TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Fourth Round Pick, Trevon Wesco

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on New York Jets fourth round pick, TE Trevon Wesco

Taking a look at Trevon Wesco’s strengths and weaknesses before getting into his film…


  • Size at 6’4 270 with 34 ¾ inch arms
  • Length
  • Ability to box out for receptions
  • Soft hands
  • Ability to make catches outside of his frame
  • Great run blocker
  • Power in hands/punch
  • Fights to re work hands, feet and hips
  • Contested catch ability
  • Good hand positioning in blocks
  • Mobility/athleticism for size
  • YAC ability
  • Rarely gets tackled by one defender
  • Grip strength
  • Tough
  • Drives feet in run game
  • Plays through whistle
  • Strong at POA
  • Thick build
  • Ability to pop or anchor vs De’s or Olb’s
  • Flexible for size
  • Patient with blocks
  • Takes good anticipatory angles


  • Very limited route tree at WVU including mostly flats, curls and crossers
  • Lacks explosiveness into routes and out of breaks
  • Only 28 career catches, with 26 coming last year
  • Many easy/uncontested catches
  • Won’t be testing teams vertically
  • Hips don’t drop into routes
  • Rounded routes
  • Top end speed
  • Lateral mobility
  • Acceleration
  • Slower feet
  • Shows stiffness
  • Can’t maintain speed in routes
  • Hand positioning while catching the ball
  • Can struggle with athleticism vs his blocks
  • Pops players but needs to more consistent on staying on blocks
  • Can see him overextend and not bring feet into blocks
  • Have seen waist bending/ducking head


Yes there is going to be a lot of blocking in this Wesco review (considering its a big part of what he offers to the Jets). Wesco is asked to be a split blocker from this 2 back pistol set. Good job closing ground, breaking down and keeping square to the backside OLB.

Another two back pistol set. WV runs a play action fake zone-split. Wesco does a really good job being patient and knowing were his QB will be and how the edge defender will react. Instead of taking an aggressive angle Wesco plays it smart, gets square, extension…good block.

Another pistol set and another rep that Wesco is tasked with being a split blocker. One thing he can struggle with with his blocking is athletic players. Wesco is actually relatively fluid but he is still 270+ pounds. Here he takes a little too aggressive of an angle/gets beat.

Wesco is lined up off the LOS in the in d-gap (top of screen). Wesco does a good job of cutting off the OLB’s angle to the ball, getting low, driving and buries him into the turf.

Wesco (top) lines up as the y-off of this gun, y-off trio strong set and runs a wheel route underneath to crossing routes. TCU blows their assignments and Wesco walks in for the easy TD.

WV in another two back pistol set and this time they run counter. Wesco stays patient as the play develops and keys the LB as his target. Closes ground n the LB, plays with good leverage, hands, extension (little bit over extended) and drives the LB back. Play gets stuffed.

Wesco is again tasked with working underneath the formation and blocking the backside EMOL being the DE. The DE scrapes down the LOS following the zone run. Wesco takes a good angle to the DE, lowers his shoulder and pops him.

One of the small issues Ive noticed in Wesco’s (bottom) blocking (at times) is that he will overextended his arms/body without taking his feet into blocks, causing him to be off balance. Which is what happens here vs the DE but the RB is able to assist.

Wesco (bottom) is lined up as the in line Y TE. Releases off the LOS and is unaccounted for as the defense jumps up on the play action. Wesco gets the catch and shot some of his athleticism/nimbleness in the open field. Setting up his angle well and avoiding the tackle.

Wesco (top) is tasked with blocking the OLB. Fights to reset his hands and his feet as the OLB is able to remove Wesco’s contact point. The RB comes up to assist which the LB tries to spin out of. Wesco’s effort leads the him getting the pancake.

Wesco leaks out into the flat on the TE screen. Which is a way I see him being used primarily in the Jets passing attack. Wesco gets past the first tackler with a hard jab outside throwing off his angle. Then powers through another two tackles gaining some good YAC.

Wesco (bottom) releases into his route, first with a lateral step to avoid a potential chip. As you can see Wesco doesn’t have much explosion in his routes, in or out of his breaks but he does show really good hands, extension, YAC and effort on this play. Not easy to bring down.

Another pistol set and another rep that Wesco is tasked with blocking the backside EMOL. Again showing good power to pop the DE, then works to reset hands and feet to stay on the block which he does successfully.

Wesco again gets the ball in the flat on the screen pass. Shows good contact balance and the ability to lessen his body/avoid contact. Wesco isn’t a burner but he is plenty athletic for a 270 pound TE.

Another good block from Wesco (bottom). Taking steps upfield to ensure that the OLB won’t knife through the interior gap but then flips his hips getting square to the OLB. Lowers his head and gets hands on to block him out of the play.

Even though the DE (backside) doesn’t make the play on this run one of Wesco’s issues shows up (can be fixed obviously). Wesco (bottom) attempts to block the DE but over extends his arms and is leaning far too much from the hips. Causing him to be off balance/fall when clubbed.

Another split block from Wesco. Wesco catches the DE without a full head of steam because he just took on a partial block from the LT but Wesco drops his shoulder into him and trucks him over.

Wesco (top) is left to block the 4i tech as the offensive line flows to the left as a part of the play action. Wesco takes a good angle to cut off the DE, drops weight before coming into contact. Then works to reset hands and hips as the DE reacts. Another good block from Wesco.

Good and bad from this play. Wesco again releases into the 2nd level off the snap and is left uncovered because of the play action. Wesco catches the ball awkwardly (awkward catches and hand positioning are at times a weaknesses) and then shows the fight for YAC.

Wesco (top) is on the frontside of this jet sweep. Moves to the second level and gets in on the block with the other TE leading to a pancake block (to be fair the DB trips). Then comes off of that block to pickup another DB, leading to another pancake. Insert corny iHop joke.

Wesco again gets an open catch (nice hands catch too) as the defense gets sucked up on the play action. Then Wesco again shows the ability to get YAC. Have to love a player who won’t goes down and fights as hard as Wesco does. Also does a good job with ball security on this play.

Wesco….yet again gets an open catch due to play action. Really nice reaction/smart here from Wesco to get YAC. As he tucks the ball he sees the LB’s angle to him so he decides to spin off as the LB’s angle is high. Then breaks another tackle and drags another.

Last play of the Wesco review and it ends with another good block. Wesco (top) does a really good job getting in front of the backside LB, dropping his weight into the block, getting hands inside and shields to play side by getting his hips in front of the block.