How Can I Place Sports Bet?

Have you heard about betting? Of Course yes, right? I have seen many of you really want to bet. Here I am specifically talking about sports betting. Now you should know there are lots of rules and regulations about betting. I meant to say that there are laws which may be threatening betting in some countries. It completely depends on which country you are living in.


Four Greatest Jets Wide Receivers of All Time

Some of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history have played for the New York Jets. There are many notable names, such as Jerricho Cotchery, Laveranues Coles, and Keyshawn Johnson. But the following four receivers are arguably the greatest to have ever played for Gang Green.  Continue reading “Four Greatest Jets Wide Receivers of All Time”

NFL Draft – 2020 Betting Odds

By now it seems certain that the NFL Draft will go on as scheduled. Roger Goodell has said as much, and at this point it’s too late to make a change. That means that in a number of days a whole new crop of rookies will have officially entered professional football — and we’ll know the next, new pieces of the Jets’ ongoing rebuild.


4 Things Every Sports Enthusiastic Should Have

As a sports enthusiast, you may do stuff to support a team or player. You paint your face, wear your favorite sports jersey, spend all day reading or watching sports news, and travel to enjoy a live championship game. So in the article, I’m going to list a few essential things that every sports enthusiast needs. If you are short on these things, there is no way you can call yourself a true fan.


New York Jets’ Future Looking Bright

Adam Gase’s first year as the head coach of the New York Jets wasn’t’ that bad. Even though his team didn’t enter the playoffs for the ninth straight season, the overall impression was much better than in the years before. In 2018 the Jets ended the campaign with four wins and twelve losses, and this past year they had three victories more.


How to Survive Without Pro Sports

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the average day for most people in the world. One of the major changes is the lack of professional sports. The basketball and hockey seasons were simply stopped, meanwhile baseball is postponed indefinitely. Football ended just in the nick of time, but next season could be affected as well. 


How The Jets Use Their Own Video Game To Boost Performance

Once 1.10 pm strikes each Friday, the New York Jets’ defense gather in a large, color-free room, which is located on their training facility’s first floor. It’s here where they utilize modern technology to improve their skillset and aim to become a force to be reckoned with on the football field. Keep reading to discover how the Jets’ players are starring in their own video game in a bid to dominate the NFL.