New York Jets 7 Round Mock Draft – #JetsTwitter Edition

Clayton Smarslok polled #JetsTwitter for a 7 round mock draft for the New York Jets

As a whole, the TOJ crew have done quite a few mock drafts throughout the course of draft season. However, nothing ever seems to be the “correct” version according to Jets Twitter. So here I am, a man of the people, giving you guys what you want. Using the draft simulator from The Draft Network, I took the four players I would consider or thought the Jets would for each pick and threw them on a poll on my Twitter feed for you all to answer. This isn’t necessarily how I would have answered for each pick so you should not get mad at me if you don’t agree, I still fully intend on it.

Round 1 Pick 3

EDGE Josh Allen, Kentucky (56% of Votes)

Yes, the selection most Jets fans are clamouring for. For months now it has been between Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen for the most part, with a little sprinkling of Nick Bosa in there but in this scenario, he was not available. As you can see, more than half of the votes went towards Josh Allen. While it’s hard to be disappointed with the team taking a very good prospect at a position of need, it would still hurt knowing that they had a chance to select Quinnen Williams (my top prospect) and let him by.

Josh Allen would ideally fill the role that they had planned for Anthony Barr before he spurned the Jets to go back to Minnesota. Allen has experience playing as both an off ball linebacker and a rushing linebacker. Since they would be playing a 3-4 more often than not, that makes him a perfect fit for the defense. They can line him up opposite of Jordan Jenkins while also taking attention away from Leonard Williams and Henry Anderson.

The pros of taking Allen is that he is a Grade A character that will be loved in the locker room. On top of that, he has shown the ability to improve his game in a short time. He could have entered the draft last year and been a fringe first round player, mainly as an off ball linebacker. However, this past season showed us what kind of player he could really become. Allen had more sacks and tackles for loss in his last season than his first three seasons combined. By taking Allen, you should instantly see him become the Jets best edge rusher since 2009-2010 Calvin Pace and not so long after that, John Abraham. So while you won’t see too much excitement from me with this pick, you also won’t see anger like there would be for some other possibilities.

Round 3 Pick 4

C Elgton Jenkins, Mississippi State (55% of Votes)

This one was would be a shocker to me only because of how high Jachai Polite was just a couple months ago. But with the selection of Josh Allen, Polite’s postseason downfall and the dire need the Jets have at the center position, it makes much more sense.

Jenkins would be an interesting selection for a couple different reasons. First off, what kind of blocking scheme does this offense plan to run? We are all assuming it would be an outside zone because of what Gase did in Miami but with the trade for Kelechi Osemele, you start to wonder if they want to go a little more man. That’s the kind of blocking scheme that would benefit Jenkins as he is more of a downhill type blocker than a guy that should be moving laterally, which is what a zone concept requires. So yes, drafting a center fills a hole on the roster, but I’m curious to see if they look elsewhere because his abilities don’t entirely matchup with what the expectation is for the offense. If they feel he can move more than expected, then there should be zero complaints about this selection.

Round 3 Pick 29

TE Dawson Knox, Ole Miss (49% of Votes)

For all of you that have been so against drafting a tight end, you sure did take one pretty early. Also considering how Knox has not scored a touchdown since high school, this was even more surprising to see. With that being said, it would be hard not to love this pick for the Jets. No, Knox did not have the production you would prefer to see but with stats, you need context.

The Ole Miss offense was riddled with NFL talent, DK Metcalf, AJ Brown and DeMarkus Lodge all being potentially day one and day two picks. When you have four quality players it’s going to be difficult to spread the ball around. What makes it harder is when your star tight end runs four to five different routes the entire season. The offensive play callers for Ole Miss showed no diversity which meant defenders could literally guess and have a 20-25% chance of guessing his route correctly.

He would be a great complement to Chris Herndon as they could both really do it all. Knox can line up in line, the backfield or slot and be comfortable, whether it be blocking for the quarterback/running back or going out for a pass. He’s a fluid athlete that has some speed to get down field and could get some quality yards after catch if set up for it. Having another security blanket for Darnold would be huge especially when you consider the state of the offensive line.

Round 4 Pick 3

OT Chuma Edoga, USC (43% of Votes)

Speaking of the offensive line, it looks like you all want it to be a focal point of the draft. That notion is hard to disagree with considering both tackles are in contract years, there’s no center and right guard could be available if Brian Winters can’t stay healthy. So here the Jets are with hopefully could be their tackle of the future.

Edoga has experience playing both tackle positions but would not say he’s better at one than the other. He’s going to be a developmental player that has some potential of being a solid starter at the next level. His size and arm length is what you want out of the position but there are going to be things that could cause him to fail. Without adding more functional strength, he will get bullied early and often by these NFL linemen. While he has good hands, his striking placement can be off too often, which allows the defender to continue moving forward. His mobility means that he could likely fit in a zone concept but with need some more coaching up on how to do it correctly east and west.

Off the bat, Edoga won’t be a starter and could possibly only see the field if Qvale gets hurt while in place of a starter. Too often do we see NFL developmental lineman with great traits and athleticism but no strength fail in the league. If he is able to add some strength and keep his mobility, we might have something on our hands.

Round 6 Pick 23

WR Hunter Renfrow, Clemson (71% of Votes)

This felt like it was too easy of a vote. This was by far the largest margin of victory of all of the votes. Renfrow leaves school after what feels like seven years after being a fan favorite at Clemson. He’s been through multiple championship games, winning two of them and actually being the game winner in the first.

The Jets do have some names at receiver but if last year told us anything, it’s that you can never have enough depth. Renfrow is who you think of when you say prototypical slot receiver. That’s his game and he’s damn good at it. He’ll never be the fastest, the strongest or the most athletic but he knows how to win. His quickness in his breaks, IQ of how to bait defenders and awareness of his surroundings will undoubtedly get him on the field early, not to mention having great hands despite having the smallest hands in the draft (7 ⅞ inches for those of you asking). Renfrow can provide great depth as the next slot guy behind Jamison Crowder and really help Darnold when one of the receivers inevitably gets injured.

Round 7 Pick 3

EDGE Austin Bryant, Clemson (41% of Votes)

The second of two Clemson players on this list. For their final pick I was a little disappointed because you all had the option of taking cornerback Jimmy Moreland but I guess the small school attached to his name just didn’t ring any bells, whereas Clemson is just about as big as it gets.

Bryant was a starter on an amazing defensive line but was easily the worst of the bunch, as the other three could easily go in the top 50 picks. Bryant won’t provide much to the team rather than just depth, likely fighting with Frankie Luvu for a roster spot. He’s a decent athlete that could possibly play in space but as a run defender and pass rusher, there’s a lot to be desired. As a four year player and someone that doesn’t have any stand out traits, it would have been nice to go with someone younger or more upside and this could definitely be a wasted pick by the time preseason ends.

  • 1.3: Josh Allen
  • 3.4: Elgton Jenkins
  • 3.29: Dawson Knox
  • 4.3: Chuma Edoga
  • 6.23: Hunter Renfrow
  • 7.3: Austin Bryant

At the end of next weekend, this is the Jets draft that most of you want to see before trades. If the draft fell this way, it would be hard to be too disappointed. Grabbing Quinnen Williams or Nick Bosa would be ideal if they don’t trade down but Josh Allen is what seems to be a consensus top seven player, so it could be worse. As for the rest of the class, the Jets got younger on the offensive line, gave Darnold a couple more targets to grow with and while also adding a potential depth piece on the edge. Remember this is your draft, not mine, but if you still want to complain be sure to let me know!