TOJ New York Jets Film Breakdown – Ohio States Nick Bosa

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Ohio State’s Nick Bosa…

Film Room breakdown on Ohio State’s Nick Bosa. Don’t miss previous articles on Josh Allen and Quinnen Williams…


  • Decent burst
  • Gets hips square quickly while flattening
  • Workable bend
  • Hands
  • Array of pass rush moves including swipe, double swipe, swipe-clubs, rip, bull, spins, chops, wipes, bull rush
  • Will initiate contact
  • Will stack moves
  • Effective in 2,3 and 4 point stances
  • Stop/start ability
  • Hand placement
  • Cod speed
  • Links hands and feet
  • Flexibility
  • Can anchor in run game vs OT’s
  • Lateral agility
  • Awareness/IQ
  • Pad level
  • Can win inside and outside
  • Shortens his arc with power
  • Fluid hips
  • Not much recoil in first step


  • Can get locked up once he is engaged
  • Hands could be cleaner/more consistent
  • Let’s o-lineman get into chest too often
  • Loses balance
  • Would like to see more variety of rush moves used more frequently
  • Average burst
  • Times where I would like to see motor run more hot
  • Will struggle vs OT’s with strong technique/hands
  • Needs more control of body
  • Length

Overall prospect- #2

Best fit- 3-4 OLB (can have hand it dirt as DE in 4 man front)

Bosa lined up as a 9 tech (bottom) shows solid burst off of the snap. Uses a double swipe to deflect the LT’s hands (only connects left vs right) and then flips his hips to get his hips square to the QB. Shows some good bend/balance as he flattens.

Bosa lined up as a 6i tech (bottom) attacks the inside of the TE as the LB will fill outside. Bosa shows smarts noticing the two pullers (sweep here) and the RB’s track. Bosa feels the TE leaning heavily so he pulls off a tight spin move, great job with left elbow, gets the tackle.

Bosa in a 3 point stance on the bottom edge is unblocked on this inside zone read option. Bosa presses the mesh point, makes sure the RB has the ball and makes an athletic diving tackle.

Bosa on bottom edge in a 3 point stance. Burst upfield with two steps which opens up the LT. On the 2nd step Bosa cuts across the LT’s face punches away the LT’s left hand and attempts a club- arm over. Doesn’t land but uses extension to keep away and gets the PD.

Bosa again on the bottom edge in a 3 point stance. Bosa attacks straight upfield and then gives a stab off of his left foot + head fake which gets the LT too shot/hesitate slightly. Bosa goes for the double swipe and only partially connects but uses his athleticism to get around.

Bosa again on the edge vs the LT. Bosa shows good burst (not elite) and takes a more direct angle at the LT but then slightly alters it to widen gap and stay safe from punch while using a double swipe. Then flips hips/flattens for the near sack.

Bosa (5 tech in a 3 point stance up top). Comes off the ball and lets the LT get into his chest on the jump set (could have been cleaner here) but Bosa’s strength comes into play with the club and then to clear himself. Then gets the sack on the QB.

Bosa rushes off the edge against the LT altering his path as the TE leans in for a chip. The LT is able to catch Bosa in the chest with his left arm. Bosa has good hand placement attacking the elbows to clear it. See some of the limitations with bend here, still gets the sack.

Bosa is lined up as a 5 tech (bottom) in this 4-3 under. Comes off the ball at the LT with good leverage, hand placement and extension. Then uses a push-pull to disengage and penetrate the b-gap. Regains his balance quickly after falling and gets in on the run stuff.

Bosa (9 tech in 3 point stance on bottom) pushes upfield off the snap and then crosses the LT face but is met by the LG. Bosa drops his hips and gets good leverage on the LG bull rushing him back into the QB’s lap, who just gets rid of the ball.

Bosa (5 tech in 3 point) rushes directly at the LT with his first step but with his second step changes his angle. One of Bosa weaknesses shows up here though, as his double swipe/chop doesn’t land. Bosa is then off balance and ends up on the ground.

Bosa’s (5 tech in a 3 point stance on top edge) strengths and weaknesses show up on this play. The first step is good but not great and doesn’t show great bend around the edge but good enough. Bosa slips (see this more then you want to) but is able to regain his balance/get hit

Bosa (4 point on bottom edge) sets up his angles well to get by OT’s. Here rushes at the RT to give himself a softer edge. As he closes ground he burst outside with a double swipe. He doesn’t take the best angle to the QB though giving him an escape route.

Bosa (6i tech up top in 3 point stance) comes off the ball and drops his shoulder into the TE giving him a slight re-route. Bosa then squares up with the LT and uses a double swipe to get past him. Solid bend and lean to get around the LT and to the QB for the sack.

Bosa (top edge in another 3 point) gets out of his stance fast and gets upfield. The LT shoots his right arm and Bosa wipes it away with his left. He then dips his shoulder and shows some good bend and strength though contact to get the pressure on the QB.

Bosa (3 point on bottom) rushes on a wide arc which gets the LT to open up. When the LT opens up, Bosa plants hard and attacks inside. Uses a swipe with his left hand and gets his right hand on the chest of the LT to push off. Shows some nice bend in pursuit.

Bosa (5 tech in 3 point up top). Bosa rushes at the RT, gives him a hesitation/stab/head fake inside which gets the RT to shoot. When the RT does shoot Bosa uses a double swipe into a rip to get by with some good bend, nearly getting a sack.

Bosa (on left edge) rushes upfield, gives the LT a head fake and stab inside to get him to shoot his hands. The LT shoots and again Bosa uses a double swipe to get by. Good job dipping the shoulder and getting his hips around/flattening. Forces the incompletion.

Bosa (5 tech in 3 point up top) rushes at the RT. Gets both hands on and then throws a rip as he flattens. QB drifts and steps up before Bosa can get there but still and effective move.

Bosa rushes off of the bottom edge. Beats the RT badly as the RT has terrible technique coming with wide and weak hands. Bosa crosses his face with a swipe-club. Losses balance and then crawls to the RB getting a arm on which throws the RB off balance.

Bosa (9 tech in 3 point on bottom) rushes wide. As the LT opens up, Bosa takes advantage of the stretched out b-gap with a hard plant outside with his right foot. Then uses a double swipe and a rip to keep his chest clean as he gets his hand in the face of the QB.