New York Jets – Take Care Of Backup Quarterback

Michael Meegan with a closer look at the New York Jets backup quarterback situation

The most important member of the New York Jets is Sam Darnold. While we all hope Sam will be the franchise guy, he has missed three games in each of his first two seasons. The Jets are 0-6 in those games, averaging a whopping 11.3 points with only three offensive touchdown,  having a competent QB2 on the roster needs to be a priority for the Jets in 2020…

Currently On Roster

David Fales – Fales will follow Adam Gase to the ends of the Earth, as he was with him in Chicago, followed him to Miami and now he is here with him in New York. He has never started a NFL game and his only major action was in the 2017 season finale in a meaningless game for the Dolphins, when he came into relieve Jay Cutler.  David Fales could very well look like Luke Faulk in 2019 if called into action….going into 2020 with Fales as QB2 is roster malpractice.

James Morgan – Morgan was a surprise 4th round pick in this year’s draft out of FIU.  He is a decent athlete with a very big arm who excelled in playing a backyard football style in college. His game is raw and he should not be put in a situation to see the field in 2020. Morgan has some intriguing tools, which make him a good prospective option as Darnold’s long term backup for 2021 and beyond but he should not be more then QB3 for the 2020 season…

Possible Free Agents 

Matt Moore –  Moore is a NFL journeyman, having played for the Panthers, Dolphins, and Chiefs in his career. He has started 32 games, going 16-16 in the process and even has experience with Adam Gase as he filled in for Ryan Tannehill in 2016 late in the season and the playoffs in Miami. Moore is a 12-year veteran who would could fill in for Darnold, as well be the veteran soundboard for him in the QB room he has been missing since Josh McCown left. Matt Moore is not going to cost much money and has history in Gase’s system. There is no reason why the Jets should not sign him tomorrow and let Fales go. 

Joe Flacco –  Flacco is currently rehabbing from a neck injury so it remains to be seen if he will be healthy for 2020.  He has a history with Joe Douglas as he was banging on the table for the Ravens to take Flacco back in 2008 when he was a scout in Baltimore. Flacco’s time with the Ravens and Broncos did not end well as he was pushed out by young QBs Lamar Jackson and Drew Lock, respectively and he made it known he was not happy when either of them was drafted.  It is unknown if Flacco is ready to accept his time as a starter is over and be a backup but if he is healthy and willing to be a backup he makes sense given his connection to Douglas.

Blake Bortles– Bortles was a high draft pick in 2014, he flamed out after 5 seasons as the Jaguars QB and spent the 2019 season as Jared Goff’s backup in LA.  James Morgan has similar traits to Bortles when he came out of UCF as a raw passer with a big arm and sneaky mobility. Bortles has a very good reputation as being a great locker room guy around the league and has started over 70 games in the NFL.  He would make a nice bridge for 2020 given his experience and that he only played for 1 million dollars last season. 

The Jets have refused to give Sam Darnold a QB coach, so all he has is Dowell Loggains, Adam Gase and two QBs who have never started an NFL game with him in the QB room. If Darnold misses time the Jets are basically punting on those games. Finding a veteran backup to help mitigate the drop off from Sam as well as help him continue to grow as a QB should be the top of Joe Douglas’ priority list post draft.