New York Jets NFL Draft Film Review – Josh Allen

Joe Blewett with a film review of Kentucky edge Josh Allen…

Due to time constraints instead of writing articles I will just be posting list of strengths/weaknesses, best fit and overall ranking on board…

Josh Allen – 2018 Florida,Texas A&M, Mississippi St,  Tennesse, Vanderbelt, Missouri, Central Michigan, Georgia, Penn State


  • Versatile as he was used as a rusher, in man coverage on TE’s/RB’s and used in zone
  • Loose hips
  • Bend
  • Ankle Flexibility
  • Overall flexibility
  • Burst
  • Displays different moves from chop, cross chop, hump, long arm, double swipe, push-pull, rip, club-rip
  • Length
  • Carries weight well
  • Connects up and lower body
  • Stop/Start ability
  • Can contort body/get skinny through holes
  • Lateral quickness
  • Played 2/3/4 point stances
  • Aggressive hands
  • Works to get off blocks
  • Upper body power
  • Athleticism
  • Can reroute
  • Stride length
  • First step explosion
  • COD skill
  • Stays square in coverage and gets hands on


  • Lower body strength
  • Can see him playing high in the run game
  • Needs to take on blocks more aggressively
  • Needs to know when to stack blocks
  • Needs to develop speed to power, overall counters and spin move/long arm
  • Slight recoil getting out of stance
  • Can see him gear down while countering
  • Lack of strength in hands at times
  • Takes bad angles
  • Inconsistent tackling form
  • Over-sets LOS at times allowing a bigger rushing lane for RB’s
  • Want to see more consistently accurate hands
  • Have seen him blocked by TE’s in run game
  • Inconsistent containment of edge

Best Fit- 3-4 OLB

Overall on board- #3

Allen shows his explosion from a 2 point stance. The LT opens up to counter the speed which makes Allen’s job easier as he has less power to work through. Allen uses the chop to clear the outside arm. QUICKLY flattens his angle to the QB with burst, bend, ankle flexibility.

Allen (bottom) is a 9 tech in a 2 point stance. Uses the “long arm” to get the hit on the QB. Good hand placement into the chest of the LT and leans into it creating power taking the LT on a ride to the QB.

Allen is again a 2 point 9 tech. Shows that burst off of the line, then uses a double swipe into a rip to get to the QB (throws it early). Really impressive as he gets to the QB’s depth + past the RT how he drops his hips, shows great bend and strength while bending.

Allen again shows the burst from a 2 point stance. Uses a double chop to the outside arm of the LT. Attempts to wipe the right arm off of his shoulder which is partly successful. Then shows great bend and power to bend the arc through contact.

Similar to the last play. Allen 2 point 9 tech burst off the ball and uses a chop to clear the LT’s outside arm. Then Allen lessens his should to give a smaller area for the OT to reset his hands and bends the arc nicely with a wipe to keep the LT’s hand off.

An overlooked trait that Allen posses that the other top edge rushers in this class don’t. Which is his ability and experience in multiples zones and man coverage. Here he is in man on the TE, gets hands on and eyes stay on. Gets in position to get a pass deflection downfield.

Allen starts off as a stand up 5 technique but penetrates the b-gap. As the does so he lessens his right shoulder to get away from the block of the LT then again lessens his body to avoid the OC/give less area to punch and gets a hit on the QB. Good torso mobility.

Allen (top of screen on edge) drops back into his zone. The QB hits the RB on the screen. Allen closes distance but the LT is coming head on so Allen puts the breaks on, gets hands on first and absorbs the blow. Left hand goes on right wrist and then right hand swipes away.

Allen (top) 6 tech over the TE. Get elbows tight and good hand placement vs the TE and then jerks him to the ground. Two more blocks come his way so he doesn’t make the tackle but I do like the effort to spin off of the block at the end.

Allen (bottom) 9 tech covers a lot of ground with his first step and shows good overall speed while getting past the LT. LT holds Allen not allowing him to get to the QB. Should have been flagged for a hold.

Another hold on Allen. First step explosion, speed, bend, power through contact on this rep but he is held again. Rip move is thrown as he flattens his angle to the QB and the RT then goes into full panic mode.

Allen drops back into his zone (top of screen) and works to reroute the drag which throws off the depth of his drag route. Which screws up the timing of this mesh-sit concept. Allen also sees the drag from the opposite side of the field and jumps down on that for the PD. Good rep

Allen (top of screen showing man coverage on the slot but they are capping him. Allen burst off the snap at a strong angle to the QB. As the LT goes to shoot his hands Allen takes a wider angle causing the LT to miss. Allen slips as he is bending.

Allen is again in a two point stance (bottom) shows speed around the edge but also shows some good hands. The LT opens his hips responding to Allen’s speed which gives Allen a more direct angle to the QB. Allen uses his left hand on the left elbow to control. Needs to finish this


LT has no shot on this play. Allen in another 2 point stance initially and takes a more direct angle to the QB but on his 2nd step widens his arc. The LT is turned around before he shoots his hands. Allen uses a cross chop and then shows his bend to flatten and get the sack.

Allen (again 2 point on bottom edge) hesitates off the line as he is reading the play + there is a gap exchange. The LT doesn’t play this well but Allen does a great job of exploding through the b-gap, reducing his body and throwing a rip to get the run stuff.

Allen in a 2 point stance on the edge (right side) beats the LT with extension with his left arm getting on the LT’s chest. Allen then chops the LT’s left arm with his right, next step he throws the rip and then bends, again linking hands + feet. LT should have been flagged.

Allen again rushes from a 2 point stance. Gets his left arm into the LT’s chest and throws the rip as he bends the corner and draws a holding pen on the LT. Would like to see more proactive hands vs the LT left arm and control the elbow instead of the wrist. Still a good snap.

Allen in a 2 point stance yet again (right side) loads up like a spring and explodes off the snap. The LT doesn’t have the speed to keep his hips square, Allen uses a cross chop and bends the edge to get the sack/fumble. Typically see Allen playing the ball/arm trying to get a FF.

Just showing some of the versatility in Allen’s game and how he was used at Kentucky. The outside CB shows press/man vs the WR but Allen slides over and re-routes as the CB bails. Allen then drops into the flat.

Allen is just an explosive dude. Here on the top in a 2 point stance gets the re-route on the TE. Allen then uses a cross chop as he penetrates the b-gap. Then gets skinny/hops to get through the b-gap as the LG comes to assist. Chases down the QB and forces a fumble.

Allen is in a 2-point as a 6 tech (top of screen). Allen rushes the RT, using a double swipe (could have landed cleaner) into a rip. Shows some great bend and power while flattening his angle to the QB. Length comes into play as Allen bats the ball away for another FF.

This is never going to work against Allen on the backside. Missouri runs counter trey and leaves Allen unblocked on the backside of the play giving him a direct angle to the RB. Allen takes that angle and picks up another run stuff.

And yet again Allen is left unblocked on the backside at the LT pulls. Allen sees the puller and attacks downhill at the mesh-point getting a BIG hit for a tackle for loss.

Allen on left edge in a 2 point stance again shows burst/speed. The LT shoots his right arm and Allen swipes it with his right arm and then chops down with his left to clear anything that may shoot. Shows great bend and speed through that bend to get to the QB.

Allen on left edge in a 2 point stance again shows burst/speed. The LT shoots his right arm and Allen swipes it with his right arm and then chops down with his left to clear anything that may shoot. Shows great bend and speed through that bend to get to the QB.

Allen- 2-point 7 tech up top. Would like to see him stack the TE here having more ability to play both the C/D gap and not just the D gap. Beyond that you see the strength and athleticism using the swim to get past the TE and get in on the tackle on the RB.

Allen drops back into his zone from the top edge (looks like cover 3 robber). Allen notices the RB break out past the right tackle. Takes too high of an angle and misses the tackle. This is an area he could improve on. He needs to break down and use lateral agility here.

Another example of some good coverage from Allen. Who drops back into his curl to flat. Gets his hands on his the slot WR and keeps his hips square. Keeps his hands on maintaining contact and he reads the QB (would like to see him tighter here though).

Allen rushes from a 2 point stance as a 9 tech. As he goes to turn the corner the RT opens his hips and leans on Allen to force him up the arc. Allen feels/knowns that this is coming. He hooks his right arm into the RT and uses the hump move. Nearly getting to the QB.


Good rush from Allen here (bottom edge in 2 point). Rushes straight at the RT initiating contact with good hands placement and smoothly steps through with his right foot clearing his hips and throwing the rip.

Georgia trying to block Allen with a RB which as you can see doesn’t work out well. Allen lower his head and blows past the RB to get the run stuff.

Allen 2 point stance as a 6 tech. Needs to be more aggressive here setting the edge. Is passive off of the snap and then doesn’t work to contain the edge. This is one of the areas he will need to improve at the next level.

See some of Allen’s explosion on this play. The Penn State offensive line blows an assignment and Allen rushes free (needs to take better angle). The QB avoids him but Allen is able to put on the brakes and get the sack.

Kentucky runs a TE stunt. Allen ends up 1v1 with the center as the 3 tech occupies the LG/LT. Allen is heading straight for the OC, gives him a stutter step and then uses a pull-club to get by him for the sack.

Another sack for Allen vs Penn St. Allen (top) 2-point 9 tech shows some speed up the arc which makes the LT open his hips to try to push Allen up the arc. Allen uses another cross chop to clear the arm and bends the edge for the sack.

Last play of the Allen review. Allen (up top) as a 9 tech in a 2 point. Initially rushes outside of the LT then crosses his face using a cross chop. Lessening his body and works through contact to get the hit on the QB. Good to see him win late in the season with different moves.