NFL Draft 2020 – The New York Jets Round One Guide & Final Mock Draft

Joe Caporoso with his annual New York Jets NFL Draft round one guide and final predictions…

The 2020 NFL Draft is here and we are back with our annual round one guide and final mock draft.

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Let’s go through one final mock, other thoughts, predictions, random GIFs and other DRAFT SZN goodness…



Players most frequently associated with the Jets at the eleventh overall pick…

Andrew Thomas – The high floor tackle. Ready to start and be #good day one, even with a limited offseason. It feels increasingly unlikely he will be there at #11 after a few months of seemingly sliding down the board.

Jedrick Wills – The best tackle. Arguably the most complete package of all the four top tackles. It would be a home run if the Jets could get him at #11 without needing to move up.

Tristan Wirfs – The athletic tackle. The Jets have to love his athleticism for their scheme. It doesn’t seem likely he is going to drop out of the top ten or even out of the top five.

Mekhi Becton – The high ceiling tackle. The highest ceiling but the lowest floor of the four top tackles, along with the one most likely to be there at #11.

Jerry Jeudy/CeeDee Lamb/Henry Ruggs – The Surprise Weapon. I’d be surprised (very surprised) if the Jets go receiver in round one, regardless of the how the board breaks. Jeudy and Lamb are clearly the top two receivers in this class (at least in this writer’s opinion). Ruggs is the fastest but if the Jets do go receiver here, let’s hope it is one of the top two guys.

CJ Henderon/K’Lavon Chaisson – The Riot. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t want to see a defensive pick.


TONY PEYOTE IN THE DESERT, HAPPY  – Jedrick Wills or Andrew Thomas

DON LET’S HAVE A COCKTAIL, HAPPY –Tristan Wirfs or Mekhi Becton

UNSURE BUT KIND OF EXCITED – Jerry Jeudy or CeeDee Lamb

THERAPY TONY WARY – Ruggs taken over Jeudy or Lamb

DEAR GOD, THEY DID IT AGAINAny defensive player


  1. Bengals  – Joe Burrow, QB – Slam dunk.
  2. Redskins – Chase Young, Edge – Slam dunk.
  3. Lions – Jeff Okudah, Corner –Great prospect. Lions are awful.
  4. Giants – Tristan Wirfs, OT –Dave doesn’t mess up too bad.
  5. Dolphins – Justin Herbert, QB –Rooting for this.
  6. Chargers- Tua Tagovailoa, QB- Most interesting player in class.
  7. Panthers – Derrick Brown, DT –Snooze.
  8. Cardinals – Jedrick Wills, OTBuilding properly around Kyler.
  9. Jaguars  – Jerry Jeudy, WRExcitement for worst team in NFL.
  10. Browns  – Andrew Thomas, OT –Damnit.
  11. Jets – Mekhi Becton, OT – OK!
  12. Raiders – Isaiah Simmons, S –Snooze.

#JetsTwitter Justifications For All Picks 

Andrew Thomas – Home run. He was the best of the four tackles and always has been.

Mekhi Becton – Home run. He will be the best of the four tackles. He pushed a car on Instagram.

Jedrick Wills – Home run.  He is the best of the top four tackles. How did the Jets get this lucky?

Tristan Wirfs – Home run. He has always been the best of the top four tackles. Crazy athleticism.

Jerry Jeudy –The Jets finally got WR1. Better than Lamb.

CeeDee Lamb –The Jets finally got WR1. Better than Jeudy.

Henry Ruggs – The Jets finally got WR1. Trust Joe. Speed!

CJ Henderson – TRUST THE GM, BRO.

K’Lavon Chaisson – TRUST THE GM, BRO.


Trade Chatter: I’d say there is about a 10-15% chance that Jamal Adams gets moved this weekend. Crazy but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Adams aside, I expect the Jets move around frequently throughout the weekend, particularly on day two and day three. I also wouldn’t rule out them trying to jump Cleveland in round one to ensure they can get a top four tackle. Generally, I’d be shocked if the Jets end up staying put in all their current spots and select the current number of players they have picks lined up for.


  • Tua will ultimately be the best quarterback in this class. Jordan Love has no business going in the first round.
  • Justin Jefferson and Tee Higgins will be better receivers in the NFL than Henry Ruggs.
  • The top four tackles will all be at least above average NFL starters.
  • The Giants and Dolphins will not trade out of their picks.
  • New England will not draft a quarterback.
  • Trent Williams will get traded to Minnesota.
  • Leonard Fournette will get traded to Miami.

Guess At The Jets Big Board (NO QBs)

  1. Chase Young
  2. Jedrick Wills
  3. Jeff Okudah
  4. Tristan Wirfs
  5. Isaiah Simmons
  6. Derrick Brown
  7. Andrew Thomas
  8. Henry Ruggs
  9. Mekhi Becton
  10. CeeDee Lamb

The TOJ Editor Big Board (AKA ME)

  1. Chase Young
  2. Joe Burrow
  3. Jeff Okudah
  4. Jedrick Wills
  5. Andrew Thomas
  6. Jerry Jeudy
  7. Tristan Wirfs
  8. Isaiah Simmons
  9. Mekhi Becton
  10. CeeDee Lamb


  • Mekhi Becton:25%
  • Andrew Thomas: 15%
  • Jedrick Wills: 15%
  • Tristan Wirfs: 15%
  • Henry Ruggs: 10%
  • Jerry Jeudy: 5%
  • CeeDee Lamb: 5%
  • CJ Henderson: 5%
  • K’Lavon Chaisson: 5%

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Author: Joe Caporoso

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