New York Jets 2020 Opponents – Los Angeles Rams

Michael Meegan breaks down the New York Jets matchup with the Los Angeles Rams…

The second half of the Jets late season west coast trip sees them return to LA for the second time to face off with the LA Rams. The Rams lost a bit of luster in 2019 as they endured a Super Bowl hangover and missed the playoffs. While some people are down on the Rams they are still a very talented team and will be a tough matchup for the Jets especially on the road.

Coaching Sean McVay is still one of the best coaches in the NFL.  The shine came off the apple for some this past year as his offense struggled last year.  The Rams still managed to finish 9-7 despite this and McVay has a 35-17 record as a head coach.  They moved off veteran DC Wade Phillips this offseason and opted for a younger mind in Brandon Staley.  Staley has never been a DC at the NFL level but is sought to be a young energetic personality much like McVay so it will be interesting to see if he can reignite a unit that has a lot of talent on that side of the ball.

Personnel –   Jared Goff is not worth the contract the Rams gave him making 34 million a year.  He is still a solid QB who will likely bounce from his poor 2019 season.  Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp are excellent receivers who often fly under the radar but are one of the best WR duos in the league.  TE Tyler Higbee had a massive breakout 2019 as he went over 700 yards for the first time in his career with 522 yards in the final 5 games.  They also brought in rookie RB Cam Akers and WR Van Jefferson who look primed to make an impact from Day 1. 

Aaron Donald is still the best defensive player in the NFL and is dominant as a pass rusher you will see in the NFL.  Jalen Ramsay might be the best CB in the game not named Stephon Gilmore and Ramsay has the talent to become the best CB in the league sooner rather than later.  John Johnson and Taylor Rapp are emerging players at the safety position who can really put this secondary over the top if they take the next step.

Potential Weaknesses –  The Rams offensive line is a huge question mark. Their OT’s are old and it appears their best days are behind them and they have a lot of young unproven players on the interior of the offensive line.  The Rams have a lot of really good players but it’s an expensive roster and due to them trading so many picks away it’s a roster that is very top heavy.  They are not built to survive a few injuries at some key spots.

Matchup with the Jets –   Much like the matchup with the other LA team the Rams are not an easy matchup for the Jets.  Jared Goff struggles most when he is pressured but what the Jets struggle the most in is consistently pressuring QB’s.  Their likely going to have to blitz to create pressure and I do not think the Jets have the corners who can survive in man coverage against guys like Kupp and Woods.  The Jets defense is likely going to need to force some turnovers to have a good chance to win this game and Sam Darnold is going to need to outplay Jared Goff.  The Jets laid eggs in Jacksonville, Miami and Cincinnati and that cannot happen against a team as talented as the Rams.