New York Jets Rivals

The New York Jets have a storied and long history that includes a few of the best games of all time. Most of those superior games came against fearsome rivals. This is what makes the football game what you know about and love.

There is no better way to showcase the best of football other than playing against the biggest rival. Heads crashing, adrenaline pumping and hearts beating – rivalry sports are what all fans live for.

So who would be the top opponents of the New York Jets?

  1.  The Patriots

The top rivals of New York Jets are the Patriots. Though the Jets have a long rivalry with the Dolphins and Bills, according to the recent survey the top enemy is New England. Here the hate sells, and these two teams hold a long history of bitterness relating to out-of-the-field conflicts. The Patriots made the Super Bowl this year, it would of been nice if Jets were there as well. Maybe next year!

And no, we didn’t forget the Spygate.

  1.  The Giants

Even though lots of the meetings between these two football teams takes place in the yearly pre-season game, the Jets and Giants are still big rivals.

The cross-town opponents are always working hard to outperform each other. Recently, the Jets appears to hold the top position.

  1.  The Dolphins

The Dolphins are other big rivals of the Jets in the NFL. The two teams play in the AFCEA (American Football Conference East Division). Every season the teams play 2 scheduled games. Often, they have contested for divisional supremacy. Needless to say, they have participated in several classic games, including Monday Night Miracle in 2000. In January 2019, Jets hired Adam Gase who was just fired from Dolphins, so this will only add to this rivalry.

  1.  The Buffalo Bills

The rivalry between the Jets and the Bills goes back a long way. The two teams were founded a year apart – the Jets in 1959 and the Bills in 1960. Their initial season took place in 1960. The two teams are members of AFC East Division. Above all, they represent the city of New York.

Nevertheless, games between the two opponents are usually fun to watch. Given their geographical location and place in the NFL, the Jets and the Bills have the most intense rivalries in the entire league. These battles for the city of NY has portrayed lots of interesting moments in their 50+ year history.

The Bottom Line

Though the Jets have many rivals as explained, they still fly the flag high. The order might change, but in the meantime, the Patriots are the biggest rivals of the Jets. This is a rivalry that has emerged in the last 2 decades.

Nonetheless, the order might change in the coming contests – you never know. It’s hard to predict the future of football as anything can happen.