New York Jets – Potential Trade Packages For Jamal Adams

Charlie Andrade with prospective trade packages for Jamal Adams

Overall, the trade scenarios for Jamal Adams are hard to figure out, especially with the current circumstances under COVID-19. Here is a run through of a few possibilities

Jets receive

  • First-round-pick
  • Marquise Brown 

Ravens receive

  • Jamal Adams
  • Fourth-round-pick

The Ravens and Joe Douglas have a long history, with Douglas working in the scouting department with Baltimore earlier in his career, and the Ravens have made multiple attempts to get Adams into Baltimore without success. Adams would give the Ravens another piece to their already stacked defense, and it’s a rare occurrence where the Jets potential trade partner would have enough cap space to make this trade.

Marquise Brown is a 2019 first-round-pick that was hurt by injuries in 2019 but still has a treasure chest of potential. The Ravens are already at a point where Jackson can compete at a high level without high-end weapons. The Ravens first-round-pick will essentially boil down into an early second, but it still is an added bonus to a Jets team that hasn’t had roster-wide talent for a very long time. 

Jets receive:

  • Michael Gallup
  • Second-round pick
  • Sixth-round pick
  • 2022 fifth-round pick

Cowboys receive

  • Jamal Adams

The Cowboys have long been linked to Adams since he was drafted. Adams has said before that the Cowboys would be the desired landing spot, because of his ties to Texas. The Cowboys tried to land Adams before the trade deadline but failed to reach an agreement. The only issue here would be the cap space, which the Cowboys have little of.

The Jets get Darnold another receiver and a couple picks to even out the trade. Gallup is still on his rookie deal, and he should be able to produce under New York’s scheme. 

Jets receive

  • Tyler Lockett
  • Rashaad Penny
  • Second round pick

Seahawks receive

  • Jamal Adams

The Seahawks have continually worked to strip away all weapons from Russell Wilson and add pieces to their defense. Adams can be the first real step to reassembling the Legion of Boom, and his play could bring back what Kam Chancellor had in the golden days of Seattle.

The Jets would get a backup running back, a vertical receiver that could help remake the New York offense along with a mid round pick.

Jets receive

  • Brandon Brooks
  • Alshon Jeffrey 
  • First-round pick

Eagles receive:

  • Jamal Adams

The Eagles trade away two injured players, both of which have young replacements in the works and draft capital for the best safety in the league. Adams could give Philadelphia a reliable piece to work with for years to come, especially if he’s willing to wait on an extension.

The Jets would get a high-quality guard in Brooks, who while injured, should make a full recovery and bounceback in 2021. Jeffrey is also a fine piece to have for a New York offense that’s been starved of all potential success. Jeffrey has repeatedly said that he would enjoy playing for Gase and has commented on Darnold’s future success in the league.