New York Jets vs. New England Patriots, Week 3 – The Three Things (Rant On Team Building)

Joe Caporoso with three things about Jets vs. Patriots in week 3 (and a rant about team building)

A minor audible this week as I am not sure there is a ton more you need to know about Jets vs. Patriots, except that New England is rightly over 20 point favorites and have won their home game against the Jets by an average of 31 points over the past three years. The last touchdown the Jets have scored in New England was in 2015 by CHRIS IVORY. Sweet Jesus.

Today, you will get ONE THING about Jets vs. Patriots, followed an aggregation of rantings about how a team (and specifically this Jets team) needs to be built going forward, and where they have faltered in the past.


Whether or not CJ Mosley, Quinnen Williams and Demaryius Thomas (LOL) play in this game, the Jets are wildly overmatched. New England is a legitimate 16-0 candidate and the Jets are currently (at least until Sam Darnold, Chris Herndon and a few other pieces are back) probably the worst team in football besides Miami. Your hope for this game is the Jets come out punching, aggressive to the point of near recklessness and try an outside the box strategy. If you line up with your standard Adam Gase handoff, swing pass, three yard check down offensive strategy, you are going to lose 40-3. Do the Wildcat, except actually put people in motion instead of just doing halfback dive out of it, have Luke Falk (!) bomb it up a few times per quarter, maybe you get a pass interference call or two, try a fake punt, try a surprise onside kick, show defensive personnel groups and formations you have not shown yet in 2019.

Go wild. You have nothing to lose in this game. Nobody expects you to win. Nobody expects you to cover.

2 and 3 – …And we rant 

– Teams should be investing the overwhelming majority of their resources into quarterback, offensive line, edge rusher and cornerback.

– The Jets have allocated far too much capital to the middle of their defense at the cost of overall unit speed, an edge presence and cornerback.

– It was stupid to waste time pursuing Anthony Barr with a plan to change his position. It is unfathomably inexcusable the Jets didn’t sign a single edge rusher or a center this offseason.

– The Jets could replace Leonard Williams and Henry Anderson tomorrow with Kyle Philipps and John Frankin-Myers and it would made zero impact on their 2019 final record. It would be patently insane to give Williams a second contract.

– Joe Douglas should do everything in his power to accrue more draft picks before 2020 and go over the top on investing swings on offensive line, corner and edge.

– There is not a single offensive lineman on the Jets who should 100% be back next year and they need to turn over *at least* three starters for the remainder of Sam Darnold’s rookie contract.

– Boiling hot take: It would not surprise me if the only players from the 2019 draft class on the 2020 roster are Quinnen Williams and Blake Cashman…part of the problem of waiting until after the NFL Draft to fire your GM.

– The Jets are going to need an aggressive move at wide receiver either via trade, free agency or the NFL Draft next offseason. They can’t operate under the assumption they will get anything from Quincy Enunwa or Demaryius Thomas next year and will need (much) more support around Robby Anderson (if he is still here) and Jamison Crowder.

– Adam Gase has been dealt a crap hand. Adam Gase has still done a terrible job game planing through two weeks. Dowell Loggains should not be a NFL Offensive Coordinator.

– Adam Gase and Gregg Williams did the right thing by benching Trumaine Johnson. They should continue to play Nate Hairston over him and get him off the roster as soon as they can. They also did the right thing by pulling Jamal Adams before he got a personal foul late in the game against Cleveland.

– The Jets should be overly cautious with Sam Darnold’s return date. They should not push CJ Mosley or Quinnen Williams to play against New England before the bye week.

– With the qualifier that I have been wrong before, will be wrong again and hope I am wrong about this: The Jets made a mistake hiring this coaching staff, will never win anything of consequence with them and should not hesitate to move on after one year, especially if they can’t exceed six total wins.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports