TOJ New York Jets Film Breakdown – Alabama’s Quinnen Williams

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Alabama DL Quinnen Williams

The film breakdown of Alabama’s Quinnen Williams… 


  • Hand placement
  • Shoots hands with tight elbows
  • Lateral quickness
  • Dips and reduces through gaps
  • COD ability
  • Powerful hands
  • Strength to work through partial blocks while penetrating
  • Can use both light and heavy stances
  • Awareness
  • Play recognition
  • Instincts
  • Just as successful 2 gapping as 1 gapping
  • Array of pass rush moves from forklifts,humps, swipes, double swipes, clubs, arm overs, club- arm overs, bull, swipe-rips, chop-rips, bull jerks, push-pulls, ice picks
  • Disciplined eyes
  • Plays with eyes up
  • Patient
  • Maintains gap well
  • Very aware of space he has to work with
  • Will stack multiple moves
  • Has mastered technique, hands and body control while rushing the passer
  • Accurate hands
  • Consistently showed ability to counter
  • Constantly beat double teams
  • Have seen snaps of him using both hands against two different defenders at the same time
  • Motor
  • Links hands and feet
  • Play linear
  • Anchor
  • Uses extension well
  • Explodes off line
  • Top end speed to chase runners down
  • Bend for size
  • Flexibility
  • Plays low
  • Plays with good base
  • Strong lower and upper body
  • Very athletic for size


  • Would like to see more consistency in run game vs double teams
  • Can see him lose his balance due to playing high at times
  • Needs to drive feet more vs combos when able to do so
  • Will he be as effective when playing more snaps in NFL? (alabama had deep rotation)
  • In clustered situations would like to see more bull rush
  • Plays high while not engaged at times
  • Would like to see more aggression, “denting post” vs combos in run game
  • Lacks elite length

Williams (1 tech) gets off the snap quickly attacking the LG with good hand placement and keep his body linear. Shows power through extension as he reads the RB. RB cuts back and Williams easily sheds using push-pull to get the run stuff.

Williams (3 tech) in a light 3 point stance (weight on balls off feet instead of hand) which allows him to read and react. Off the snap the LG throws out his left punch which Williams beats the a club arm over. The LT gets him in a vulnerable spot but Q beats him with a arm over.

Williams again takes another passive step off the snap to read. The center lands his right hand on Q but Q controls to arm with his left hand on his elbow and then gets his right hand onto his chest which comes free as he pushes the a-gap. QB scrambles, Q uses strength/arm over.

Williams loops on this TT stunt. As he loops and the LG tries to get his hands on Q uses a club-rip to clear him. The RB comes to help but Q tosses him aside, while he has his eyes up. The QB scrambles, Q moves the LG with his left arm then pushes off with his right for the sack.

Williams slanted 0/1 tech. Williams in his soft stance (benefit of this) notices the o-line in a slides left in their gap protection call. Q shoots through the b-gap with a swipe (doesn’t land because the LG doesn’t shoot) then uses an arm over. Get through but RG kicks his foot.

Williams is absurd. Here is a 3 tech uses another soft stance which lets him read blocks/react. LG shoots his right and Williams uses swipe-arm over. The OC steps up, Q uses a double swipe into an arm over. Power to penetrate through contact then gets the sack. Links hands/feet.

Williams 1/2i tech presses off the snap but needs to loop around on this ET stunt. Q uses a club-arm over to get past the LG. Notice how after Q’s body is high with the arm over but as he lands it he immediately drops his weight, really throwing the LG off. QB gets rid of ball.

Important to see counters while evaluating. Williams is the bottom 4/5 tech and tries to penetrate through the the a-gap as there is gap exchange. The RG gets his hands on Q, Q leans his shoulder into him throwing off his base and then throws a spin move.

Louisville runs a one back power. Q is the 1 tech on the backside, the LG pulls from in front of him. Q reads this an penetrates the unoccupied area. The center tries to get into his hip, Q throws a rip and shows bend/flexility to turn through contact and get the tackle.

Williams is lined up as a 1 tech in a soft 3 point stance. As the OC drifts to his right Williams sees an opening through the a-gap. Q attacks “half a man” and throws a club-rip to get to the QB.

Williams is the 0 tech. Louisville blows a blocking assignment because leaving Q unblocked on the interior of the line is never the best idea.

Williams (1 tech) uses an arm over to get past the LG’s “drag hand” and bulls the center but sees the QB start his throwing motion. Gets into the QB’s throwing lane and gets a pass deflection.

Williams makes it looks too easy on this rep. Lines up as a 1 technique, crosses the centers face with a club-rip and nearly gets the sack on the QB. Isn’t able to finish as his left arm is pinned and he isn’t able to wrap up the QB.

Williams 3 tech (bottom) comes off the ball aggressively with tight elbows at the LT with jolts him. As he is jolted he works his right foot inside with a rip to clear his hips and takes the LT on a ride to RB for the tackle for loss.

Williams lined up as a slanted 1 tech explodes towards the LG and uses a forklift-rip to easily get past. The RB picks up the block which jolts Q back back he is able to shed him. Eventually getting the hit on the QB. Nice effort.

Yea, this is absurd as it gets. Williams is a 0 tech as the ball is snapped he controls the centers drag hand with his right hand while simultaneously throwing club into the arm over from his right hand. Q then shows good bend through contact to get the QB hit.

Williams is lined up as a slanted 3 tech burst towards the RG off the ball and gives him a bull-jerk-arm over literally bringing the RG to his knees. Then getting a big hit on the QB as he gets rid of it.

Williams lined up at 0 tech feels the combo block coming so he attacks the RG with good hands, tight elbows and rolls his hips. Q then fights to get into the a-gap but doesn’t see the RB there. Fights to get his body back into the b-gap and makes the tackle.

Williams lined up as a 3 tech (bottom) again in a light stance doesn’t burst towards the LG, reading what he will do. The LG shoots his left hand and Q counters with a powerful club- arm over. Shows some nice bend but just misses the QB.

Funny to hear some people say that Williams “isn’t a great athlete”. Williams explodes through the a-gap with an arm over to avoid the LG’s block as is through the line before you can blink. QB scrambles up the middle.

Williams destroys the center on this play. Williams (1 tech) in another light 3 point stance takes a lateral step instead of busting upfield to read the block. Quickly throws a club-arm over as the center shoots his hands where Q was. Then chases down the RB for the tackle.

Williams BLOWS up this run on 3rd and 1. Q is lined up as a 1 tech, comes off the ball low, linear, tight hands, rolls his hips and POWER to stand up the center. Then uses an arm over to clear himself and makes the tackle 3/4 yards behind the LOS.

Williams is lined up as a 3 tech (up top) again beat a center with a club-arm over paired with a lateral step to get into the backfield and get the tackle for loss on the RB.

Williams is lined up as a slanted one tech and attempts to penetrate the a-gap. The LG catches Q and stands him up. Q counters with a hump move into a arm-over and chases down the RB for the tackle. Good speed and power shown on this snap.

Williams in lined up as a 2 technique. The ball is snapped and Q throws stutter steps to read what line/RG. Q sees that the RG’s hips are angled off outside and there is a big hole in the a-gap. Q hits him with club-rip and gets the sack on the QB.

Williams lines up as 2 technique. Comes off the ball low, linear, with tight elbows and good hand placement. As the RB’s track is away from him Q stacks with his right arm extended and hips angled off. As the RB goes to cut through the a gap, Q drops his hips and rips through.

Williams lines up at 0 tech. As the ball is snapped Q moves laterally to attack the RG as there is a blitz up the middle. Q tries to land a club- arm over but it doesn’t land as the RG gets his right hand on the shoulder. Q counters with a chop and gets to the QB.

Williams is lined up as a slanted 0 tech. He back doors this inside/tight zone with good lateral agility and a club-arm over. Then chases the RB down for a tackle for loss.

Williams is lined up as a 1 tech on the backside of this counter of run. Williams comes off of the ball low against the center as he down blocks. Q gets his hands tight, drops his weight and reads the RB. The RB cuts his way, Q keeps his right arm free, pulls with his left, gets the tackle.

Williams is lined up at 3 tech. Typically see him coming out of his “light stance” ready to react to the lineman punch. The LG punches here and Q uses another powerful club-arm over. Can see that the “arm over” portion of the move knocks off the LG helmet off.

Williams (1-tech) is in a one gapping role on this snap. Williams plays low, drops his shoulder to take on the RG and rip through. Shows power to fight through a combo and finds the RB for a TKFL.

Last play of the Williams review. Here lines up as a 0 tech uses a lateral step off off the snap, gets his hands up quickly and inside. Then uses extension to stack and then sheds easily when the RB gets near for the tackle.