New York Jets 2020 Opponents – Seattle Seahawks

Michael Meegan breaks down the Seattle Seahawks, the New York Jets week 14 opponent

The Jets will see some familiar faces when they face off with the Seattle Seahawks in week 14.  Former Jets HC Pete Carroll has gone to great success with Seattle after his one year with the Jets in 1994 and a new wrinkle was added to this game after Jamal Adams was traded to Seattle after a messy exit from New York in July.  With Russel Wilson the Seahawks will always be a tough out and the Jets will have their hands full this December.

CoachingPete Carroll is a divisive figure in NFL media as he is thought to be too conservative and anti-analytics and this style limits the effectives of his star QB.   Even with all that Carroll has had a winning season every year since 2012 and has a 62.8 winning percentage as the coach of the Seahawks.  He always has his team ready to play and has done a good job keeping his defense a formidable unit with the departure of the Legion of Boom.  His OC is another former Jet in Brian Schottenheimer.  The run heavy approach especially on first and second downs that caused Jets fans endless headaches has not changed in Seattle.  He is the man who will not simply “Let Russ Cook” and fans will always question if Russ could be even better if he had an OC that let him throw more instead of taking the ball out of his hands too often.

Personnel Russel Wilson is the best player in football not named Pat Mahomes.  If you put Russ in Kansas City with Reid and those weapons and Mahomes in Seattle, I think everyone would think Russ was the better QB.   DK Metcalf is a budding star at WR as he is a physical freak with incredible size and speed.  Tyler Lockett remains one of the most underrated player in NFL and I am curious to see how much Greg Olsen still has in the tank.

Bobby Wagner remains the best ILB in all of football and has long been one of the most consistently dominant football players in football.  Jamal Adams is among the best safeties in football and will be interesting to see how Pete Carroll deploys him as they have been missing a do it all safety since the retirement of Kam Chancellor.  Shaquil Griffin is an ascending player at CB and there are big expectations for first round pick LB Jordyn Brooks.

Potential Weaknesses Playing in Seattle is always a daunting challenge due to the famed 12th man as Seattle has one of the best home field advantages in the NFL.  While things may change I find it hard to believe NFL teams will have full stadiums in December and this advantage that they normally have will likely be negated.  The Seahawks offensive line has always been a question mark and given the Jets strong defensive line can really limit the effectiveness of Seattle’s run game.  

Matchup with the Jets   Russel Wilson is better than Sam Darnold, Pete Carroll is a better coach then Adam Gase and the Seahawks have a better roster then the Jets.  Normally when a team has a better QB, coach and roster and are playing at home it’s an easy win.  However, the Seattle Seahwaks never play normal football games.  They always play close games and it normally comes down to if Russel Wilson can make enough plays in the 4th quarter for Seattle to win.  Adam Gase’s teams either win by 4 or lose by 14 and have a habit of getting blown out on the road like all the time so it will be interesting to see which team shakes away from their norm.  This game feels like the Jets keep it close all game only for Russell Wilson to pull a rabbit out of his hat and put former Jet Jason Myers in position to get revenge and have Jets fans cursing Mike Macagnan’s name once again.