New York Jets – August Hot Seat Meter

Stephen Zantz with a hot seat meter check on the New York Jets heading into August…

Training Camp technically began (Players have reported for COVID-19 testing) over the past few days. It’s always a fun game to evaluate the hot seat of key figures within the Jets organization. I have used a scale of 1-10 to make these evaluations. Let’s dive in.

Adam Gase (Hot Seat Meter: 9) – I’m sure Jet fans will be asking me why I didn’t give Adam Gase a 10 on this meter. The reason I gave him a 9 is because he reportedly has a strong relationship with Joe Douglas. I truly think Douglas wants Gase to work out as the long-term coach but don’t think he won’t pull the plug if he must. In order for Gase to get a cooler seat, he must prove that he is a competent head coach and not lead a bottom 5 NFL offense. He is identified by people in the league as a “QB Guru” and “Offensive Genius”. I have yet to see anything to make me believe he is anything other than a mediocre HC. He also must prove that he can handle the media and locker room much better as Jamal Adams’ comments to the NYDN were alarming. If the Jets don’t improve from last year or if Sam Darnold doesn’t show improvement, Gase will be sent packing.

Sam Darnold (Hot Seat Meter: 4) – QB1 has shown many signs of elite QB play throughout his rocky two-year career. He also has made plays that make you scratch your head. I don’t think Darnold is any danger of losing his job. However, if he takes a major step back in 2020, Joe Douglas would have to consider his options for 2021 and beyond. I still believe Darnold will get a second contract from the team and is the long-term option. He needs to demonstrate consistency in terms of above average QB play. 2020 is a crucial year for him and we need to see the QB who shined against the Cowboys and Raiders instead of the QB who plummeted against NE.

Joe Douglas (Hot Seat Meter: 2) – I don’t think Joe Douglas is going anywhere anytime soon. He signed a 6-year contract for a reason. He needs time to mold this roster into a consistent winner. It was sad to see Jamal Adams go over the weekend, but JD proved he is more than capable of righting the ship. The fact the Jets got two first round picks, a third rounder, and a starting safety is incredible. You can argue the Jets got more for the self-proclaimed “Prez” than the Raiders got for Khalil Mack. If I had to bet on who has the most job security within the organization, Joe Douglas would be first on the list followed by Sam Darnold.

Quinnen Williams (Hot Seat Meter: 6) – Don’t freak out that I’m giving a 22-year-old top 3 pick a 6 on this meter. Quinnen Williams has all the talent in the world and is super young. I fully understand this. I’m hoping he takes a huge jump in year two. He looks much leaner than he did as a rookie and has been putting in the work (per social media). We simply can’t ignore a few things. Joe Douglas did not draft Quinnen Williams and Q is also not a QB. He needs to show he’s a major impact player even if it doesn’t show up in the sack total. People have compared him to Fletcher Cox and Geno Atkins during the draft process. We need to see him have the same type of impact as those guys on a weekly basis. This weekend proved that anything is possible for the right price. The Jets traded their best player and draft pick of the last ten years. Q needs to take a huge step, or he may find himself elsewhere two years from now.