TOJ New York Jets Film Review – NC State’s Garrett Bradbury

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Garrett Bradbury

Taking a look at Garrett Bradbury’s strengths, weaknesses, best fit and overall prospect ranking before getting into his film…


  • Technique
  • Run blocking
  • Hip positioning
  • Hand placement
  • Great combo blocker
  • Understand how to overtake combos, set up other o-lineman
  • Solid pass setter
  • Elite foot quickness
  • Times punches well
  • Stays square
  • Doesn’t let defenders get into his body in pass pro (will sometimes with lack of length)
  • Balance
  • Fires out of stance
  • Elite movement to 2nd level
  • Outstanding awareness
  • Good timing on moving to 2nd level on LB’s or picking them up when attempting to penetrate
  • Body control
  • Loose hips
  • COD skill
  • Light on feet
  • Agility to reach/cut off/turn out as far as 3 techniques
  • Aggressive hands
  • Rarely going to miss a stunt/gap exchange
  • Aggressive
  • Plays through whistle
  • Recovery quickness
  • Smooth
  • Great at working hips around on blocks
  • WORKS hard to get hips to play side
  • works to reset feet/hands in pass pro


  • Strength
  • Arm length
  • Height/Weight
  • Anchor
  • Gets caught in chest because of arm length at times
  • Would like to see a more consistent base/less upper body lean
  • Needs to learn when to give ground on reach blocks
  • Want to see more leg drive in run blocks
  • Have seen some holding in 2nd level
  • Lack of a strong punch
  • Can see a narrow punch
  • Have seen him overshoot on 2nd level

Overall prospect ranking – #5

Best fit- Zone team (preferably OZ)

Bradbury (OC) is a lighter center but has the aggressive mentality that you love to see from offensive lineman. As he drops back in his pass set he has nothing to block. So he assist his RG with the block on the 3 tech, hitting him low and showing good leg drive.

Bradbury is very effective with his 2nd level blocks as he has elite acceleration, movement and cod skill. Here by passes the 0 tech and blocks the backside LB. Gets square as he closes distance and shows good lateral movement to adjust to the LB’s angle.

Bradbury has a great feel/ability for when to peel off combo blocks. Here assist the LG on the ace block and has the awareness to see the LB trying to penetrate the backside A-gap.

Doesn’t look like a big deal but it matters. Bradbury comes off of the ace block quickly to pick up the LB. Good awareness and quickness to shield off the a-gap.

Going to show a ton of this (Bradbury would be a GREAT fit in the zone scheme the Jets will run). Bradbury gets into the 1 tech on the combo block, then shows awareness to pick up the LB trying to make a play through the backside a-gap.

Another good ace block by Bradbury. Shows good explosion off the line to get to the play side 2 tech. As the gets on that block notice his eyes flash to the 2nd level. Comes off the combo with great timing to protect the backside a-gap yet again.

Bradbury reach blocks the 2 tech on the play side of this outside zone from pistol. Would like to see Bradbury give some more ground vertically before initiating contact. But he does a good job working to get his hips around, shielding the play side.

Bradbury shows consistent effort on the field. Here moves laterally to his right as the offensive line is sliding right in their gap protection. Bradbury gets jolted back by the 0 tech, the LG assist Bradbury. Bradbury drives and blocks the NT completely out of the play.

2 plays in one recording. Again just showing the aggressive mindset of Bradbury. Bradbury is keyed on the LB, but as the LB loops around Bradbury’s attention turns to the DE who is engaged with the RG. Next play another good reach block/ Bradbury working hips to play side.

Really good and some bad here from Bradbury. Bradbury bypasses the 0 tech to get to the 2nd level on this mid zone run from pistol. Bradbury chops the NT’s right arm to clear himself. While blocking the LB on the 2nd level, he high and has a narrow base and gets spun.

Bradbury is so damn good at combo blocks and is going to be a really solid player for the team that drafts him. Here blocks the play side shoulder of the NT and works to turn the NT inside/shield to play side. Keeping his eyes on the LB, lets the LG overtake and peels to the LB.

AWESOME play form Bradbury. Bradbury shows great quickness off of the snap and acceleration to get to the 2 technique on the reach. As he is engaged he sees the LB charging hard through the a-gap and peels off of his block to pick. up the LB. Fluidity + lateral quickness + smarts

Another snap showing off Bradbury’s elite quickness. NC runs another split-zone run (mid/inside). Bradbury burst off the snap to pick up the block on the blitzing lb who is coming fast into the a-gap. Gets his hands on, hips square and good base, leading to the pancake.

Another snap displaying Bradbury’s quickness. The 1 tech penetrates the play side a-gap hard off of the snap. Bradbury gets in front off him by opening his hips and covering ground with his right foot. As the 1-techs momentum is going hard upfield Bradbury turn him to the turf.

One of the biggest weaknesses in Bradbury’s game is his overall strength. Bradbury comes off the ball high and with weak hands. He isn’t able to move the 1 tech who stacks and sheds him to get in on the tackle.

Bradbury is a smart player who plays balls to the wall. BC send a zero blitz, so there are more blitzes then NC can pick up. Bradbury gets his right hand on the one tech (assisting with the RG). As the LB blitzes the other a-gap Bradbury drops his weight and gets his left hand on

Bradbury again needs to give some ground to gain ground on this reach block on the 3 tech (which is a FAR reach) the 3 tech pushes Bradbury far into the backfield but really good recovery by Bradbury. Very good at working his hips around on blocks.

Another one of Bradbury’s weaknesses shows up on this play. Gets into the block of the 1 tech but is a little high, is leaning into the block (shorter arms don’t help) and doesn’t have a good base. Leading to him getting beat on a bull-jerk.

Will see Bradbury struggle vs aggressive/powerful interior lineman (especially this BC DT). Bradbury slides left to block the 1 tech but doesn’t have the strongest base/anchor and gets blown backwards. The 1 tech puts pressure on the QB.

Bradbury consistently displays smarts/great moment to the 2nd level. Fast to get out of his stance here, reads the 3 tq and sees that he is going towards the b-gap. Bradbury’s eyes snap to the 2nd level, gets his hands on the backside 1 tech to help the RG AND gets to the 2nd lvl

Would like to see more control/a better angle moving up to the 2nd level from Bradbury here. Takes an angle too vertical instead of trying to cut the LB off. Leans into the block which causes him to be off balance as the LB chops his outside arm away.

Just showing off Bradbury’s effort and how he plays through the whistle again. Bradbury moves to the 2nd level as the LB pressed on the line plays the a-gap. Bradbury picks up the block on the backside defender and drives him 15 yards down the field.

Bradbury is top notch at assisting on combo blocks, keeping his eyes on the 2nd level and then picking up any late penetration. Here assist the RG on the 1 tech and then is quick to pick up the LB blitzing through the a-gap.

NC State run a trap ru. Bradbury moves to the second level, stays square to the LB but lets the LB get his hands inside/shows some of the lack of power, as the LB gets off of his block and makes the tackle.

Bradbury attempts to reach the 2 tech (LG should’ve helped move) but Bradbury needs to give ground vertically again to be able to reach him. The DT catches him as he is moving laterally and bulls him over as Bradbury losses his balance.

Bradbury drops in his pass set but sees nothing to block. The DT who originally rushes towards the LG, alters his path into Bradbury. Bradbury is caught by surprise and isn’t able to anchor down vs the bull rush.

Bradbury drops in his pass set but sees nothing to block. The DT who originally rushes towards the LG, alters his path into Bradbury. Bradbury is caught by surprise and isn’t able to anchor down vs the bull rush.