TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Robby Anderson’s 2018 Season

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Robby Anderson’s 2018 season…

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Robby Anderson’s 2018 season…

Anderson first TD of his season and the first TD of Darnold’s career. Robby gets by the cloud CB with a stab outside, then attempts to chop to inside arm but misses. Looks back for the ball as he sees the 1/2 safety out of position. Good hands to pull in the under throw by SD.

Fumble here from Anderson as he receives the ball from Darnold and attempts to turn upfield. Anderson holds the ball to loosely, doesn’t see Alonzo coming from inside and isn’t a strong WR which leads to this fumble.

Anderson (top) is tighter to the LOS with a reduced split. Anderson releases inside, getting past the CB in the curl-flat. Anderson then uses a “Dino” stem which moves the deep 1/2 safety outside. Anderson then breaks inward on the post but Darnold doesn’t hit him.

Anderson (very bottom) saves Darnold on this play as he doesn’t see the DB on his exit angle into the flat. Anderson runs a hitch and goes up and play DB to bat the ball down. Saving Darnold from a potential pick 6 here.

Anderson didn’t do anything particularly well here but just wanted to show another example of a time Anderson was missed early in the season. Misses + bad play calling limited his production. Anderson goes in motion, runs the wheel but Darnold doesn’t see him with room.

Anderson (bottom #2) is on the LOS against Bouye who is pressing him in man coverage. Bouye catches Anderson with the one handed jam, Anderson is able to wipe it off and get inside as ducks his shoulder to avoid contact. Out runs Bouye and draws a holding call.

Good route from Anderson (top) vs Ramsey who is in a deep 1/3 role of this cover 3 buzz defense. Ramsey playing with inside leverage, Adams stems Ramsey inside to attack his leverage, then vertical which gets Ramsey to open. Anderson breaks back with a slight push but SD misses.

Anderson (slot) beats Ramsey here again but this time vertically. Anderson stems directly at Ramsey to make him uncomfortable. As Anderson gets on Ramsey’s toes, he stabs inside and then uses a rocker to freeze Ramsey. Anderson then wins the foot race but SD overthrows.

Anderson with another really good route vs another good CB Harris who is playing off zone. Anderson releases vert, breaks inside/uses a peak tech which sells Harris inside/gets him in a bad pos. RA then breaks vertically which gets Harris to open, breaks outside for an easy catch

Anderson burns Roby here who is playing in off man. Anderson drives stemming slightly outside as Roby is in his backpedal. Anderson then uses a hesitation while looking the CB in his eyes not tipping him off which keeps him square. Anderson then gets inside easily for the long TD

Not too much about the first phase. Anderson releases off of the line stemming at the CB at a slower pace, stabs inside/ the CB opens too late to combat Anderson’s speed. As Roby tries to get his left arm on Anderson he wipes it away. Good job with hands and looking the ball in.

Decent slant here from Anderson vs a CB who is showing press. Anderson crosses over at first but the CB gets into his backpedal. Anderson sees this and then eats up space. Drops hips into break and gets eyes out of that break fast and accelerates. Would like to see a better catch

Nearly a damn good play by Anderson as he runs a post vs this zone defense. Smith is the deep safety and Darnold chucks the ball up to Anderson. Anderson does a good job locating the ball, hand positioning and high pointing but Smith is able to rip the ball out.

Anderson’s speed and knowing how to use/alter it wins him this snap. Anderson releases off of the line at full speed as Rhodes gets into a shuffle. Anderson slows up which keeps Rhodes in a passive shuffle. Anderson then turns on the jets and gets past Rhodes. SD overthrows.

Anderson and Rhodes end up getting tied up as they are locating the ball here. But Anderson does beat Rhodes deep. Anderson releases off of the line stemming at Rhodes. Uses short strides with a stab inside and then runs full speed up the sideline. If the ball is led he wins.

Anderson (top) runs a decent route up top especially considering his speed/frame but I just like to throw in more examples of Anderson being more then just a vertical threat. Releases as top speed which forces the CB to open. 3 stop steps, break, drive, hands + toe tap.

Anderson wins again but Darnold misses him as their connect wasn’t nearly what it was later in the season. Anderson releases off the line stemming at the CB, as he closes ground he changes his angle to get outside. Then pulls the outside arm of the DB. SD doesn’t lead him.

Anderson is the point/#2 on the top trips set. Anderson stems towards the outside zone corner and then uses a “pressure step” to keep the CB’s hips square, giving Anderson space outside and vertically. Wouldn’t be an easy throw/read but Anderson does win deep again.

Anderson (top) doesn’t run the best route here vs an off man defender. As he doesn’t get out of his break very fast, needs to cut the route more flat to give McCown more time to hit and doesn’t attack the ball.

Easy reception here for Anderson (bottom #1) Anderson stems vertically showing off his speed. The CB in man coverage opens his hips up when Anderson is about 5 yards away to ensure he can (maybe) run deep with Anderson. Anderson speed cuts on the out route for the reception.

Anderson comes over on an across motion. The CB follows as he an Enunwa switch stems. Anderson doesn’t get out of his break fast as it takes 3 stop steps and 3 gather step. Would like to see him commit more to the break here but he works back to the ball and makes a great catch.

Anderson vs White. White plays it safe as he bails as the ball is being snapped. Anderson stems vertically and throws a stab inside which locks White up for a split second. Anderson runs by him and wipes the outside arm away. Anderson tracks the ball well + late hands + toe tap.

Not good route or catch from Anderson here on the goal line. Anderson runs a fade but doesn’t sell the inside to the corner, allowing the CB to stay overtop and to play outside. Anderson pushes off and Darnold puts the ball in a great spot but Anderson can’t get his feet in.

Anderson’s speed buys him respect again against this soft zone corner. Anderson runs a post-corner. As he breaks inwards Anderson uses a peak technique selling a post and keeps the CB overtop. Anderson then cuts back outwards with great timing from Darnold and makes a good catch.

Anderson and Kearse run a switch concept (top). Anderson sits his route down in the soft spot in the zone. Darnold floats a great pass, Anderson is able to bring it down with both feet in bounds.

Jets down 26-22, 4th Q 1:59 mins left on 4th-14. Anderson works back to Darnold as he has to move to his left. Darnold puts the ball a touch too high but Anderson needs to pull this ball in as he gets two hands on it, considering both the situation and how Darnold had to throw it

Anderson (just off right side of screen) is running a deep slant vs man coverage. Anderson bows inside after using a “get even” at the line. Dipping his shoulder to lessen his body, then uses his inside arm to push slightly off of the CB to create separation.

Anderson (bottom) runs a comeback vs a CB in a deep 1/3rd coverage. Anderson sells his drive phase making the CB open up, as he opens up Anderson uses 3 stop steps to slow down then breaks towards sideline (rounded). Good toe drag but more active hands needed, not a body catch.

Have to imagine that Gase is going to run Anderson on more isolation routes this year. Here Anderson (top) runs another comeback vs the 1/3rd deep CB. The CB has to respect Anderson’s speed and opens up. Anderson and DArnold have good timing again. Not a bad break for Anderson.

Anderson (bottom slot) runs a corner-stop vs what looks like cover 2 under. Anderson doesn’t have the best break but it gets the job done as he breaks in the CB’s blind spot. Also have to like the hands catch from Anderson and that he works back to the ball.

Like this from Anderson (bottom WR with reduced split). As Darnold fakes on the play action, Anderson fakes like he is stalk blocking which keeps the CB’s eyes in the backfield. Anderson gets the room he needs to break inside on the over route and gets the first down.

Anderson (bottom) runs a corner route. He stems towards the CB playing with heavy outside leverage him then back inside. As Darnold rolls out and pumps the flat drawing up the curl-flat corner. Anderson breaks outside and shows some really good hands and awareness of the sideline.

Good route by Anderson (#1 on top off LOS) here. Drives towards the CB who is trying to maintain his outside lev. to make him uncomfortable, then vertically to get him to open his hips, then breaks towards the sideline. Darnold puts it on him but Anderson isn’t able to hold on

Last play and a pretty easy completion for Darnold as they run a slant-flat concept to the bottom. Anderson (bottom) gets even at the snap, then works the CB vertically. Anderson gets inside easily as the CB plays heavy outside. Good catch as he flashes them out to make the catch