New York Jets – Trade Ideas To Improve Wide Receiver

Stephen Zantz with three trade proposals to help the New York Jets at receiver…

The Jets have a major depth problem at the receiver position. I mentioned this last week when writing about Chris Hogan signing with the team. I composed a few trade scenarios to get the Jets some help at their biggest need less than 3 weeks before kickoff.

The Low Risk/High Reward Proposal:

Jets Receive: Alshon Jeffery

Eagles Receive: Conditional 2021 Draft Pick (5th or 6th round selection)

I’ve been the leader of the Alshon to the Jets hive for months dating back to the draft. I’m aware of his injury history and his expensive salary. This would essentially be a 1 or 2-year flier on a guy who is the perfect redzone threat for the Jets. The combination of size and hands is something the Jets desperately need right now given most of their receivers are smaller speed guys. Joe Douglas is very familiar with Alshon from his tenures with both the Eagles and Bears so this makes a lot of sense. Alshon is a risk because of consistent injuries but I think the reward could be huge if he’s healthy for Sam’s development.

The Realistic/But Not So Realistic Proposal:

Jets Receive: Allen Robinson and a 2022 6th Round Pick

Bears Receive: 2021 2nd Round Pick

Although the Douglas and Robinson never overlapped in Chicago, Douglas has a relationship with GM Ryan Pace. Allen Robinson is scheduled to be a free agent after the season, so this trade does come with some risk. This would be an impressive coup for the Jets if they could somehow pull this off. The hope is that A-Rob has no desire to catch passes from either Mitchell Trubisky or Nick Foles and wants out. Because of the ineptitude of QBs he has played with, people forget just how good Allen Robinson is. He had monster numbers when he had Blake Bortles (80 rec/1,400 yds/14 TDs in 2015) was throwing him passes. Robinson is still only 27 and probably has 5 solid healthy years left in him. The hope in this trade is that the Bears bet on the upside of Anthony Miller (mentioned as a breakout guy this training camp) and sell on a player they don’t think will resign with them in the offseason.

The Reach For the Stars Proposal:

Jets Receive: T.Y. Hilton

Colts Receiver 2021 2nd Round Pick and 2022 5th Round Pick

This is a very unlikely scenario. There is no evidence of T.Y. being unhappy in Indianapolis or the Colts wanting to move on. This idea stems from the fact the Colts could be in store for a huge rebuild come 2021. I love Philip Rivers but he looked washed in 2019. The Colts clearly do not believe in Jacoby Brissett given the fact they’ve passed on building around him by signing Rivers in the offseason.

The Colts spent a 4th round pick on Jacob Eason, but he very well could be a backup and not a long-term answer. My feeling here is that the Rivers experiment doesn’t work out and this could be a move during the deadline to kickstart the rebuild in 2021. Early indications in Colts camp is that Michael Pittman Jr. looks great (ugh wanted the Jets to get him) and will be a legit contributor this year. Keep an eye on the Colts this year as they may be headed towards a top 5 pick if Rivers proves that 2019 is who he is at this point. T.Y. could be the perfect burner to help replace Robby Anderson while also giving a young locker room the leader it needs.