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Joe Caporoso: Owner/Editor-In-Chief  Joe is a graduate of Muhlenberg College with a double major in Media/Communications and Political Science, with a Masters of Arts degree from Lehigh University in Political Science. He was a featured writer for Gunaxin, and has written for SB Nation New York, MVN, Fan University, The Campus Word, The Muhlenberg Weekly, The Muhlenberg Advocate, and The Suburban Trends. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, ESPN’s AFC East Blog, AM New York, USA Today and Maxim. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest player to ever start in school history.  He is currently the Director of Social Platforms at Whistle Sports.

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536365_2135547391762_1338380081_n Cole Patterson: Staff Writer and Editor  Cole Patterson graduated from Ramapo College with degrees in global communications and history. He is currently working as a PR Staffer for the New York Giants. He spent a year and a half as a producer for ESPN.

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Dalbin Osorio: Staff Writer DTOJ2 Dalbin Osorio is a Case Planner for Graham-Windham. He is also a student at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Dalbin graduated from Monroe College with a degree in Business Administration. Dalbin was a three sport utility man in high school and also currently covers the Dallas Mavericks for Rant Sports. 

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photoTJ Rosenthal: Staff Writer  TJ Rosenthal is a Contributor who runs The Jet Report and has previously worked with Pro Football NYC. He lives and works in the NYC area. TJ has been contributing to Turn On The Jets since 2010 when the site first began.

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372876Mike Nolan: Staff Writer/Offensive Line Guru  Mike is a graduate of Muhlenberg College where he was an All-American Center. He is a former NFL Films employee where he was a PA for the NFL Network shows Playbook and Total Access. Mike has also worked at NBC Sports and currently coaches football at The Haverford School.

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Joe Malfa: Staff Writer  Joe has written in the past for isportstimes.com and ibnsportswrap.com in addition to being the feature sports columnist for his school newspaper. He currently attends high school at St. Joe’s Regional in North Jersey.

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Kevin Bauer: Video Production photo-2Kevin was a dual major at SUNY Oneonta with degrees in Computer Art and Mass Communications. He also just finished up his Masters from The Rochester Institute of Technology in Film and Animation. He lives and works in Rochester, NY. You can check out some of his other work at www.kevinmbauer.com

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Jason Wiles: Staff Writer unnamed The Jets have been Jason’s favorite football team since he learned his Dad was a fan. Graduating from Champlain College, deep in Patriot territory, he learned the finer points of Jets football and honed his on-demand sports debating skills in the trenches of local sports bars and dorms. He is a Champlain College graduate and currently a full time PR analyst.

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Charlie Black: Junior Writer 

Charlie is one of the newest members of the team, writing from the not so sunny England. Graduating from Loughborough University with a First class honours degree, he promises a bright future here at Turn On The Jets. Charlie proclaims his love affair with the Jets first started when the Jets beat the Miami Dolphins 31-23 way back in September (26th to be exact) 2010 for Charlies to win his first wager with an online bookmakers. He boasts to be the Jets number 1 fan over in the UK, and we’re excited to have him on board.

Will Horton: HTML and Web Site Maintenance  Will is the owner and lead writer of RamsHerd.com. He does tremendous work and comes highly recommended from TOJ.

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  • Marc Landman

    You may not have asked me, but how about this for the Revis situation. Give Darrell ‘franchise tag equevelant’ money for this year. Perhaps $9M to about $12M per year. Tie a huge signing bonus to NEXT years contract. In 2014, the Jets will have cap space and we will all know the condition of he knee. Then, not now, he MAY be worth the $15M per he wants. Then we will all know the status of his rehab. So, how about it? Will it fly? Anything missing????

  • mike

    your forgetting why would Revis extend for one year when he could be a FA next summer! he would probably say screw that play out this season and then leave for highest bidding team! He dose not care about wining a Superbowl he Just wants $$$$… just my opinion.

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  • http://twitter.com/GreenLanternJet Jeff Capellini (@GreenLanternJet)

    The guys at TOJ are truly making in-roads in “civilizing” coverage of the Jets, because we all know the mainstream media’s portrayal of what actually goes on with the Jets — both on the field and off — often lacks even a hint of civility. The future of sports journalism is going away from the mainstream and into a new stream, where the fan is wielding the power. This won’t happen overnight, but with fan blog sites being granted more access to fields and locker rooms it’s just a matter of time before the playing field is leveled somewhat. It’s still years away from becoming common, but sites like TOJ have the right idea. Trust me.

  • John Hunter

    100% Jeff.

    It’s refreshing to read & comment on an optimistic Jets Fan Site, ran by a staff full insightful individuals who are not on some high horse dictatorship bs.

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  • albewolf