New York Jets – The Clock is Ticking On Adam Gase

Matthew Marciano on why the clock is ticking for Adam Gase as the New York Jets HC…

The 2020 NFL season better be a good season for NY Jets head coach Adam Gase, or ownership better actually do the right thing and fire a head coach who had no business getting the Jets head coaching job last year. In full disclosure, I was a fan of Mike McCarthy, an established, Super Bowl-winning head coach, who help developed Aaron Rogers into the franchise quarterback he is today, getting the Jets job. If the Jets were looking for a candidate with previous head coaching experience, who would be the best coaching candidate to develop Sam Darnold, it would have been McCarthy. Of course, McCarthy publicly stated he wanted the Jets job and ownership do not hire him and now he is coaching the Cowboys. If he was good enough to develop Dak Prescott as his head coach, why was he not hired to develop Sam Darnold? Another clueless and just plain stupid move by Jets ownership.

Instead, Jets fans got Adam Gase, who had a 23-25 record as the coach of the Miami Dolphins, never seems to have the respect and confidence of his players and isn’t the “offensive guru” some have tried to make him out to be. His only success as an Offensive Coordinator was when he coached Peyton Manning when he on the Denver Broncos. Heck, give me a headset and I could have been Manning’s OC and had the same results, as Manning is his own OC and makes his own play calls during games.

It is interesting to note that Ryan Tannehill, who struggled in terms of progression when he had Gase as his coach in Miami, had a record year last year with the Titans, almost leading them to the Super Bowl. Notice how much of a better player Tannehill was without Gase coaching him and ruining the offense. This needs to be a make or break year for Gase. If the Jets have a losing record, he needs to go. If the Jets go 8-8, he needs to go. If the Jets do not make the playoffs, he needs to go. Bottom line, is Gase needs to get the Jets to playoff and make Sam Darnold improve, in his third year as Jets Quarterback, or ownership needs to have him out the door.

Gase is too much of a polarizing head coach who has not had any success in the NFL to warrant being a tough coach. At best, he is an OC, but should never be a head coach again in this league, especially if the Jets do the right thing and fire him at the end of this season. Gase does nothing to motivate his players, and definitely has not given the Jets fanbase any excitement and is not a coach who does well in a high-profile media market like New York City. Another problem with Gase, is just like his Jets predecessor, Todd Bowles, he looks lifeless on the Jets sidelines, shows no emotion and looks like a dear in the headlights. Bill Parcells and Jon Gruden he is not.

If the Jets ownership rids the fanbase of the clueless and ineffective Gase at the end of this season, I think the Jets should pursue another Super Bowl-winning coach, who like McCarthy was in Green Bay, may be fired at the end of this season. That coach is current Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin. He is no-nonsense, has been a success as a head coach in the NFL and has the legitimate, successful head coaching experience that Gase will never achieve as a head coach in the NFL. The Jets ownership should throw as much money as possible at Tomlin to get him to come to the Jets.

If by some chance, the Jets become the “Same Old Jets” and are not able to land Tomlin if and when he is available, the Jets should hire a coach with a true offensive coaching background, who just developed a Super Bowl MVP and comes from a great coaching background, learning under Andy Reid. That person would be current Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy. He would be the best offensive coach the Jets could pursue, who would hopefully finally make an effort to draft a franchise wide receiver in the first round, and through free agency, as well as improve the tight end position that has been lacking depth on the Jets roster for years.

The excuses have run out on Adam Gase and anything other than a playoff season, with the Jets offense doing better than last year, should result in a Gase firing. I would even be in favor of letting Gase go midseason if the Jets are riding off the rails and replace him with DC Gregg Williams for the rest of the season. Gase should never have been hired, is only hurting the Jets the longer he stays on as head coach and Jets ownership needs to ends the experiment faster than they let the Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles eras drag on with the Jets.