TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Third Round Pick, Chuma Edoga

Joe Blewett with a film room breakdown of New York Jets 3rd round pick Chuma Edoga

Taking a look at Chuma Edoga’s strengths and weaknesses before getting into his film…


  • Speed in kick slide
  • Light and quick feet
  • Good arm length
  • Displays aggressiveness in hands
  • Fluid hips
  • Quick hands
  • Good cut blocker
  • Smooth getting to second level
  • Displays control getting to second level
  • Athleticism
  • Can get to a variety of different blocks
  • IQ/awareness
  • Can fire out of stance
  • Footwork in kick slide
  • Rarely beat to edge/set point
  • Lateral mobility


  • Overall strength
  • Doesn’t enjoy contact
  • First step of pass set doesn’t cover much ground
  • Hand strength
  • Gets off snap delayed at times
  • Height/weight
  • Weak anchor
  • Make up strength
  • Punches from low and wide show up to often
  • Base can be narrow while in second level
  • Character/work ethic concerns
  • Lacks killer instinct/dog you want to see in offensive lineman
  • Ducks head into contact
  • Can get stood up in run game
  • Hand placement
  • Gives up chest
Edoga (RT) gets off the snap quick. Does a good job keeping framing the rusher with light and active feet. Ducks his head into the block and his hands comes from low at the POA. But again shows active feet while engaged.

Edoga (RT) does a god job attacking the DE but with patience as he reacts to the DE’s first steps. As he sees him attacking upfield he quickly kicks him out assisting the RB/pulling LG with the wide play side b-gap.

Edoga (RT) shows good movement skills to the 2nd level here. USC runs a one back power. Edoga assist his RG on the deuce block on the play side 3 tech attacking low and then peels off at the right time to take the backside LB, showing good athleticism and drives him up the field.

Edoga (RT) again shows quick/active feet getting out of his stance and into his slide. As he sees the edge is coming directly at him, Edoga drops his anchor and is able to hold up even though his hands shoot from low and wide.

Edoga stays square to the 4i technique inside of him as he rushes towards him. Edoga hands again shoot from low and wide again. But he does a good job re working both his hands and feet to the rusher during this rep.

Edoga is pretty quick out of his stance here and again shows good balance with active feet. As the OLB crashes inside on the stunt Edoga gets hands on while keeping his eyes up. Sees the looper and has the lateral quicknesses to get back outside on him.

Quick pass here so Edoga has more freedom to shoot wide (safe) but still consistently see punches from wide and low in pass protection. Which can work for strong RT’s with a good anchor but Edoga’s anchor/strength is something he will also need to work on at the NFL level.

Edoga shows some good technique (at times)/different ways to win. Here as he is in his pass set notice his right hand stay out and throw a fake punch which causes the rusher to react. Edoga stays square and then drops his weight into him as he tries to flatten.

Edoga shows good feet but allows the rusher to get his right arm into his chest as he shoots from low and wide. Resulting in him getting bulled right back into the QB’s lap as he gets rid of the ball.

Edoga is pretty fast out his his stance and in his pass set here and he is able to match the edge defender as he rushes up the arc. Then is able to stick with him through the rep.

One thing Edoga is going to have to work on with his pass sets at the next level, even though he is typically fast out of his stance and in his sets. Here he doesn’t cover much ground with his first outside step, which allows the DE to get around him.

Like Edoga’s hips here on this rep. As he gets into his pass set he maintains the half man relationship with the rusher. As the rusher is about to pass the QB’s set point Edoga gets his hands on and flips his hips protecting that point.

Last play of this short review of Edoga. Edoga does a good job on this rep of re-setting his hands and his feet to attempt to counter the bull rush. But as you can see he doesn’t display the strongest anchor even against college competition. Which is a concern going into the NFL.