martin, and Brandon Copeland the only true OLB’s on the roster many wondered if they’d address the position again before week 1. Well, they made an addition today.

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Buck The Trend, Episode 13 – Signal Callers

New BTT Podcast: Mark Schofield joins Daniel Essien to discuss the ever important quarterback position.

What’s the most important position in football?…..It’s quarterback. Not a trick question. The quarterback position is the only one that can dictate the direction of football as a whole. It’s also the most fascinating in terms of how it’s coached and the traits required to succeed. Mark Schofield joins Dan Essien to discuss trends both past and present at the quarterback position. Make sure you, subscribe and leave a review on iTunes, if you haven’t!


Buck The Trend, Episode 12 – On The Edge

New BTT Podcast: Alan Schechter joins Daniel Essien to discuss the history of edge defenders in the NFL

Effective edge defenders have become one of the most sought after positions in football. Alan Schechter joins the pod to discuss the history and trends of the edge position. We also discuss Khalil Mack and Dante Fowler and their odds of landing with the Jets. If you still haven’t, subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!

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Buck The Trend, Episode 11 – Cash Moneybacker

New BTT Podcast: Connor Rogers joins Daniel Essien to discuss off-ball linebacker trends in the NFL.

Linebackers have come in all shapes and sizes, particularly in the modern era of the NFL. Draft sensei and football wizard, Connor Rogers joins Dan Essien to discuss how off-ball linebackers have changed in weight class but the principles of the position still remain the same. If you haven’t yet, subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!


Buck The Trend, Episode 10 – Jets Offensive Trends

New BTT Podcast: Alan Schechter joins Daniel Essien to discuss trends with the New York Jets offense.

Training camp is in full effect, but we wanted to try and see the future in this episode of Buck The Trend as we focused on the Jets offense for 2018. Alan Schechter joins Dan Essien to help go through recent trends with the Jets offense. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!


Buck The Trend, Episode 9 – The Northwest DB Factory

New BTT Podcast: Daniel Essien discusses Washington defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake’s rise through the coaching ranks.

Many schools call themselves DBU, but Jimmy Lake has been quietly building a monster up north. Buck The Trend episode 9 discusses what coach Lake and the Huskies have been cooking up in Washington. If you haven’t yet, subscribe and leave a review on iTunes!


New York Jets – Defensive Trends: A Pinch of Dan Quinn

Dan Essien breaks down some Dan Quinn inspired defensive looks the Jets can utilize in 2018

In the most recent episode of Buck The Trend, we discussed Jets defensive trends with Chris Nimbley. In the same line of previewing the Jets defense, let’s go over some wrinkles the Jets can use next season. Including how they could take a page out of Dan Quinn’s playbook and put their own spin on it.  Here’s a look at some of the potential looks the Jets could show next season with the front seven.