New York Jets – Day Before NFL Draft Mock Draft Roundup

Stephen Russo rounds up all the day before NFL Draft mock picks for the New York Jets

Is Arizona drafting Kyler Murray number one overall? Does San Francisco truly value Quinnen Williams over Nick Bosa? Is the smoke around the Jets and Ed Oliver real? We have reached that time of year (which is pretty much year-round at this point) where you can’t believe a single word from any “source” regarding what will happen on Thursday night in Nashville at the 2019 NFL Draft. The rumor mill is in full swing. Smoke screens are everywhere. Per Matt Miller of Bleacher Report, who tweeted out that his trusted source said “No one f**king knows anything right now. It’s going to be an interesting Thursday night.”

Simply put: Trust. No. One.

Jets fans all remember in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft that Sam Darnold was a lock to go number one overall to Cleveland. It wasn’t until the morning of the draft that the Baker Mayfield buzz began flying around, and we all know how that story goes. Either way, the Jets, even after a very active 2019 offseason, still have plenty of holes to fill, most notably: Edge Rusher, Center, and Cornerback. The questions around the Jets at the third pick continue to circulate. Will Mike Maccagnan pick like his job is on the line or will he stick to his usual “Best Player Available” mantra? Will another team get antsy enough about a quarterback to move up and allow Maccagnan to recoup some draft capital?

While we only have to wait another day, and we know that these rumors and mocks mean nothing, yet they are still fun to look at. So, below I round up some of the experts most recent mock drafts and who they have the Jets taking at #3 overall:

• Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network – Ed Oliver, DT, Houston
• Charles Davis, NFL Network – Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama
• Rhett Lewis, NFL Network – Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama
• Mel Kiper, ESPN – Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky
• Todd McShay, ESPN – Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky
• Pete Prisco, CBS Sports – Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky
• Chris Trapasso, CBS Sports – Ed Oliver, DT, Houston
• Albert Breer, – Ed Oliver, DT, Houston
• Dan Kadar, SB Nation – Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky
• Brent Sobleski, Bleacher Report – Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky
• Joe Caporoso, TOJ – Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky
• Clayton Smarslok, TOJ via Jets Twitter Poll – Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky

While this is far from the Jets being in a “can’t lose” scenario, it would be difficult to be upset with any of the three picks made above. Quinnen Williams is a superior talent, it would just be questionable for the Jets to draft interior defensive line yet again. Ed Oliver is a riskier move, but his versatility on the line is intriguing and his ceiling is tremendously high. Could he be the next Aaron Donald? Josh Allen is a freakish athlete who recorded 17 sacks in his senior season and shows serious coverage skills as well. Could he finally be the answer at Edge the Jets have been looking for since John Abraham?

There are so many “what-if” scenarios and ripple effects that can affect the Jets at the third pick. And while this is an important pick, as they all are, Jets fans should sit back, relax, and enjoy whatever comes our way on Thursday night. And take solace in the fact that at least they don’t have to draft a Quarterback this year…