New York Jets 1st and 10 – Jets MNF Woes

Stephen Russo goes first and ten on the New York Jets struggles through the first two weeks…


The excuses are everywhere for the Jets. Sam Darnold was diagnosed with mono (!) before their week two matchup (also admittedly leaving him 80-85% for the Buffalo loss), they were without their first-round pick Quinnen Williams and their big free agent signing CJ Mosley at middle linebacker, who also happens to be the anchor of the defense. If that weren’t enough, they also lost a starting receiver in Quincy Enunwa for the season (I won’t even touch on his replacement, Demariyus Thomas – also injured). We’re not done yet. Then, in the 2nd quarter of their Monday Night debacle against the Browns, backup quarterback Trevor Siemian’s foot almost falls off and he’s done for the year… are you ready to throw up yet?

Reasonably speaking, it would be difficult for any team to overcome the start that they’ve had to this season. There is no question the Jets let one slip through their fingers in week one. And in week two, they were going to be hard pressed to squeeze out a victory with all they have faced. However, in spite of all that, the most alarming thing through these first two weeks is that Adam Gase basically looks like a continuation of Todd Bowles. Through two games, his offense has looked inept. With Sam, without Sam, they have showed zero imagination, no ability to adjust on the fly, and have basically appeared to be OK with just trying not to lose. Didn’t the Jets just fire a guy that already did that? Didn’t they hire Adam Gase, in part, to get this franchise into 2019 and embrace the offense-centered style the NFL has become? Sam Darnold, Trevor Siemian, Luke Falk, I don’t care. Grow a pair, Adam Gase. Start taking chances and get this offense going because the “try not to lose” mentality doesn’t work. We’ve seen this movie before. Get it together, and fast.

& 10…

1. Good for you, Gregg Williams, for benching Trumaine Johnson. I don’t care how big his cap number is. If he’s not good enough to start, don’t start him. Nate Hairston looked infinitely better than Johnson in his first start.

2. Le’Veon Bell is undoubtedly the best running back this team has seen since Curtis Martin. He consistently makes something out of nothing, and was basically the Jets entire offense on Monday night. Gase needs to be careful on over-utilizing him as the season continues. He needs to find ways to alleviate the pressure off of Bell and get other weapons involved.

3. Every Jets’ fan went into this season knowing that the two positional groups that posed the biggest threat to the Jets’ success were cornerback and offensive line. Through two weeks, the offensive line has been the weakest group on this team, and a MAJOR reason they are 0-2. They look lost. Plain and simple.

4. Blake Cashman had a solid game in place of the injured Mosley. For someone with serious injury history coming out of college, I hope he can stay healthy and we get to see more out of him this season. He has a nose for the ball and has shown good coverage skills. The Jets should involve him more as the season progresses.

5. I have no idea what kind of angle Marcus Maye thought he was taking on the OBJ touchdown. Maybe he was trying to race him to the opposite pylon?

6. I admire Jamal Adams intensity, spirit, and mentality. He wants to go 100mph for a full 60 minutes. The Jets need that. He is a leader on this team and deservedly so. I understand why he would be upset for being pulled with 4 minutes left. I also understand him being upset with losing, he should be. I don’t, however, understand, agree with, or put any sort of stock into his social media actions… I hope he can learn from this.

7. The Jets miss Chris Herndon dearly.

8. Back to the offensive line: not one member on that unit has looked competent. Beachum was manhandled, Kalil looks like he wishes he stayed retired, Winters is helpless, and the coaching staff continues to seem fine with making no adjustments and offering no help to the unit. It has been the single most disappointing unit of the season.

9. Leonard Williams is invisible. Every football fan knows that stats aren’t a full indication of play, however, he has to begin to show up on the stat sheet in some way.

10. Call me crazy, but this season is not over. The first 7 games were going to be tough no matter what, and have gotten tougher with the hand this team has been dealt. BUT, if Darnold can return for week 5, Philadelphia is beatable (although the Jets have never beaten them) and the Cowboys look good but have beaten up on weak teams. Then, the Jets play New England at home (where we always play them tough). It is not out of the realm of possibility (yet) that the Jets can be 2-4 before going on a tear…. WHO’S WITH ME?!?!?!