Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – One Week After, Jamal Adams Trade Thoughts

Joe Caporoso with a Turn On The Jets 12 Pack of thoughts on the Jamal Adams trade, one week after it went down…

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1 – The main thing that sticks with me about the trade is genuine shock at how much the Jets were able to get back. Beyond the position Adams plays, it was abundantly clear he was never going to sign a long term contract in New York and likely would have been a crippling distraction if on the team this year and yet Joe Douglas managed to cash out with a potentially transformational haul. Seattle has always been ambitious and aggressive with roster building, a luxury the Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll duo provides but man, it really feels like they overpaid although Adams is of course more than content to play there this season on his rookie deal.

2 – The comparison today from Rich Cimini about the Jets Keyshawn Johnson/Bill Belichick draft pick haul makes sense on many levels. A large chunk of the Jets sustained success from 1997-2010 was propelled by their 2000 and 2001 draft classes, where they landed Chad Pennington, Shaun Ellis, John Abraham, Laveranues Coles, Anthony Becht, Santana Moss, LaMont Jordan and Kareem McKenzie. The Jets have their assets more evenly spread across two years now in 2021 and 2022 but handled right, it could finally allow the team to properly build their roster around their quarterback and their offense. In the near term, the Jets have five picks in the first three rounds next year…even more than this previous draft class, 2021’s selections could make or break Joe Douglas’ tenure here as GM.

3 – A caveat to everything else in this article: Jamal Adams is a great football player and is probably the best safety in the NFL right now. I don’t doubt he will make multiple All-Pro appearances in his future and continue to thrive on the field in Seattle. Everything else aside, it does suck that he will not be a long term piece here because having great football players is a good/rare thing for the Jets.

4 – I do think Adams’ effectiveness as a pass rusher by emphasizing his sack numbers is overrated. He has 7 sacks over 44 games, with the other 5 coming in a 2 game stretch last year against Dwayne Haskins and Daniel Jones. He is much more likely to be a 2-3 sack per season player than 6+ on a yearly basis. For as dominant as Adams was against the Giants and Washington last year (and I’d argue he is the sole reason they beat the Giants), he was equally shaky against Jacksonville and on the road against Miami when the trade rumors around him were swirling.

5 – Ultimately Adams’ most memorable play/game here will be his strip sack touchdown against Jones and the Giants. The win will be remembered more favorably because it was the Giants while ignoring that the Jets were 1-7 heading into the game and the Giants ended up picking in the top five. Outside of that, he had plenty of great games and individual plays but the Jets were 16-32 over three years with Adams, were humiliated by New England multiple times and had an inconsistent/lackadaisical secondary highlighted mostly by Trumaine Johnson and Daryl Roberts. It isn’t Adams fault that the players around him were not good or didn’t care but when you talk (all the time) about changing the culture and being built different, it has to be pointed out that the culture didn’t change at all and Adams will unfortunately mostly be remembered by fans here for a few great plays on terrible teams and for social media outbursts.

6 – It may be by staying put and using the picks, it may be by packaging and trading up, it may be by trading for a younger veteran but the Jets have to utilize their three additional draft picks to help Sam Darnold. Keep building the offensive line, particularly the interior. Go get wide receivers to help Denzel Mims long term. An edge rusher is the only defensive position that merits consideration depending on where their pick lands (I don’t see them trading for Yannick Ngakoue).

7 – 2020 has long stunk of an evaluative year for the Jets front office. One year free agent contracts. No massive extensions. They are going to use this season to see what they have, both in terms of their roster and coaching staff, then begin to craft the roster in their vision. If you are out of patience, I don’t blame you but this roster is not built to be a serious contender in 2020 and they still have a bottom three Offensive Coaching staff.

8 – There are some rumblings that the Jets could be aggressive next year with their picks to go get a player like Trevor Lawrence at quarterback. If the Jets are picking in or around the top five next year, it isn’t crazy to think they will consider a different franchise quarterback because presumably that means Darnold either got hurt or struggled substantially. Personally, I think Darnold is more than talented enough to be “the guy” here and that he needs a chance away from this coaching staff, regardless of what happens this year. All that being said, Joe Douglas didn’t draft Darnold and if the Jets have a new Head Coach, who knows what preference they could have at quarterback. Crazier things have happened to this franchise, as we all know.

9 – The Jets will be just fine at safety this year with Bradley McDougald, Marcus Maye and Ashtyn Davis. Of course they will miss Adams’ versatility but this positional group will be far from a weakness and will hopefully benefit from improved cornerback play via Pierre Desir and Quincy Wilson to go with Brian Poole and Blessaun Austin.

10 – When you take a step back, it is borderline insane how quickly the Jets/Adams relationship completely derailed. However, when you have unstable and inconsistent ownership, mediocre coaching, a new front office and a sensitive social media user, things can get ugly fast. It is a shame overall but the Jets were bad and boring with Adams, bad and boring before Adams (outside of 2015) and will probably be bad boring without him in 2020 until they can try an overdue new approach to roster building to impact the 2021 and 2022 team. At this point, I don’t care about individual players all that much, I just want to see touchdowns and wins, nine years of losing and terrible offensive football will do that to you.

11 – I don’t blame CJ Mosley or any NFL player for sitting out this season. I understand fans will be frustrated but these are unprecedented times and every player has a right to handle it as they see best fit. The Mosley contract was always an overpay for a non-premium position despite how terrific he is on the field. I don’t know if we’ll ever see him play another snap here and while the Jets defense will miss him in 2020, the team is sinking or swimming with Darnold and the offense anyway. Patrick Onwuasor is likely to start alongside Avery Williamson at inside linebacker, where the Jets have reasonably strong depth. Separately, I wouldn’t bet on Mosley being the only player on the Jets to opt out.

12 – Wear a damn mask. Don’t go to crowded inside places. Wear a damn mask.

Author: Joe Caporoso

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