NFL Draft 2019 – Players to Watch from Jets Private Meetings

Clayton Smarslok with what players to watch from the New York Jets private visits from prospects

Draft season is a long process, too long if you ask me. However, it gives each team more than enough time to not have any last second questions about their final board. For everything that is put into the film, the stuff you get from players of the field can be just as important. Draft Twitter isn’t able to get as good of a grasp on that without inside information, but these teams are able to get what they need to know from their individual meetings with the players.

Every year, each team has an abundance of ways to meet or get information from players from time during the season, as well as postseason events, such as; the Senior Bowl, the East-West Shrine Game, the Combine, Pro Days but teams can also set up private meetings at their headquarters. There are no more than 30 meetings allowed per team and luckily for the Jets, they practically get free ones this year with Rashan Gary and Josh Allen because there are both New Jersey native, which ultimately counts as a local visit. Unfortunately, these teams cannot to on-field workouts in these private meetings but they can do medical checks, classroom work and get to know the person as well as the player.

Here are the names that the internet has said that have officially visited with the team:

HB David Montgomery, Iowa State

OL Yodny Cajuste, West Virginia

OL Elgton Jenkins, Mississippi State

OL Erik McCoy, Texas A&M

OL Jonah Williams, Alabama

WR Jalen Hurd, Baylor

WR Diontae Johnson, Toledo

WR Terry McLaurin, Ohio State

IDL Rashan Gary, Michigan

IDL Albert Huggins, Clemson

IDL Ed Oliver, Houston

IDL Immanuel Turner, LA Tech

IDL Quinnen Williams, Alabama

EDGE Josh Allen, Kentucky

EDGE Nick Bosa, Ohio State (Cancelled)

EDGE Shareef Miller, Penn State

CB Sean Bunting, Central Michigan

CB Justin Layne, Michigan State

CB Amani Oruwariye, Penn State

DB Ugo Amadi, Oregon

S Jonathan Abram, Mississippi State

Let’s get this straight, this does not mean that every one of their draft selections are going to be players from this list. In fact, many of these 20 players will probably go in the first two rounds, meaning it is more likely the Jets walk away with only one of these players, if any at all.

Even with that being the case, it makes you think where the team is looking at in the last couple weeks before the draft. For instance, I find it interesting how few of the visits are on the offensive side and how many of the visitors play on the interior defensive line, considering that position group has more depth than any other on the current roster.

Trying to stay away from projected first rounders and others that I have already raved about in the past like Erik McCoy and Terry McLaurin, here are some of the other names we should be keeping an eye on for possibly the second round and later.

WR Jalen Hurd, Baylor

You may remember this name from a couple years back. The former five star Athlete once played running back for Tennessee and actually did it for three years, keeping Alvin Kamara off the field. He then made the transfer to Baylor after wanting to make the position change and he had a great first year at the position.

Hurd has great athleticism and tremendous size and utilizes those to his advantage. While he has some intriguing traits, he also has some parts of his game he’ll have to improve on, being new to the position and all. Expanding not only his route tree but also his knowledge in how to run these routes. With this needing some improvement, Hurd may not be an instant impact player in year one but as a potential early day three pick, if he develops the way many believe he could, I could see him having a ceiling of what Terrelle Pryor did in Cleveland.

What this meeting may be about more than anything else though is his past involving Tennessee and the knee injury that kept him out of the Senior Bowl and Combine. From the outside it looked as if he just quit on his team in 2016, literally leaving them in the middle of the season. Maybe there were some deeper reasons for that but there will be questions he will have to answer. As for the injury, they will probably just want their own doctors to check him out to see if this will be an immediate and/or future concern. If management is interested in the player, it is possible to see Hurd as their pick in the fourth round at the earliest.

EDGE Shareef Miller, Penn State

Miller is not one that won’t get a lot of love and quite honestly, he shouldn’t. After watching him, there are a lot of concerns to his game. He plays too tall, has no elite traits, little to no counter moves and has very inactive hands. So why am I putting him in this piece? Well because he provides a little bit of versatility. At 6’4 254 pounds, he has a good build to be a down lineman in a 4-3 and has been used in space enough to see snaps as a 3-4 outside linebacker as well. While there is not much that stands out to his game, he does have some burst off the snap, decent athleticism, provides some push back against the run and plays with a motor.

With all of this being said, he should not be looked at until that late sixth round pick they got in the Osemele trade, at the earliest. The team has made no new acquisitions to the position so they may be looking at someone like Miller for some late day three depth and possibly push someone like Copeland for snaps, unless of course they draft a Bosa or Allen or Burns earlier on. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of upside in my mind but there are some respected evaluators out there like Lance Zierlein from that have some some more positive thoughts on Miller as a prospect.

CB Sean Bunting, Central Michigan

Neither Sean Bunting or Central Michigan are very big names but Bunting is an intriguing player. He doesn’t get to play on national television like other top corners and doesn’t go up against the top talent like he would if he played in a Power 5 conference but he has parts of his game that could translate to the next level. Bunting is a lengthy corner standing around 6’1 200 with about 32 inch arms but he isn’t the physical type you would expect out of someone on the bigger end. He will struggle with physical receivers often getting pushed around, whether it be at the line of scrimmage or being blocked on running plays. His footwork needs some work as he could get off balance at times and could also be a little choppy. What does stand out is his testing results. At his size, he was one of the faster defensive backs running a 4.42 40 yard dash, showing he has more than enough recovery speed when needed. His size and athleticism will get him looks pretty early on.

At the next level it would benefit him if he could go to a defense that runs more zone than man, preferably cover 3. He has quick hips and shows flexibility to turn and run, hence the cover 3 fit. Since they aren’t able to go onto the field and try some things out, they could go over technique that would help him in a Gregg Williams defense, which plays more press man. Taking a player like Bunting early on for the Jets wouldn’t be the best value in my mind because of the fit, but if they think they could develop him with his size, athleticism and instincts he would be a great player to take with their pick in the fourth round.