TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Kelechi Osemele

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on New York Jets free agent signing Kelechi Osemele…


  • Size
  • Arm length
  • Power
  • Plays through whistle
  • Enjoys contact
  • Athletic for size
  • Carries proper width in base in pass protection
  • Good anchor
  • Creates power off in steps
  • Effective at dropping weight into defenders as they are attempting to clear their hips
  • Great length assist in countering
  • Power makes up for inconsistent hand leverage
  • Powerful punch
  • Grip strength
  • Can open hips and drop post foot well
  • Doesn’t chase blocks
  • Leaves combo blocks with proper timing
  • Throws fake hands and circle punches
  • Good “clamp” hand
  • Rarely gets bull rushed
  • His size/aggression will make timid players completely avoid contact
  • Strong legs
  • Can pull/fold block
  • Works to reset hands


  • Inconsistent technique
  • Punch comes from low, late and wide too often
  • Injuries
  • Leans into blocks
  • Can see overextension
  • Loads up in punch
  • Lets d-lineman get hands in first
  • Reaches, cut offs, hinge blocks are consistently effective
  • Passive with punch
  • Would like to see more of an effort to “cover” gaps
  • See some bend at the waist in blocks
  • Inconsistent leverage
  • Feet narrow while climbing
  • Steps too big at times
  • Needs more consistency with both feet, hands and leverage
  • Can overset gaps
  • Hips angle off/open in pass sets

Osemele takes his zone step towards Donald (3 tech) but Donald is able to get his outside arm inside as Oseleme opens his chest up with as he has a little bit of a wind up but gets his left hand under. Oseleme resets his right hand under/drives off of his in-step of his post leg.

Osemele drops back in his pass set as they are sliding/gap protecting left. His right hand comes into play as the drag hand as he helps check Suh (2i tech). Then hops back to drop his anchor as he prepares for the bull rush and gets his right hand under. Nice rep.

Nice pass set here from Osemele. As he is in his kick slide he is aggressive with his hands as he throws his inside catching Donald in the chest and then coming underneath with his left. Playing long and keeping his head out of the block.

Osemele and the OC on a combo block (Charlie) to the backside LB on this weak mike zone. Oseleme comes out of his stance with the near/zone step but isn’t able to cover his gap (needs to aim to middle landmark) with assistance on the ricochet block but is able to drive Suh/define

Osemele shuffles left in this gap protection (can let the 4i come inside as he knows the OC is there to help). Oseleme is left with nobody to block to as he has his inside hand on the IDL checking him. Then comes over on the plow block as the OLB gets inside of the LT.

Too passive of a block on Donald here from Osemele. As Oseleme drops into his pass set with slower/passive feet while angling his hips off (making it easier on Donald). Then throws an outside punch thats not followed by the inside hand. Donald is able to penetrate and KO holds.

Like to see that Osemele isn’t lazy in his pass protection. Here he drops back into his pass set (would like to see more active feet). As Such goes inside of KO he cross shoves him into the OC and then sees the OLB potentially winning inside of the LT and “hammers” him.

Osemele is a little too passive on this rep again. As Donald rushes towards him KO (hands are “on guard” which is good) uses a straight punch which lands on the shoulder and not the chest which won’t do much to Donald. A “double under” would have been more successful.

Osemele assist the OC with blocking the 1 tech but feels the NT concede the rush. KO checks on the LT, comes over and “plows” the DE.

Osemele comes off the line with his zone step but assist the OC with the right arm, plays long and checks him inside as he moves to the second level. KO is unbalanced as he is comes into the block as he doesn’t bring his legs with him/taking big steps but great to see him FINISH.

Frequent punch style and very good rep from KO here. As the tight 3 tech rushes towards him, KO roots. Then shoots his inside hand underneath and his outside hand overtop as the clamp. As the D bulls, KO hops back to anchor while simultaneously getting his outside hand underneath

Oseleme comes off the ball with his zone step on this MZ run. KO’s outside hand is high (on the 3 tech’s head) but his right arm gets under with his right as uses circular or torque force to get the 3 tech on the ground. Dont want KO to catch you as you are crossing your feet.

Good hand usage from KO here on another mid-zone run. Osemele doesn’t take a zone step as he doesn’t want to get too far outside of the 2 tech. KO gets his hands under but the DT stacks him with a long arm. KO removes his right hand, and traps the arm with a chop. Then finishes.

Good hands here from Osemele (would like to see hips more square to LOS and smaller steps). As he is “on guard” with his hands he shoots his inside (little late) hand showing off some off his length and then coming overtop with his left. Then gets into him as he rushes upfield.

Raiders run a inside zone weak out of 12 personnel. Osemele takes his zone step with his outside foot and then gets under the 3 tech with tight elbows. Then drives his feet and uses circular force to “define the gap”.

Osemele vs the backside 3 tech. Oseleme takes a lead step, but doesn’t bring his feet with him into the block and is leaning, resulting in him falling to the ground after he gets “splashed” and the 3 tech moves laterally.

Raiders run a frontside pin and pull out of 13 personnel against a 4-3 over. Osemele covers the frontside 2i tech with a lateral step then gets his hips in front. Oseleme then looks for a block on the second level. Which he finds with the TE blocking the Mike LB and pancakes him.

Raiders run a weak lead zone out of 21 personnel vs a 4-3 over front. Osemele is on the ace block and widens his left foot as he waits for the OC to overtake the block (could’ve done better). Oseleme does a job job staying square, keeping eyes play side and using a “cross shove”

Osemele drops back into his pass set and shoots his right hand, catching the 4 tech in his chest (like the aggression) then comes with the clamp from the left. Sees that the bull rush is coming, hops back to anchor and creates force through the inn steps.

Weak mid-zone from the Raiders. Osemele has to block the backside 3 tech. Oseleme tries to hop in front of the 3 tech but doesn’t cover the gap or get effective hand placement. Leading to the DT getting in on the tackle as Lynch cuts back

Raiders run a lead power. Osemele is on the deuce block to the backside LB. Oseleme keeps his eyes up through the combo and releases to the LB. Gets under Alonzo, Alonzo tries to shed but Oseleme folds on top of him.

Raiders run a weak lead zone out of an 21 personnel I-form left. Osemele should’ve got more assistance from the OC but Oseleme didn’t have great footwork to cover the play side gap and leans into the block. Leading to him being on the ground.

Had to get this one from the sideline angle (best angle to see it). Osemele doesn’t drop into a kick slide but more just roots down with passive footwork. As the 3 tech closes ground he throws a fake punches alternating left then right to make the DT shoot. KO then comes under.

Osemele drops back and allows the edge to cross his face and he knows he has help from the OC. KO then sees the DB looping inside, drops his kick foot and is able to get a forearm on the DB knocking him on his ass.

Good pass set from Osemele. As the 4i tech closes ground he throws a fake punch with his inside hand but the d-lineman quickly turns to the bull rush. KO gets his right hand underneath he armpit as he hops backwards to drop his anchor. KO displays strong hands/anchor.

Osemele blocks back as a part of this power run. KO gets into the 0 techs hip and drives him a few yards and then into the ground.

Osemele does a good job getting to the the LB on the second level under control, using his length and blocking through the whistle.

Osemele blocks down as a part of this counter OF. Taking a lead step with his right foot as he is going to load up into the block the 1 tech moves away laterally. KO gets his hand into the chest, shows strong grip and drives/finishes for another pancake.

Osemele doesn’t get into a kick slide as he roots down (would like to see much more active feet) with hands that are “on guard”. The 3 tech swipes KO’s inside arm but KO is still able to come overtop with that “half moon” punch with the outside, then attacks the hip of the DT.

Osemele again roots down with inactive feet and is very passive with his punch which allows the 3 tech to dictate the rep. The DT is able to get KO to open his hips/swipe the hands. KO looks like he tries to “wrench” the DT but it isn’t successful and the DT gets the sack.

Osemele vs Ingram who is standing up in the b-gap. KO drops into his kick slide and shoots his inside arm, which you have to be careful with that opening hips, which it does here. KO isn’t square to the LOS and leans into the block of Ingram. Ingram spins inside for a strip sack.

Osemele on the backside of this lead zone, working up to the backside LB after the “George” combo block. Osemele is the “high leg” of the combo and does a good job playing long and using a cross shove. Then climbs to the backside LB which leads to the eventual pancake.

Osemele is on the frontside of this lead inside zone. Steps with the near foot as the “high leg” of this ace block. Then is able to peel off as the Mike LB closes ground and is able to move him.

Not much commentary needed here. Osemele open pulls on this counter OF and trucks over the EMOL. Have fun trying to anchor down vs a pulling KO.

Osemele is on the backside of this inside zone and is tasked with blocking the 2i tech. KO takes a drop step with his inside foot but leans into the block before he is able to “cover” the play side gap. Because of that lean he losses balance the the DT creates distance.

Osemele drops into his kick step but his steps are too big (doesn’t allow for quick COD/anchor), opens his hips outside, hands shoot from really wide and ducks into the block. The 3 tech is able to get inside with a hard plant outside and a club-arm over but the center assist.

Raiders run a mid zone split. Osemele takes his zone step and closes ground on Mosley who is standing up over the b-gap. Osemele comes into the a little uncontrolled and ducks his head. Mosley then makes the tackle for a little gain.

Solid pass set from Osemele here. Osemele stays relatively square to the LOS in his set. Then throws out a fake punch with his left, causing the 4i tech to throw a chop that doesn’t land. Then Osemele gets his left hand inside shutting down the rush.

Osemele jump sets the 1 tech with a near step. Osemele has too much of a load up into the punch but is able to get his inside hand under and his outside on the shoulder as a “clamp”. KO doesn’t show active feet but is able to hold the NT with his bridge and re works his left hand.

Not a good rep here from the upper body to the lower for Osemele vs the loose 3 tech. Takes a lateral step with the left then a BIG step with his right (not recommended), ducks into the block and has a big load up with his hands. Gets beat inside but the RB in able to avoid.

Osemele vs the 3 tech again (Chris jones again). KO is late with his hands and is leaning into the block. Jones is able to use that lean/late hands against him with a club-arm over and get the tackle on the RB.

This was Osemele’s worst game of the season. Here he drops back in his pass set, ducks his head into the block, hands comes wide effectively giving up his chest. Is able to anchor because of pure strength. But is standing straight up and has inactive feet. Gets shed inside.

Osemele drops into his pass set, gets a little too wide and doesn’t get a hand inside. BUT a good job of dropping his post leg as the 3 tech works inside, then resetting his left arm to get underneath. Then uses leg drive and circular force to move the DT.

Another pancake here from Osemele but this time on the goal line. Osemele takes a lead step, explodes towards the loose 3 tech. Gets his body on before his hands and drives the DT into the ground.

Osemele gets into his pass set but doesn’t have active feet, starts to angle his hips outside and is late with his punch. The 3 tech is able to get his hands inside for the pull into an arm-over to get past KO. Carr gets rid of the ball quickly on the fade.

Don’t like the first phase of this block and Osemele is again showing inactive feet, is late and wide with his punch which gives up his chest. The good= KO hops back to anchor (shows good anchor even with bad hand placement), resets his left hand under and drops his “post” leg.

Osemele didn’t look like the same player later in the season. Here (had to go from this angle for the best view) he leans into the block allowing the 3 tech to easily shoot the a-gap with the club- arm over.

Another rep that doesn’t end so well. Osemele comes off the ball with a lead step, again leaning heavily into the block and hands come from low. The 3 tech is able to move laterally/club KO and get past him. Play ends in a TD but still not a good rep.

Osemele drops back but has nothing to block. Gets his right hand on the 1 tech to check him. KO then notices Houston shooting inside of the LT and throws the “hammer”.

Raiders run a frontside pin and pull. Oseleme open pulls to kick out the EMOL as the two TE’s crack block. KO shows some solid athleticism for his size to get to the OLB.

Last play of the review. Raiders run an inside zone. Osemele opens his outside foot, leans into the block and his hands come from low/late and never make contact with the 3 tech (Jones). Would’ve like to have seen more ready hands and a “scooch” technique.