The 7 NFL Stars Who Powered Their Teams to the Playoffs

While the road to the NFL playoffs is usually short, the path is tough and has proven difficult to even the game’s best like tom Brady. A lot of skills and luck are needed to survive a pool of 32 teams and be among the final eight that may claim the Super Bowl. 

Here’s a list of seven NFL players who helped their teams throughout the playoffs. You can also check out NFL current standings at and also get football betting tips.

Derrick Henry – Titans Running Back

On 13 October, the Tennessee Titans were standing at a 2-4 record, following an anemic offense throughout most of their losses. Quarterback Marcus Mariota was replaced by Ryan Tannehill, leading to a more conservative offense with high control on the ball. That meant that head coach Mike Vrabel was making Derrick Henry the center of the Titan’s attack and he turned the season around for them.

Under Henry’s explosive and bruising rushing, the Titans won seven of their last ten games in the regular season. Henry ended up being NFL’s top in rushing yards after recording 1,540 and 16 rushing touchdowns. 

Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs QB

While Patrick Mahone didn’t have a spectacular season like when he debuted for the Chiefs, he still had a solid performance. Mahone only threw 26 touchdowns and didn’t surpass the 300 passing yards barrier. Most of his other stats weren’t that high either, and he missed two games due to an injury, but his across the board numbers rivals those of Russel Wilson and Lamar Jackson.

Dalvin Cook – Minnesota Vikings Running Back

With the Viking running the ball for 476 times this season, RB Dalvin Cook provided a consistent offense for the team no matter the performance of the other players. Cook took the ball 250 times, gaining a total of 13 touchdowns and 1,135 yards. These numbers were Cook’s career-best since the launch of his professional career three years ago.

Deshaun Watson – Houston Texans QB

Quarterback Deshaun Watson has proven quite useful in getting the Texans through tight situations throughout the season. He was especially elemental for the team while playing against the Bills during the wild-card playoffs round. His ability to improvise while playing under pressure came in handy for the team, sinking the Bills and claiming victory.

  Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks QB

While the Seattle Seahawks appear to play a crazy game every week, Russel Wilson has been quite influential in their wins. Wilson is the team’s great equalizer, and he’s capable of minimizing the coaches’ conservative approach. In fact, Wilson would be the most valuable player in the league if not for Lamar Jackson. 

Za’Darius Smith – Packers Linebacker

During the Packers’ first training camp practice, David Bakhtiari neutralized the team’s new edge rusher, Za’Darius Smith in a one-on-one drill. However, Smith’s presence in the team is a constant guiding force as he has been very disruptive on the field. In fact, the Packers wouldn’t have made it to the top eight without his contribution.

Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens QB

This season, Lamar was not only the most indispensable Ravens player, but also the prohibitive favorite for the league’s MVP. During the off-season workouts, the Ravens launched their plan to build their offense with the multidimensional Jackson at the center, while preparing for the second pro season of his career.