TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Fifth Round Pick, Blake Cashman

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on New York Jets 5th round pick, ILB Blake Cashman

Taking a look at Blake Cashman’s strengths and weaknesses before getting into his film…


  • Walk on to captain says a lot about mentality
  • Tough player
  • Plays with maximum effort
  • Patient in space
  • Big ST upside
  • Stays square when coming into tackles
  • Fight/effort gets him by a lot of blocks
  • Capable in zone coverage
  • Can play man vs Te’s/Rb’s
  • Solid top end speed
  • Has some quick twitch to him
  • Good angles
  • Takes on pullers/quick to recognize them
  • Acceleration
  • Gets around blocks with athleticism, flexibility, and lateral mobility
  • COD skill
  • Balance
  • Plus blitzer
  • Defeats cut blocks
  • Willing and able to take any block head on
  • Stop/start
  • Good at using hands while chasing down or scraping to avoid partial blocks


  • 3 total shoulder surgeries
  • At times just a reactionary LB
  • If o-lineman get hands on it tough for him to disengage
  • Weight/size/strength
  • Ducks head into contact at times
  • Not a tone setting hitter
  • Shorter arms
  • Struggles again misdirection and play action
  • Can struggle in getting off blocks in traffic
  • Needs to clean up tackling form
  • Ankle biter
  • Need to drive through tackles
  • Can be antsy in coverage
  • Recognition of who is coming in/out of his zone
  • Gets looked off by QB
  • Shoots gaps/picks sides too often taking himself out of plays
  • Pre snap reads
  • Patience is needed while reading plays with misdirection

Though slightly undersized something you will notice throughout this Blake Cashman review is that he is a tough player who gives max effort on every play. Here puts his head down vs the RB and trucks him over. This trait is something that makes him an effective blitzer.

Something that I heard about Cashman was that he was an “average” athlete. Thats not what I saw on film, while he is doesn’t have top notch speed its definitely solid. Here he ends up on the backside of the run and chases it down. Good job with the wipe vs the wr block.

Cashman (lined up as the Will) does a good job staying patient and not pressing the line of scrimmage, giving him the ability to scrape over the top. Which is what he does as he finds the RB and makes the tackle.

4th and 2. Cashman winds up being the play side LB as we have some pin and pul action on the frontside. Cashman flows with the pulling guards/RB’s track and is able to make the stop on 4th down. Would like to see a cleaner tackle here as NFL RB’s are breaking through this.

Some good and bad here on this snap. Minnesota drops into a Tampa 2 and Cashman drops into his deep hook zone as OSU runs a mesh-sit concept. The #2 on the field side runs a deep sit/snag. Cashman is late to react to it but shows good burst to get up to it. OSU was just short.

Nice stop here from Cashman on 4th and 1. OSU runs a wedge out of pistol. Cashman (bottom standing up) shoots through the c-gap as the LT is blocking down and is able to get the TKFL/stuff on 4th down.

Another TKFL for Cashman (Note that he is playing OSU not a school like Rice or Memphis). OSU runs a counter and Cashman following the pulling guard/sifter, fighting through the block of the FB/TE and making the tackle in the backfield.

Another TKFL for Cashman (Note that he is playing OSU not a school like Rice or Memphis). OSU runs a counter and Cashman following the pulling guard/sifter, fighting through the block of the FB/TE and making the tackle in the backfield.

Cashman (Mike, play side LB) drops back into coverage but reads the screen to the RB. Takes on the block from the WR with tight elbows, good hand positioning and sheds him easily for the tackle on the RB.

Cashman does have to work on his tackling form coming into the NFL. As he drops into his zone he attempts to make the tackle on the WR on the drag of another mesh-sit concept (OSU ran a ton of mesh). Cashman ducks his head and gets spun. Missing the tackle and giving up the 1st.

Even though Cashman isn’t the biggest linebacker and won’t power through many blocks of offensive lineman. But he does have the agility/flexibility to slip around blocks. As he does here past the pulling RG to get in n the tackle.

Can see some of this in Cashman’s (lined up as the strong side LB) game. Presses the LOS too early as the play develops, taking himself out of position to make a play.

Good play here from Cashman on 3rd down. Cashman drops back into his hook-seam zone and matches the #1 WR running up the seem but still has his eyes underneath on the mesh concept. As the QB loads up to throw the drag, Cashman jumps up and makes the tackle to force 4th down.

Here is another missed tackle from Cashman (btw pretty sure I heard somewhere that he never missed a tackle). Cashman puts himself in a good position to make the tackle but dives without taking his legs with him and the RB bounces off. Need to see more wrap ups/leg drive.

Cashman (mike lb on play side) avoids the cut block, getting hands on and side stepping laterally. Then shuffles outside to keep the RB inside (where Cashman knows he has help) and then dives inside for the tackle. Some nice athleticism shown here.

Cashman avoids the cut block by the running back and chases down the QB for the sack. Again showing off some solid athleticism.

Another play showing some of the athleticism that Cashman posses. As he penetrates through the a-gap the FB/HB picks him up. Cashman plants hard and uses some lateral agility to side step the block and then wipes away the outside arm to get pressure on the QB.

Another good slipped block by Cashman (Mike, on right hash) here. Cashman keeps his eyes on the RB and as the LT gets to the 2nd. Cashman attacks a “half a man” gets his hands inside with good leverage and is able to make the tackle.

While Cashman (mike) is able to avoid blocks with agility and smarts he is also able to push past blocks (at times) with physicality and “want to”. Here he takes on the RG with aggression and is able to make the tackle on the RB.

One other issue I have noticed in Cashmans game is the processing ability with read option or misdirection type plays. Here he penetrates but is very late to recognize that the QB still has the ball, leading to a huge gain.

Cashman (winds up being on the play side) pushes past the LOS and eventually ends up being square to the QB. Doesn’t take his feet with him into the tackle as he lunges and the QB is able to get away from him, eventually picking up the 1st down on 3rd down.

Just another example of some of the sideline to sideline speed that Cashman has. He is in man on the RB and breaks as he sees the RB leaking out of the screen. Is able to get his hands onto the the LG to avoid the block and then chases down the RB for the TKFL.

Would like to see some more awareness here from Cashman with his pre snap read. With the TE lined up as the Y, need to watch for rubs/picks. Cashman tries to play overtop instead of under cutting. The Rb gets the easy rec and first down.

Cashman (lined up on the strong side) shows some good IQ on this play as he follows the pulling center, shoots the gap and is able to get the tackle for loss.

Showed it before but one of Cashman’s weaknesses is his recognition of who has the ball and how to attack misdirection. Here is late to recognize the jet sweep and pushes hard upfield giving himself no chance to recover.

Cashman (lined up as the strong side lb) presses towards the LOS as Maryland fakes the jet sweep. Cashman sees the QB still has the ball so he gets some depth in his zone as he identifies the RB in the flat. QB starts his loads up, Cashman closes ground on the rb and makes the tackle.

Nothing crazy on this play but still a good snap from Cashman (sam). As Cashman presses towards the line the center gets to the second level. A slight shoulder dip and lateral movement keeps Cashman clean as he gets in on the tackle.

Another play from this game that Cashman was beat by a jet sweep. As Cashman is reading the action in the backfield he again presses too far up to the LOS and isn’t able to recover leading to the big gain.

Offense runs a QB lead draw as the RG gets to the second level I would like to see Cashman stack to be able to play inside and outside. He shoots the outside shoulder of the tackle and has no chance to make the tackle on the QB.

Minnesota sends Cashman off the edge as the 5 tech DE crashes inside to pull the RT to give Cashman room. Cashman times to blitz well, shows some good speed, bend and does a good job controlling the RT’s outside elbow with his right hand to break the contact point……..sack

Last play of the review and Minnesota sends Cashman on another blitz. Cashman wraps around to the outside of the LT and shows some solid bend and flexibility to get past the LT’s punch. Chases down the QB for the hit but the QB got rid of the ball.