New York Jets – The Case For Joe Brady

Michael Meegan with the case for the New York Jets to hire Joe Brady as their next Head Coach…

Adam Gase will eventually be gone.  It could be this Monday it could be Tuesday after the bye it could be on Black Monday week 17.  Joe Douglas needs to get the hire of the next HC right as he likely will not get a second chance to hire another one.  Many candidates have come to head from all different walks of football.  Today I will make the case for one, If the Jets want to go out and hire an NFL coordinator it should be Carolina Panthers OC Joe Brady.

Joe Brady is a bold choice for HC as he is only 31 years old.  He only has 2 years of experience as a coordinator one this year with Carolina and one with the LSU Tigers in 2019.  He was an assistant to Sean Payton in New Orleans for 2 years, a grad assistant to James Franklin at Penn State, and 2 years coaching LB’s at his alma Mata William & Mary.  

Player Development

Quarterbacks have blossomed under Joe Brady. Joe Burrow was seen as a day 3 pick going into his senior year at LSU.  He had a pedestrian Junior year of 16 TD’s 5 INT’s for 2894 yards as he was mostly viewed as a game manager.  Under Joe Brady he put up the best statistical season in college football history throwing 60 TD’s to just 6 picks for 5671 yards all while completing 76.3 percent of his passes with a Y/A of 10.8.  Joe Brady helped transform Joe Burrow from game manager into Heisman Trophy Winner and the number one overall pick in the draft.  Joe Brady has continued his success of elevating game mangers to game changers in Carolina with his work with Teddy Bridgewater.  In his 2 years as a starter in Minnesota Bridgewater was a below average QB who averaged less than 215 pass yards a game throwing only 14 TD’s with 10 picks.  He completed 65% of his passes but only with a Y/A of 7.2.  He was often seen as a check down QB who would not be the reason your team lost but would often struggle to be the reason they won.  He looks like a completely different player under Brady completing 71.6 % of his passes with a Y/A of 8.2 this season.  He is on pace to throw for 4000 yards with 20 Touchdowns and 12 picks which would be career highs all around for Teddy.  

QB’s are not the only players who blossom under Joe Brady.  Brady himself was a WR in college and WR’s have continuously thrived in his offense.  Justin Jefferson and Ja”Maar Chase were solid players at LSU going into the 2019 season.  When Joe Brady became their coordinator they became superstars.  Justin Jefferson as a sophomore had a nice year racking up 54 catches for 875 yards and 6 TD’s, in 2019 under Brady he ballooned to 111 catches 1540 yards and 18 TD’s.  Chase went from a good freshmen season of 23 catches 313 yards and 3 TD’s to 84 catches for 1780 yards and 20 TD’s as a sophomore, Chase won the award for best receiver in all of college football in 2019 and was so dominant he is sitting out the 2020 season and is still a lock to go top 15 in this year’s draft.  Brady has continued his WR magic in Carolina. 

Robby Anderson a player Jets fans will know quite well looks like a number one receiver under Brady.  No longer just viewed as a deep threat Anderson is being utilized as complete Receiver Robby has 51 catches for 688 yards and 1 TD this season through 8 games.  DJ Moore a talented young WR who broke out last year has not skipped a beat with Brady hauling in 33 catches for 622 yards and 3 TD’s through 8 games this year.  For the second year in a row Joe Brady is on pace to have 2 WR’s go over 1200 yards in the same season, the NY jets have had a WR go over 1200 yards only 6 times in franchise history and only 2 of those times have been since 1970.  

Scheme and Play calling

I love Joe Brady’s offense. He has such a good feel for his personnel and is constantly putting his players in positions to succeed.  AT LSU he consistently let Joe Burrow play QB like a point guard often letting him stand back there in an empty set with max protect and lining up 5 playmakers for him and giving him an easy throw to let them go make a play after the catch.  This has continued in Carolina as Teddy has so many easy quick one read throws to an open WR or RB in space.  He makes life so simple for his QB’s and I think this is the perfect system for a rookie QB to grow in.  It seems almost certain to me that the Jets are going to have the 1st or 2nd pick in the draft this year.  When that comes they will almost certainly take Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields.  I think this offense would be perfect for their development and with Joe Brady as the HC we never have to worry about them ever having to learn a new system because a team hired away the Jets play caller.  

The Carolina Panthers this year are 10th in offensive DVOA and Chrstian McCaffrey has not played since week 2.  With his best player out Joe Brady has gotten better as a play caller and gotten real production out of Mike Davis a journeyman RB.  With McCaffrey back I am really excited to see how Joe Brady uses him and I think this Panthers offense will take an even bigger step forward in the second half of the season.    


Joe Brady is a savant at studying the game.  Every week he studies how much every touchdown in the NFL was scored from the previous weekend.  He incorporates what other teams are using and adds new wrinkles to them in his game plans.  This shows that Brady is someone who is constantly evolving and always looking for new ways to improve his offense.  He is never going to be someone who is going to grow stagnant, the NFL is a copycat league and he embraces that head on. 

While young in his coaching career Joe Brady has had the privilege of working under 3 of the best leaders in football in Sean Payton, Ed Orgeron, and Matt Rhule.  Brady has been complimented by many coaches he’s worked under for his strict eye for detail and not afraid to speak his mind even when he was a 23-year-old quality control assistant.  Brady has real confidence in himself but does not come across as cocky or arrogant and players have naturally gravitated towards him everywhere he has gone.  

People will say it’s a year too early to hire Joe Brady as he does not have the experience to be an NFL Head Coach.  I say to hell with that.  The Jets have not been good for a decade and it was very hard to ever classify them as a fun team to watch even when they were winning.  Joe Brady is an exciting hire and if you pair him with a young QB like Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields it can change the narrative and outlook of this franchise overnight.  The Arizona Cardinals were a dreary horrid team and franchise in 2018.  They went outside the box hired Kliff Kingsbury which everyone said was too risky and too bold and paired him with Kyler Murray and in less than 2 years their one if the most exciting fun teams in the NFL.  For once in my life the Jets should be bold and make the exciting fun hire of Joe Brady because if they do they will look as smart as the Rams did when they hired Sean McVay.