2019 Post Free Agency – 2 Round Mock Draft

Clatyon Smarslok with a 2 round, post free agency mock draft

With April just a couple days away and the draft less than a month, it seems like no better time to put out one last two round mock draft. The draft is always a crapshoot and is literally impossible to predict, especially for us folk that don’t have ties with General Managers and scouts. Either way, I still love writing them and I believe you still love to read them because here you are.

The toughest thing about writing a mock draft is mixing up what you would do and what you’re hearing. For instance, I would not draft a quarterback first overall this year but I would be stupid not to put Kyler Murray there because that’s all we’ve been told for the last month-plus. So this will be exactly that, a mix of the two. This time there will be multiple trades and some noticeable names missing. As always, let me know what you think @CSmarsNFLDraft on Twitter!

1.Arizona Cardinals

QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma

As I mentioned above, it seems inevitable at this point that the Cardinals will take Murray with the number one pick just one year after trading up for Josh Rosen in the first round. Murray won’t be put in the greatest of spots with a terrible offensive line and only two young players around him in David Johnson and Christian Kirk. So it is up to Kliff Kingsbury to put his bright offensive mind to work to make sure that they didn’t just give up on Rosen for nothing.


2. San Francisco 49ers

EDGE Nick Bosa, Ohio State

Unfortunately for the Jets, they were not lucky enough for Bosa to fall any further. Bosa will fit the wide nine defense that they like to run a go opposite of Dee Ford. Ford had one very good year but it was a contract year and he has been prone to injuries throughout his career. So no, this trade should not stop them from taking the best player fit possible, especially considering the state of their defensive line as a whole.


3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from New York Jets)

IDL Quinnen Williams, Alabama

SURPRISE! The only way I could do a two round mock was to make sure the Jets were picking in the second round. In this trade, the Bucs gave up the fifth pick, their second rounder and a future three for the third pick, which turns into arguably the best player in the draft. There’s been some noise that they will be looking at Devin White but they move in front of Oakland for the chance to take Gerald McCoy’s eventual successor and current running mate on the defensive line. Bowles will be extremely happy to get a guy at this caliber for his start in Tampa.


4. Oakland Raiders

EDGE Josh Allen, Kentucky

This becomes a very easy selection for the Raiders, in my mind. It’s been well documented in my recent mocks about how bad the Raiders pass rush was last year, only recording 13 sacks as a team. Allen isn’t my top player available at this position, but I do believe this will be where the Raiders look at. He is still a great player (5th on my board), specifically when playing off the ball and he should only get better as a pass rusher. He took the necessary steps to become one of the best defensive players in college football last year, I don’t see why he could continue this trend up.


5. Cincinnati Bengals (from Tampa Bay via New York Jets)

LB Devin White

“Another one” – DJ Khalid. Yes, the Jets make another trade back and this time, it’s not a team moving up for a quarterback. It’s Cincy making the push to get the top linebacker on the board trading the 11th selection as well as their second round pick and a 2020 third rounder, but in addition to getting Devin White here, they also gain Darron Lee. With this trade, Cincy has completely revamped their linebacker group. They let go of Vontaze Burfict and bring in elite athleticism with Lee and White. With those two and Preston Brown, that group becomes one of their stronger ones, especially if Lee plays like he did for a lot of 2018. White brings a lot to the table as a three down backer, being a physical player with great instincts and of course the aforementioned elite athleticism.


6. New York Giants

OT Jawaan Taylor, Florida

The Giants are a hard team to mock. Actually let me correct that, they are a very easy team to mock, just a hard team to guess. Once we get closer we’ll have a better idea but at the moment it could go a bunch of ways; quarterback, offensive line, edge rusher and linebacker are all viable options. So here I went with my top player available and it one hundred percent fills a need. The Giants can do what the Jets did in 2017 when they tried to continue to build their roster for their future quarterback. Gettleman loves Eli for some reason so with Taylor you have a chance to protect him in the short term while also building your offensive line in the long term for Tua, Fromm, Herbert?


7. Jacksonville Jaguars

OL Jonah Williams, Alabama

The Jags made a smart move in moving on from Blake Bortles. The signed Nick Foles to a big contract this offseason and while I am not completely sold on him outside of Philly, they are not looking at quarterback for the time being. With Jonah falling to them, they bring in a guy that can probably play any position on the offensive line and in this case it is likely on the right side of the line. Protect your investment and if you want to get back to what brought you to the AFC Championship game in 2017, Williams will help with the ground and pound too.


8. Detroit Lions

EDGE Montez Sweat, Mississippi State

I like Sweat, I really do, but as a top ten selection, I’m out, which makes this a selection I’m hearing. I think there is some work to be done as a pass rusher but the physical and athletic traits he possesses will make him go pretty high. It’s hard to ignore a 4.41 40 yard dash even though it’s the 10 yard split and the cone drills that are more important times for an edge rusher. I think the only thing standing in his way as a top ten pick would be his heart condition. It’s said not to be too serious and he was obviously cleared for the Senior Bowl and the Combine so I think he’ll be safe of falling too far, if at all. Adding Sweat with Trey Flowers will be a great offseason for Patricia.


9. Buffalo Bills

TE TJ Hockenson, Iowa

The Bills are trying hard to get their young quarterback some help. They signed slot receiver Cole Beasley and speed demon John Brown as two new targets, tight end Tyler Kroft came over from Cincy, they brought in Mitch Morse and Spencer Long to fill two interior line spots and even traded for Antonio Brown, until they didn’t. While I root for Tyler Kroft because he’s a local kid, he isn’t the answer for them. Hockenson comes in as not only the top target for Josh Allen, but a tremendous blocker for when he wants to run the ball. He’s a triple threat at the position and while tight ends don’t normally go this early, the Bills just need to go best offensive player.


10. Denver Broncos

QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State

John Elway and the Broncos are in a position again to take a quarterback. They have failed so far with Brock and Paxton Lynch, and while Haskins isn’t the greatest prospect in my opinion, he’s definitely a lot safer than the other two. They traded for Joe Flacco earlier in the offseason but the rumblings are that they are still in the market for a younger quarterback. The name connected to them is Drew Lock but that’s with the intention that Haskins doesn’t make it that far. Here he is, so the Broncos don’t need to overthink it.


11. New York Jets (from Cincinnati)

EDGE Brian Burns, Florida State

Two trades later and here we are. The Jets have obviously made big moves with Le’Veon, Mosley and Crowder but they still have too many holes to stay at three. Moving twice gives them four extra selections over the next two years, which are definitely needed. They take my second edge rusher in Brian Burns here. I think it would be criminal to see him drop this far but this is very, very realistic. He has experience playing in both two point and three point stances, as well as playing in space, just not very often. They aren’t drafting Burns to play in space though. He is the pass rusher that they desperately need and would be a great compliment to what they already have. He is more of a speed, finesse rusher but we’ll see if he can convert some of that speed to power with the extra 25? pounds he added on this offseason. He should make an instant impact on passing plays but I love what he does against the run too. Often times, the opposing offense would run away from him but that wouldn’t stop him from playing the backside like a mad man. The athleticism looks like it’s here to stay with that extra weight and if his elite bend and counter moves also stay or improve, this could be an absolute steal for the Jets.


12. Green Bay Packers

TE Noah Fant, Iowa

The Packers looked like a new organization this offseason, throwing money at players like never before. They signed two new edge rushers, a new safety from a division rival and now have two first round picks to work with. There were a couple different options but Noah Fant seemed like the best one. This is a pick that I would make for them for a couple different reasons. First, Fant is one of the top players on my board and will immediately help Rodgers as in the passing game. Second, they have a pretty similar player in Jimmy Graham, but he was a shell of himself and won’t get any better as the years go on. Fant will likely fall a little further than this but Green Bay should build the offense for Rodgers while he’s still around.


13. Baltimore Ravens (from Miami)

WR DK Metcalf, Ole Miss

The first non-Jets trade involves the Ravens and Dolphins. The Dolphins are in full tank mode and getting a second rounder next year and a fourth rounder this year allows them to get more ammo for when they go after their quarterback next year. So Baltimore gives that up to give Lamar Jackson some much needed help. They lost a lot of their top weapons and have no legitimate options for Lamar to throw to. You can’t expect him to progress as a passer with what they have at the receiver position so here they are making the move for the freakiest of receivers you will see. Metcalf is coming off a scary neck injury last year but looks more than ready to play after blowing up the combine last month. His large catch radius and athletic skill set is the reasoning for this selection. Lamar isn’t the most accurate quarterback, so giving him someone who will grab the ball that is literally anywhere near him will help Lamar look a lot better.


14. Atlanta Falcons

IDL Ed Oliver, Houston

This seems to be a pick that everyone and their mothers are going to connect. Even though Oliver shouldn’t fall this far, here he is. He’s an athletic freak at his position who plays bigger than everyone thought. He has the ability to play in a bunch of spots on the defensive line but his best fit is for him to go to a team that plays in a 4-3 front and lets him create pressure from the three technique. With Grady Jarrett getting a lot of attention, this should free up some space that Oliver has never seen before. This would be one spot that I would actually love to see.


15. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Washington)

LB Devin Bush, Michigan

With this trade, every team in the AFC North has made a move with their first round picks. The Steelers weren’t in a bad spot at 20 as they could have sat and waited for Bush or a top corner to fall to them but they make the move up to get their guy in Bush. He, just like the other Devin, is an athletic freak. And he, just like Oliver, played bigger than everyone thought. Making him an easy top-20 selection in this draft. After Shazier unfortunately went down a couple years ago, the Steelers have been hurting bad at the linebacker spot. With Bush coming in, they don’t have to worry as much about getting beat in the second level.


16. Carolina Panthers

EDGE Clelin Ferrell, Clemson

Talk about a perfect fit. Ferrell doesn’t get a ton of love but for a team running a 4-3 defense, he will be a guy many teams covet. He’s not an athlete like Burns, Sweat or even Josh Allen, but he does have great length, an alpha dog mentality and plays with great technique. The Panthers love guys with Ferrell’s size and with his tape, this looks like a match made in heaven.


17. New York Giants (from Cleveland)

WR Hakeem Butler, Iowa State

Okay, so as I mentioned with the previous Giants pick, they are tough to guess with. A lot of holes to fill and a lot of players they could easily look at here as well. And because I have them passing on Haskins at six, I am not going to have them take a Lock or Jones 11 picks later. They get their outside receiver to pair with Shepard and Tate after they stupidly traded Beckham away. Butler will cause some controversy because he does have some troubles with drops, but his size/speed combo, large catch radius and the ability to make plenty of highlight reels will be hard for the Giants to pass up. So now if they truly believe Eli will still be good, they shouldn’t have any problems when adding players like Taylor and Butler to the offense.


18. Minnesota Vikings

C Garrett Bradbury, NC State

Just like Jacksonville, Minnesota has to protect their investment. They can’t be paying their quarterback over 30 million a year guaranteed, just to miss the playoffs. The offensive line had a huge say in that and a good way to fix that is to bring in a guy of Bradbury’s caliber. They currently have Elflein playing the center position but he can be moved to guard if needed and in this case, it’s needed. Bradbury’s name has been rising over the last couple months thanks in part to a great Senior Bowl week and great Combine.


19. Houston Texans (from Tennessee)

OT Andre Dillard, Washington State

Deshaun Watson has a chance to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league but that will never happen if they can’t keep him standing in the pocket. In steps Andre Dillard after trading up with a division rival. This trade will benefit both teams, as the Texans get their left tackle of the future and the Titans get an extra third round pick to move back four spots to grab a guy they’ll love themselves.


20. Washington Redskins (from Pittsburgh)

CB Byron Murphy, Washington

Twenty picks in and the first corner comes off the board. They traded away Kendall Fuller last year for Alex Smith and now they don’t have either of them. Murphy is a feisty corner who can play in multiple schemes. He is smaller and doesn’t have the long speed you would like to see out of a corner his size, but he makes up for it with outstanding footwork, great technique and tremendous ball skills. Ideally, his best role would be to play as the nickel back, but if they want him on the outside, I see no problem with it.


21. Seattle Seahawks

S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Florida

The Legion of Boom is officially dead with Earl Thomas signing with the Ravens a couple weeks ago. They have to start over and they do it here with Gardner-Johnson. He’s a versatile defensive back who looks comfortable in many different spots. Whether it’s playing deep, in the box, as a nickel, manning up with a TE or HB, you got it. His tape improved mightily over the last two seasons which should get him into the first round when it’s all said and done.


22. Miami Dolphins (from Baltimore)

DL Rashan Gary, Michigan

After trading back from 13, they are in prime position to grab one of the bigger names of the draft. Rashan Gary will likely go in the top 15 due to traits and what not but his film just doesn’t seem like a top prospect. However, in the twenties, it’s not a bad value pick at all in my mind. With Brian Flores coming from New England, you can expect to see multiple fronts and Gary will thrive with it. His versatility should allow him to move all over the line and Flores will be sure to find his best spot, which be the role that Trey Flowers played for him in New England.


23. Tennessee Titans (from Houston)

IDL Jeffery Simmons, Mississippi State

Ever since I saw the video of Jeffery Simmons beating up that woman, I said I would not be putting him in any of my articles. No, I did not get over what I saw but the connection between the Titans and Simmons is strong. On tape, many say he is a top five player in this draft but with the video and now the torn ACL, he could fall quite a bit. 19 should be his ceiling but the Titans are able to trade back, stay in front of Indy, and take the guy that they covet so badly.


24. Oakland Raiders (from Chicago)

CB Greedy Williams, LSU

The Raiders did not anticipate picking this far back when they decided to trade Khalil Mack or even Amari Cooper, but I’m sure they also didn’t anticipate stealing Antonio Brown from the Steelers for a bag of chips. With that trade and the signing of Tyrell Williams, receiver isn’t as big of a need for Oakland. Instead, they take a corner that they can line up opposite Gareon Conley. Going back over Mayock’s last few big boards, I’d like to think that Greedy will be one of the top names he’ll target with his second pick.


25. Philadelphia Eagles

S Jonathan Abram, Mississippi State

This would have been a prime spot for Joshua Jacobs to go but with the Eagles trading for Jordan Howard on Thursday, I don’t see that happening. Eagles don’t have a ton of absolutely pressing needs and for the needs that they do have, this isn’t the greatest spot to be picking. Staying at 25 though, they get a guy that just fits the Philly culture that’ll bring a Brian Dawkins type punch with him. Abram has actually been kicked out of practice for hitting his own teammates too hard. The physical nature of his game will get Philly fans on board in a hurry. He also just so happens to fill a need.


26. Indianapolis Colts

IDL Christian Wilkins, Clemson

Because I’m going to keep putting Wilkins to the Colts, I am almost confident it won’t happen. Regardless, this does have the looks of a seamless fit. Ballard has done a tremendous job with the Colts since taking over whether it’s been free agency or draft and this one just adds to it. Wilkins is a high character, high floor type of player who will be able to fill in the middle of that defense. Autry and Margus Hunt had career years last year in Indy but they aren’t going to scare any offenses. Putting a player with Wilkins’ size and athleticism next to Justin Houston, Jabaal Sheard and others, the defensive front could be a force.


27. Oakland Raiders (from Dallas)

WR Kelvin Harmon, NC State

I know I just mentioned in their last pick that receiver wasn’t as big of a need, but it’s still a need. Brown is a monster target, not literally speaking of course, who can line up anywhere. Tyrell Williams has really been more of a deep threat than anything else. Harmon can come in and be the big bodied receiver that will get open in the short and intermediate parts of the field and get the occasional deep ball. Harmon is personally my top guy at the position so adding him to a group with AB is something that can be really special in my mind.


28. Los Angeles Chargers

IDL Jerry Tillery, Notre Dame

This has also been a common selection in mock drafts. Tillery is someone that doesn’t get talked about too often and it’s a shame. He is a solid player that will be a force in the interior. He’s been a great threat as a pass rusher up the middle and with guys like Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram will be a nightmare for opposing offenses. When you go against a Pat Mahomes twice a year and an offense with Antonio Brown and potentially Kelvin Harmon, you’re going to have to get a consistent pass rush and these three guys coming on every passing down should be able to get the job done more often than not.


29. Kansas City Chiefs

CB Justin Layne, Michigan State

Defense, defense, defense. This is all they need to keep their eyes on this draft. The secondary has been a mess and it does not help when you let your two best pass rushers and top safety go. Layne is a converted receiver who is still coming into his own but he has done a tremendous job transitioning to the new position. He’s a lengthy corner who has better than anticipated feet and good ball skills.His press technique will need to be a little better but that will come with time and more practice at this position. For a guy who hasn’t gotten a ton of buzz before the combine, he sure his climbing up boards now.


30. Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans)

WR Deebo Samuel, South Carolina

One of my favorite players in this draft gets to go to an amazing situation. He’ll instantly start in this offense as they have concerns at the receiver position outside Davante Adams. Samuel has shown he can line up inside or out and kill defenders with his quickness and route running skills. He will be able to fill the Randall Cobb role that was recently left behind and make an impact on special teams as well, if they are interested. With Noah Fant and Deebo Samuel now added to the offense and Mike McCarthy out, Aaron Rodgers might actually be able to get some help.


31. Los Angeles Rams

OL Cody Ford, Oklahoma

Typically you would assume defense with the Rams but the offensive line is aging and just not too great in a couple spots. Andrew Whitworth, while still good, is definitely not playing for much longer. And then two interior spots are up for grabs at left guard and center. Cody Ford can still play tackle in my mind and would be able to play guard as well and be just as good of a prospect, if not better. Whether it’s him playing on the left side or moving Blythe over from right guard, this would be a great upgrade in protection.  

32. San Francisco 49ers (from New England)

WR N’Keal Harry, Arizona State

Last trade of the mock. The trade history between these two teams is there and I could easily see the Patriots want to gain more picks if they don’t feel there is great value for them. Being the paranoid Jets fan I am, the thinking is that the Patriots are going to accumulate a ridiculous amount of picks to trade them all away to get Trevor Lawrence in the 2021 draft after winning another Super Bowl in 2020. But anyways, back to San Fran… They get a receiver that a lot of people will connect with Shanahan. They lack the number one guy and Harry has the potential to be that in this offense. He actually comes in as WR8 for me but still cracks the top 45 at the moment, so this wouldn’t be the worst decision in my mind.


Round 2

1.Arizona Cardinals

IOL Chris Lindstrom, Boston College

Cardinals need to protect their new Quarterback as much as possible. Lindstrom gives them more help in the middle of the line.

2. Indianapolis Colts (from New York Jets)

WR AJ Brown, Ole Miss

Walking away with a stud defensive tackle and a top receiver on many boards is such a Ballard thing to do.

3. Oakland Raiders

HB Joshua Jacobs, Alabama

Raiders offense is completely changed after this offseason. Adding Trent Brown, Antonio Brown, Tyrell Williams, Kelvin Harmon, Isaiah Crowell and now Joshua Jacobs is a cause for celebration.

4. New England Patriots (from San Francisco)

DB Nasir Adderley, Delaware

Secondary is getting old. McCourty’s will likely retire within the next two seasons and Adderley can fill in at a few different spots. The versatility is something that makes me like this match.

5. New York Giants

QB Drew Lock, Missouri

I said before I wouldn’t pass on Haskins to take Lock 11 picks later, but 31 picks later? Absolutely. Won’t happen, but it should.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars

EDGE Chase Winovich, Michigan

The defense could use a guy with Winovich’s intensity. Maybe he helps them get back to Sacksonville.

7. New York Jets (from Tampa Bay)

C Erik McCoy, Texas A&M

The center position is a HUGE need and with this first second rounder they fill the void. McCoy did an incredible job going against some of the best interior defenders in the SEC while even winning against the Clemson defensive front. Darnold should be more than pleased with the help he’s being given this first offseason.

8. Buffalo Bills

IDL Dexter Lawrence, Clemson

Speaking of Clemson defensive front, Lawrence was a key piece in it. Kyle Williams is gone and they could use another big body to fill his shoes.

9. Denver Broncos

CB DeAndre Baker, Georgia

Possibly a first rounder on tape but his poor interviews and not great athleticism will have him fall a little bit. The Broncos need the position after losing Talib and Roby the last two offseasons. Plus this can keep Harris on the inside.

10. New York Jets (from Cincinnati)

OL Dalton Risner, Kansas State

Another offensive lineman for the Jets. Risner is one of the more versatile linemen in the draft, being able to play any of the five positions. He could fight with Shell or Winters for immediate snaps and then take over one of their positions by the time his second year comes around.

11. Detroit Lions

S Deionte Thompson, Alabama

Lions went out and spent some money this offseason but they also let a valuable piece go in Glover Quin. Thompson can replace Quin at free safety in the base defense and keep Miles Killebrew off the field in general.

12. Green Bay Packers

S Taylor Rapp, Washington

Another safety off the board in the NFC North. They did sign Adrian Amos but being able to draft a guy like Rapp, who is a poor man’s Jamal Adams, to play next to him can be very valuable to this Mike Pettine defense.

13. Atlanta Falcons

LB Blake Cashman, Minnesota

Not the biggest need.. But a front with Jarrett, Oliver, McKinley, Jones and one my draft crushes in Cashman is legit.

14. Arizona Cardinals (from Washington)

WR Marquise Brown, Oklahoma

Just figured, if you take Kyler, might as well make him as comfortable as possible with a familiar target. His lisfranc injury will be something to keep an eye on early in his career.

15. Carolina Panthers

OT Greg Little, Ole Miss

I personally think this will be a big reach but have a feeling the NFL will like him better than Twitter does. They need help badly up front to keep Cam upright.

16. Miami Dolphins

CB Rock Ya-Sin, Temple

Ya-Sin was a hot topic among draft Twitter last week causing a lot of arguments. People think he can go first, others think in the third. How does mid-second sound?

17. Cleveland Browns

CB Amani Oruwariye, Penn State

You tell me you are walking out of the first two rounds with Odell Beckham and Oruwariye, I’m set. Oruwariye struggled at the Senior Bowl but had a nice Combine and the film shows him to be more consistent than he was in Mobile.

18. Minnesota Vikings

IDL Dre’Mont Jones, Ohio State

Was really tempted to go with offensive line again but there was really nobody that stood out. Jones will be able to fill the role Sheldon leaves behind.

19. Tennessee Titans

TE Irv Smith, Alabama

The Titans need as many weapons as they can get Mariota. Delanie Walker is good, but up there image and injury prone. Jonnu Smith, has had durability concerns himself while also not performing that great.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers

CB Lonnie Johnson Jr., Kentucky

By no means do I think he is a 2nd round player but his size and athleticism will be very enticing for many teams. Plus, the Steelers always tend to do something stupid in the draft on defense.

21. Philadelphia Eagles

WR Terry McLaurin, Ohio State

The Eagles brought back fan favorite, DeSean Jackson but he should just be what Torrey Smith was in ‘17. McLaurin can be a legitimate outside receiver opposite Jeffery for a long time. Great route running, explosion, speed, hands, just a great target to have.

22. Houston Texans

HB David Montgomery, Iowa State

Montgomery doesn’t wow anyone with his 4.6+ speed but his vision, contact balance and third down ability should get him plenty of touches right away and let them move on from Miller.

23. Houston Texans

IOL Elgton Jenkins, Mississippi State

The need all the offensive possible. They drafted Dillard to be the left tackle of the future and now they get Jenkins who could play anywhere on the interior. Watson HAS to stay healthy for this team to succeed.

24. New England Patriots

WR Paris Campbell, Ohio State

The east choice was Andy Isabella but Campbell seems like a superior player at the moment. The Pats will love to run their gadget plays with Campbell that will annoy us Jet fans.

25. Philadelphia Eagles

LB Mack Wilson, Alabama

Another teamI was thinking offensive line for but the talent discrepancy between Mack and a lineman that could impact the team in ‘19 was too big to me.

26. Dallas Cowboys

S Amani Hooker, Iowa

They finally get their safety here. Hooker can play in a few different spots but his best is when he goes downhill. Doesn’t have greatest range but if they absolutely need him back there he can hold his own for the most part.

27. Indianapolis Colts

CB Trayvon Mullen, Clemson

They got diced up by Kansas City in the playoffs last year. So they just need to help out this defense if they want a chance to get even further in the immediate future.

28. Los Angeles Chargers

OT Kaleb McGary, Washington

Could be the last hurrah with Rivers under center, so protect that man with everything you got. He’ll be able to slide into the right tackle position with no qualms from many people.

29. Kansas City Chiefs

DL Charles Omenihu, Texas

Omenihu will provide some serious help on the edge in their new 4-3 defense. Has tremendous length, body and arms, to give some shorter linemen trouble.

30. New Orleans Saints

WR Emanuel Hall, Missouri

Could be a bit of a reach but Hall has amazing size, speed and athleticism that could fit right into this offense as the other outside receiver.

31. Kansas City Chiefs (from Los Angeles Rams)

S Juan Thornhill, Virginia

They can’t not go defense with all three of these picks. Getting a corner, edge and safety help fill three of their biggest holes right away.

32. New England Patriots

TE Dawson Knox, Ole Miss

Gronkowski is finally gone, for now. So, for now, they can get his replacement here with Dawson Knox. If you don’t know him and just look at stats, you be disappointed with his 0 career touchdowns, don’t be.