TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Undrafted Free Agent, Greg Dortch

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on New York Jets UDFA WR Greg Dortch

Taking a look at Greg Dortchs’s strengths and weaknesses before getting into his film


  • Not afraid to go over middle
  • Runs hard with the ball in hands
  • Quickess
  • Good horizontal breaker (most of times)
  • Sets up angles well with ball
  • Will press DB into top of stem
  • Adjust to ball well
  • Solid hands
  • KR/PR
  • Uses power skip, hesitation and short stride releases
  • Uses wipes and arm overs in routes
  • Catches ball outside radius


  • Size at 5’7 173
  • Doesn’t sell drive phase
  • Not going to be able to go up for 50/50 balls
  • Doesn’t attack ball
  • Catch radius
  • Inconsistent technique in routes
  • LAZY routes were seen way too often
  • Doesn’t/can’t find soft spots in zones
  • Hips don’t get out a variety of routes fast
  • Played lesser competition
  • Some wasted movement in routes
  • Gives up on plays
  • Not as fast as you’d expect a WR of his size to be
  • Shoulders come up high well before breaks

One thing I noticed in Dotch’s (slot on top) game is that for a small WR he isn’t afraid to go over the middle at all. Here you can see as he runs the slant behind the hook zone defender he knows the safety will crash down and deliver a hit but Dortch accepts that.

One thing that I wasn’t as impressed with as I thought I would be for a smaller receiver is some of the limits in Dortch’s athleticism and route running. Here the #2 on the bottom you can see the lack of explosion in his drive phase and hips not sharp out of his break.

My biggest issue with Dortch’s game is shown in this play. When he doesn’t believe he will be targeted or won’t be able to get open, he will slow down in his route or just completely stop running it. The QB shouldn’t have thrown this ball but Dortch gave up as he saw the coverage

Don’t love Dortch’s (top slot) first phase of this route as he didn’t really threaten threaten the CB at all and how he bows to the outside but I do like how once he is contacted he fight to hold his line, leans into the CB going into his break and snaps outside for the rec.

Good release from Dortch here as the CB is playing heads up in soft press. Dortch attacks the CB with hesitation and a hard stab/head fake inside getting the CB to angle his hips off inside. Dortch then breaks vertically, needs to be able to catch this ball. Hands vs body catch

Another really lazy route/bad effort by Dortch (top slot). Comes off the ball with 0 explosion and gives absolutely no effort in his route, isn’t ready for the pass and it leads to an incompletion.

Two more plays showing reception but lazy route running from Dortch. This will work vs teams like Wake Forest but it won’t work in the NFL. Both plays he is the bottom most WR. Cant stand this lack of effort.

So I guess there is some good here from Dortch (top of screen). As he runs a ridiculously lazy route yet again but at least he is tough enough to take the hit?

Easy TD for Dortch here but if were being honest this isn’t going to work in the NFL unless playing again a bad CB. A good CB is either going to game the crap out of you or how the pre-post snap recognition to see the rub/pick coming.

Another decent route from Dortch in the slot here (wish the CB played this better for better evaluation). Dortch comes off the line, closing ground between himself and the CB, then gives a foot fire. Releases outside and vertical, CB then opens. Not the sharpest 3 step break.

Dortch in the #2 in the stacked WR set and is defended by an off man/squat defender. Dortch closes ground with a skip release and then gives a stab/head fake outside to freeze the CB. Gets open on the outward break but his hips are slow to get out his break. TD

Dortch (#2 WR on top) vs a inside leverage squat defender (a bad one). Dortch again releases off of the line and uses a power skip to close ground between him and the defender with a stab/head fake outside. The CB is flat footed and hops outside (bad idea) and Dortch gets the TD.

Dortch (slot on top) vs an off man CB. Dortch closes the distance and then give the CB “short strides” to freeze him (CB is way too flat). Dortch breaks outwards and is able to make a nice one handed catch for a TD.

Now this is the reason I believe the Jets brought in Dortch, for his PR ability. Here he does a good job setting up angles, shows good contact balance/ability to break tackles and some shiftiness. Leading to the PR TD.

Dortch (#2) vs an outside leverage (doesn’t want to get beat outside) off man defender. Dortch attacks the CB with his stem to make the CB feel uncomfortable, as the CB starts to angle off he has already lost. Dortch breaks inside on the post, eyes aren’t out early.. Catch and TD

Dortch (slot) runs a post and is able to outrun the safety who has help over the top which is why the CB in playing so hard outside. Really nice tracking of the ball and one handed catch by Dortch here.

Last play of the Dortch review and its him vs another off man defender (who isn’t very good). The CB is angled off outside, which means he is beat inside before Dortch breaks but Dortch gives a nice hesitation/head fake before he breaks and then get YAC for the TD.