TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Alabama’s Jonah Williams

Joe Blewett with a film breakdown of Alabama’s Jonah Williams

Taking a look at Jonah Williams’ strengths, weaknesses, best fit and overall prospect ranking before getting into his film 


  • Covers ground on first step of kick-slide/drive-catch
  • Hand placement (most of time)
  • Frames rushers well
  • Stays square
  • Gets hands on first
  • Quick out of stance
  • Controlled hands
  • Balance in pass sets
  • Consistently good base in pass protection
  • Will control rushers hands
  • Athletic
  • Aggressive
  • Fluid hips
  • Timing of combo blocks
  • IQ
  • Attacks hips on combos
  • Movement to 2nd level
  • Rarely gets thrown off balance in pass pro
  • Quick feet
  • Will assist OG, then get back out to edge
  • Good hip positioning to properly block backside, seal, reach etc
  • Good stance as he loads up on inside leg to explode


  • Can play high in run game
  • Plays with body upright in pass pro at times
  • Little uncontrolled in the 2nd level
  • Isn’t able to drive defenders far
  • Can see some oversets in pass protection
  • Ducks his head into some blocks
  • Narrow base in run game
  • Bends at waist into blocks too often
  • Have seen him get trucked on multiple occasions
  • Inconsistent anchor
  • Would like more attacks vs contact points

Overall Prospect Ranking- #9

Best Fit- LT in zone heavy scheme

Williams (LT) does a good job staying square with the 5 tech. As the Edge is slow to get out of his stance notice the double tap on the left foot of Williams to keep his hips square and frame the rusher. The rushes comes up the arc, Williams gets his hands inside/shuts him down.

Williams (LT) uses a 45 degree set vs the 5 tech. Does a good job getting his hands inside and not shooting low. His right hand originally doesn’t get inside but he re-sets it. Gets good extension then lean into the rusher as he tries to dip, while staying balanced.

Alabama runs a counter of. Williams (LT) bypasses the DE to get up to the Mike LB (as the Will will get cracked by the WR or blocked by the TE). Williams does a good job of getting to the LB controlled and square. Gets his hands on (works to reset) and drives his feet.

1 issue I see popping up in Williams’ (LT) is the inconsistency in the run game. Here ducks his head into the block and is leaning a little bit too much from the waist with not a good base and gets shed with the push-pull into the arm over. DE doesn’t get to the play side though

Nice backside block here by Williams on this counter of. Off the snap Williams shields off the 5 tech from the play side by taking a step upfield and inside. As the DE closes ground Williams lunges at him while staying low and linear.

Bama runs ANOTHER counter of. Williams does a really good job on this deuce block. Attacks the 1 tech low at the hips and keeps his eyes into the 2nd level. The backside LB is coming to the play side and Williams burst (showing some real athleticism) to get the block on him

See some over sets in Williams’ game at times as well. Here covers good ground with his first step of his drive catch but doesn’t split the edge with his outside foot or “stay knee to crotch”. The edge is able to jump inside with a club-arm over.

Like Williams eyes here. The 5 tech rushes upfield and then crosses over to the LG (looks like he is running 4 mph), Williams pops him but still has his eyes on the LB’s. The LB attempts to come around and Williams jumps outside on the block.

Good ET stunt pick up from Williams here. The end rushes the c-gap but then crosses over to the b-gap. Williams gives him a pop and then is quick enough on his drive-catch to get out on the looper. Good feet and smarts here.

Going to see Williams struggle with length regardless of what his arm length was at the combine. Reason being sometimes he has a wide punch and his body is too upright. Here the edge gets into his chest with the “long arm” aggressively pulls and punch. JW ends up on the turf.

See Williams slightly overset here. The LB gets his hands inside because Williams shoots wide again. The LB is able to shed inside and get pressure on the QB.

Williams does a good job staying patient in his set. As the 4i tech closes ground Williams shoots his hands out fast. That widens the rushers arc, Williams re-set his hands with a good base and shuts down his rush.

Bama runs another Counter OF, this time from a split back gun set. Williams does a great job assisting the center on the down block with his right hand to slow the 4i down. Williams then has the lateral quickness to get outside on the OLB.

Pin and pull action on the front side of this run. Williams shows off some of his athleticism (would like to see Williams in a zone scheme). Taking a good angle to #9 and then is able to duck and get his hands on 9 as he tries to use quickness to get away.

Williams struggles to finish/create push in the run game consistently. Here comes up the ball low and with good leverage but isn’t able to roll power up through his hips and create drive. The 3 tech stands him up, JW then attempts to create push but is playing high, gets shed.

Williams gets out of his stance and scans from the left to the right and sees he has nothing to block. But sees the LG blocking the 2/3 tech and decides to truck him over. Love to see these types of plays from o-lineman and are the ones I want on my team.

Timing on the deuce block on this OZ from a pistol set. Stays tight to the LG as they work to the OLB. Stays on the block while angled off and looking inside at the other LB. As the LB tries to cross over to get the play side. JW disengages and makes the block with great timing

Williams uses good footwork again here with the double tap on his left foot as he keys in on the OLB as he tries to attack the b-gap. Williams sees the OLB coming and drops his anchor and leans in to absorb the contact.

Williams gets blown up on this OZ run from pistol. Because the handoff is delayed Williams can’t attack off of the snap. With his second step he leans into the 4 tech bending at the waist while ducking his head into the block. Which results I him getting push back 2 or so yards.

Williams gets to the second level for a block on the play side LB. Would like to see him come into this block more squared and controlled. LB is able to get away from the block and get in on the tackle.

Good footwork from Williams to stay square as the rusher doesn’t have great burst of the ball and then tries to penetrate the b-gap. Does a good job staying square/framing the rusher. Drops his weight/anchor and keeps the edge tight to his body.

Really good play from Williams here. Deuce block with the LG, who is the post man. Williams comes in low and attacks the hip of the 3 tech which leads to the pancake. Then works his way up to the LB and drives him through the whistle leading to another pancake block.

Last play of the review and a good one to end on. Williams assist the TE on the backside block while attacking the 7 tech low. Then burst up to the 2nd level and aggressively blocks the backside LB.