Matt’s Week Nine Thoughts – Very Happy Jets Lost

Matt Marciano with his week 9 initial reaction to the New York Jets loss to the New England Patriots

I have to say that if this season was a normal season (which is hard to think of the Jets associated with “normal” in any given season) I would have loved to see the Jets wallop the Patriots, especially on Monday Night Football. It is clear that the Patriots are not the team they used to be, especially without Tom Brady, and this was a division in which the Jets could have taken if they actually had a competent coach and quarterback.

Of course that did not happen as the Jets are basement dwellers behind the likes of the Bills, Dolphins and Patriots in the AFC East, which was confirmed by the Jets losing to the Patriots, without having to play against Tom Brady, twice a year anymore, losing this game that they should have won by three points.

A few thoughts here. Joe Flacco had some good moments last night, but he is not even the answer at quarterback for the Jets. Quite honestly, Flacco gives the Jets a little bit of more hope in the position than Sam Darnold, so one has to hope Darnold comes back to the starting lineup soon. If he does, the Jets will no doubt have a better chance of a win-less season.

Speaking of Darnold, I find it very odd that the Jets beat writers never mention how Darnold is always injured and never can start for an entire season without some type injury. He is not a durable quarterback and does not have the mechanics like some of the more elite quarterbacks in the league have. How any team, regardless of their coach, could make Darnold a great quarterback or even a decent backup, is very unlikely to happen.
I have to say that in full disclosure, as much as I hate the Patriots, I am glad the Jets lost last night. They need to continue this bleeding a little bit longer. For how I see it, another loss confirms what fans have been saying since Adam Gase was hired – that he needs to go. Also the more losses the Jets have the more likely the Jets will get the first pick in the NFL Draft next year to select Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence.

Speaking of Lawrence, I am sick of the Jets beat writers, especially in the NY Post saying that Lawrence will shun the Jets like Peyton Manning did years ago and decide to play another year of college instead of playing for the Jets. I do not believe that. Whoever would select Lawrence, be it the Jets this year if Lawrence declares for the draft, or the following year, is going to be a bad team, that is why they have the first draft pick! The possibility of having Lawrence on the Jets, would lure a great offensive coach not named Adam Gase to want to take the Jets head coaching job in the off-season. Lawrence is the best hope to turn some semblance of normalcy to a dysfunctional Jets franchise.

With games against the Rams, Seahawks, Dolphins, Chargers, Raiders, Patriots and Browns left, it looks like the Jets could finish this season as an 0-16 team. One can hope that it will lead to the drafting of Lawrence and showing the inept Adam Gase the door.