Don’t Count On These Three Appearing For Jets

Even the most dedicated fan would have to admit that the New York Jets underperformed in the 2018 season. And if they’re going to do better in 2019 some significant changes are going to have to be made. Todd Bowles was shown the door at the close of the season and now it’s going to be up to Adam Gase to breathe some new life into the team and help them regain the winning habit. His history shows that he should be capable of this, having done a great job at Miami Dolphins including taking them into the playoffs in 2016 – for the first time in eight years.

Looking back at the season now gone, maybe the signs were there from the very start that things were going to be tough. Three of the warm-up games were lost despite a 17-0 victory over the Atlanta Falcons in the first of them. But hopes were raised by a decisive victory to open the season proper, when Detroit Lions were beaten 48-17. However, this was to be the first of only four victories across the whole season, slightly worse than their 5-11 record for 2018.

There were positives to be taken from the season. At 333 points scored, this was the second highest total of the teams in the AFC East, but they were let down by the 441 points scored against them.

So, in preparing the team for the season ahead, Gase will have quite a job to do and the stats suggest that strengthening the defense will be a key area for him. He’ll also be looking to shed some of the squad, particularlythree prime candidates – so if you were thinking about including any of these in your fantasy football squad, it may be an idea to give them a miss.

Jermaine Kearse

Wide receiver Kearse arrived from the Seattle Seahawks in 2017 as part of an exchange for Sheldon Richardson. In his first season for the Jets, Kearse’s performances were as impressive as his stats suggested.

On his very first appearance, he recorded seven receptions for 59 yards – admittedly in a game that was lost to the Buffalo Bills by a margin of 21–12. He continued to impress in his next game against opponents the Oakland Raiders, he had four receptions for 64 yards and his first two receiving touchdowns with the Jets – only the second multi-touchdown game of his career.

This past season has been in stark contrast, with just 37 receptions for 371 yards and just a single touchdown, making him an awful selection for any player of daily fantasy football, scoring less than 50 points across the entire season. And with a catch rate of under 50%, don’t be too surprised if the Jets drop him.

Steve McLendon

Ever since he joined in 2016 from the Pittsburgh Steelers, McLendon has been something of an enigma in the Jets line-up. That’s because, despite keeping a relatively low profile, he has shown great leadership qualities – which helped him to be chosen as one of the five captains for the 2018 season.

He started slowly with the team, but his reputation grew over 2017, although many feel that at 33 he’s just a little too old now and may have to make way for some younger talent to come through.

Of course, a decision may be made to keep him involved thanks to his ability to marshal and manage the team on the field but any contract he is awarded is likely to be fairly short-term and on considerably reduced terms too.

Bilal Powell

Having just completed his eighth full season with the Jets, Powell can certainly describe himself as a veteran member of the squad – and one whose only professional team has been with them. Even though he was only a fourth-round draft when he joined in 2011 he’s gone on to be a great contributor to the team and the stats certainly back this up and even put him alongside some of the greats in the Jets’ past.

For example, he’s covered a total of 3,446 career rushing yards, despite only officially starting 37 games in his career, making him rank as an all-time number 10 for the Jets.

His touches have also been exceptional with his 4.4 yards per carry being the second highest in Jets history.

But the years are marching on and the serious neck injury he received in October 18 sidelined him after game 7. So that could well have been his last ever outing for the Jets.