Could The Jets Really Win 2021’s Super Bowl?

It seems as if 2020 has barely begun and Super Bowl LIV hasn’t even happened yet. However, sportsbooks are already looking forward to next year’s big event and are making their predictions in advance about which teams are likely to come out on top. So, what do they think lies ahead for the Jets?

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The 7 NFL Stars Who Powered Their Teams to the Playoffs

While the road to the NFL playoffs is usually short, the path is tough and has proven difficult to even the game’s best like tom Brady. A lot of skills and luck are needed to survive a pool of 32 teams and be among the final eight that may claim the Super Bowl. 

Here’s a list of seven NFL players who helped their teams throughout the playoffs. You can also check out NFL current standings at and also get football betting tips.

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Odds & Betting Lines for the NFL divisional playoff games

Last weekend, the 2020 NFL Playoffs had a blistering start with the wild-card round featuring the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, and Philadelphia Eagles. There was enough drama for fans to enjoy, with the Minnesota Vikings and Houston Texans both requiring extra time to overcome the Saints and the Bills for a spot in the divisional round. 

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How Do Sports Lights Differ From Conventional Lights?

How do sports lighting systems differ from conventional lighting products? What makes a light suitable for service as a sports light? How do the lights in the gym differ from those in the hallway? We’ll cover the major differences between sports lights and conventional lighting systems.


How the New York Jets Can Improve

Even the most diehard fan will likely agree that the New York Jets haven’t got the season off to the best start. In fact, a recent game against the Jacksonville Jaguars proved they were completely unprepared, and playing against an arguably average team makes the loss even more difficult to accept.

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Gambling in Poland: Everything You Need To Know

Online gambling activity in Poland is regulated by the Gambling Law of 2009. The act introduces stringent prescriptions regarding online casinos while leaving the word of European Union regulation.

Over the previous decades, gambling in Poland was regulated by Act on Games and Betting. However, the Act has been changed and the local government imposes additional restrictions on gambling activity.


Jets Still Have Plenty To Play For In 2019

To say that it has been a rough start to the 2019 NFL season for the New York Jets would be an understatement. From early season losses to quarterback illnesses, things haven’t been ideal for Gang Green. But, as the saying goes, it isn’t how you start but rather how you finish. And while the season may not be going the way that the Jets have hoped, there are still a lot of things for the team to play for as they move forward in 2019.


New York Jets – Free Sam Darnold

Cody Emerson on a disappointing 2019 debut from Sam Darnold

There are many factors for why the Jets lost on Sunday. The corners were as bad as we thought they’d be. The pass rush was non existent and essentially made it a flag football game for Josh Allen. The kicker who they just signed off the street looked just like someone they signed off the street. However the most concerning thing for me was the regression of Sam Darnold. (more…)

Three Reasons Why the Jets May Reach the Playoffs This Year

It has been nine years since the Jets were in the playoffs and that was when Rex Ryan’s team reached the AFC Championship game, losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-19. There has been a lot of changes in the off-season in New Jersey which has left Jets fans optimistic about the campaign ahead.

Here are three reasons why the Jets could reach the playoffs at the end of the 2019 regular season.