Mock Draft Monday: Post Super Bowl

Clayton Smarslok with a full two round mock for the 2019 NFL Draft

As a Jets fan, the season could have ended in a better way than it did. It wasn’t ideal but after seeing the Patriots win five previous titles, I have learned to live with it and move on from it and that’s exactly what I am doing here. It is officially draft season with the 2018-19 football season completely behind us. With the season coming to an end, it seems like the perfect time to come out with my first two round mock draft of the year.

In this edition it was a mixture of what should happen and predictions of what will happen on the last weekend of April. For instance, because of Jeffery Simmons’ issues in the past, he will not be submitted into this mock draft or any others in the future, even though he will likely find his way into the first round. This one’s for you Jets fans, hope you like it!

  1. Arizona Cardinals

IDL Quinnen Williams, Alabama

Let’s spice things up a bit. For the longest time it’s been Nick Bosa going here but with the season officially finished we see Quinnen Williams being the top pick. Whether it’s been in these articles or twitter, my love for Quinnen Williams should be known by now. He is arguably the top prospect in this class, gaining on Bosa every second. He would not only be more of a fit for the Cardinals but when you have a presence like him on the inside with Chandler Jones possibly right next to him, there are going to be mismatches more times than not.

2. San Francisco 49ers

EDGE Nick Bosa, Ohio State

This is one of very few reasons for a team to love their divisional rival. Because the Cardinals pass on the top edge rusher, Bosa falls right into the laps of the Niners. They have spent many draft picks on the defensive line in recent years but still have nothing to show on the outside. Deforest Buckner has been an absolute stud on the inside but nothing to show on the outside. They had a couple players at the defensive end position get five sacks but that is a far cry from anything to brag about. Bosa could be among the best in the league within his first couple years.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Jets)

QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State

HERE WE GO! I have neglected to put any trades in the past mock drafts but after the Patriots just won yet another Super Bowl, there was a need to give the Jets a little something. The Jaguars have been linked to Nick Foles, especially after they hired former Eagles QB coach John Defilippo as their offensive coordinator. They make this trade up to ensure the Giants or Broncos can’t take the top passer in the class. They can finally move on from Bortles and build their talented roster while having a quarterback on a rookie deal.

4. Oakland Raiders

EDGE Josh Allen, Kentucky

With the Jets trading back, this allows the next top available edge rusher to fall to them. The hype with Allen is through the roof, even though he backed out on the Senior Bowl. The perception is that he didn’t need to show up to prove anything else. So it is definitely conceivable to think that the team that had the fewest sacks last season by SEVENTEEN would take him in the top five.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

OL Jonah Williams, Alabama

While on Play Like a Jet a couple of weeks ago, I reported that the noise in Mobile was that Jonah Williams is being looked at as an interior lineman by most, if not all, teams. Even with this being the case, the Bucs really need to get protection up front. If Jameis Winston is truly the quarterback for Bruce Arians they need to do everything they can to keep him upright. There is still belief out there that Williams can be a tackle, myself included, so maybe the Bucs take a chance on him there before moving him to right guard.

6. New York Giants

EDGE Clelin Ferrell, Clemson

Surprisingly enough, the Giants are passing on a quarterback in the first round again. This time it is a little more understandable as they could wait for a safer/stronger class in 2020. So here they take the National Champion to replace Olivier Vernon, who could be on his way out. Ferrell may not have the athleticism of a Burns or Polite but he does look to be a safer pick with a high ceiling nevertheless. Stick to the Jets host Connor Rogers has said many times that Ferrell is an alpha dog on and off the field and as we have seen with Jamal Adams, that could really help change a culture.

7. Washington Redskins (from Jets)

QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma

Wait, what’s this you ask? The Jets continue to acquire draft equity by making their second trade inside the top ten. Meanwhile, Snyder makes a move to get their immediate replacement for Alex Smith. Smith won’t be seeing the field in 2019 and probably shouldn’t ever again. Murray is an odd player to scout because he does a lot of things very well but there are concerns of his size and how it meshes with his style of play at the next level. Considering that this is a worse quarterback class than last year and will rank higher than Lamar Jackson on my personal board, seeing him go top 10 wouldn’t be all too shocking. This will help bring some excitement to a fan base that could really use it.

8. Detroit Lions

CB Greedy Williams, LSU

The Lions are tough one to predict, having more needs than most would think. They could go back to the offensive line but it’s more believable to see them going towards defense. If they do go defense, it could realistically be at any level. Patricia will need to build the defense the way that he likes but he needs to build the depth at the cornerback position as well. There is nobody beyond Darius Slay and Williams could be that guy. Byron Murphy is the top corner in this class but Williams has size that you can’t teach and it’s something both Slay and Murphy lack.

9. Buffalo Bills

IDL Ed Oliver, Houston

The feeling is this would be a very bittersweet selection for Bills fans. It’s obvious they need to bring in help for Josh Allen but there just isn’t anyone worth taking over a talent like Oliver. Bringing Oliver to Buffalo would be a huge get for the defense, especially with Kyle Williams now retired. His size will be a concern for some teams but his athleticism is off the charts and will likely blow up the Combine next month.


10. Denver Broncos

QB Drew Lock, Missouri

The Broncos have been linked to Drew Lock for quite some time and it would make sense for John Elway to want to finally hit on the quarterback position. While this is a massive reach in the eyes of many people, Lock has the traits NFL teams are looking for. He’s got a strong arm and pretty athletic but his footwork is a mess and his accuracy is a cause for concern. There will be more questions than answers if they take him, but if the Elway sees him as a potential quarterback of the future, they will need to make the move for him.


11. Cincinnati Bengals

LB Devin White, LSU

As long as Devin White is available for this selection, the Bengals will take him every time. It’s starting to sound like a broken record but it’s too hard not to mention. They need to get more athletic on defense and that’s exactly what White  brings. While he isn’t as refined as Roquan Smith was in coverage going into the 2018 draft, White is still new to the position. With more time to learn and play the position, the former running back will most definitely improve on his game, justifying being selected in the top-15.


12. Green Bay Packers

EDGE Brian Burns, Florida State

It’s been a recurring theme in this mock to match players with teams that have an aging player at the same position. The star for the Packers defense has been Clay Matthews for a long time, but his time is almost coming to an end. In a very good edge rusher class they will have many opportunities to get his replacement but why wait? Burns really flashed over these last three seasons registering 23 sacks including ten in 2018. If he fills out his frame a little more before the Combine and keeps his athleticism, he should be a huge riser this draft season.


13. Miami Dolphins

QB Daniel Jones, Duke

The Dolphins are finally making a smart move by putting Ryan Tannehill in the past. He’s been an average quarterback at his best who never lived up to a first round pick. With Brian Flores coming off yet another Super Bowl appearance, he knows it takes a quarterback to be successful in this league. Daniel Jones going in the first round would be another massive reach but here is another kid the NFL loves. A Tannehill comparison wouldn’t be too far-fetched in my mind, which could ultimately make this pick a no-go.


14. Atlanta Falcons

IDL Rashan Gary, Michigan

Rashan Gary will likely be one non-quarterback prospect that is seen higher in the eyes of the NFL rather than the media. He does have traits that could translate to the league but where was the production during his three seasons as a Wolverine? Nine and a half sacks in 34 games is not great but the way he was used in Michigan didn’t allow him to put up stats like Allen or Burns or what have you. Hopefully he puts on some weight and uses his elite athleticism to dominate as a defensive tackle rather than be asked to play on the edge.


15. New York Jets (from Washington)

CB Byron Murphy, Washington

After two trades the Jets finally get their first selection. They have an abundance of needs at the moment so it’s difficult to pinpoint where there will be looking come draft time. Offensive line and edge rusher are two of the biggest needs but the way the board has fallen, Byron Murphy would be an excellent fit for the Jets. Cornerback is also a huge need with nobody to play alongside Trumaine Johnson on the current roster. I have mentioned before that Murphy reminds me of Denzel Ward and it just so happens that the Jets have the defensive coordinator that was a huge advocate for Ward last draft, meaning that Byron Murphy could be a realistic option if they are to trade down.  Once Murphy steps in, he will immediately fill a role as the other outside corner or the nickel back, if needed. It would have been nice to see him play in a more man centric defense in Washington, but when he was asked to do so he passed with flying colors. His quick hips and nimble feet help him mirror receivers and his recognition of what is going on around him is superb. Buy an edge rusher or two in free agency and add Murphy to the secondary with Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye and you got something going.


16. Carolina Panthers

WR Kelvin Harmon, NC State

Carolina has been putting in the work to get Cam Newton an offense to help him out. However, one of his main targets, Devin Funchess, will most likely be gone once free agency hits. They have brought in guys like Christian McCaffery, Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore so now they need the size to go with all that speed and Harmon fits that mold standing at 6’3. One of the best things about Harmon is how he uses his body. The body control when it comes to his route running, jump balls or even just playing physical is among the best in the class.


17. Cleveland Browns

OT Andre Dillard, Washington State

There are a lot of offensive linemen getting talked up recently and there may not be one getting more love lately than Andre Dillard. The former Cougar had a strong week in Mobile to only help his case in the coming months. After Joe Thomas retired following the 2017 season, the Browns had a revolving door at the left tackle position. They tried a few different players but none of them really stuck. It’s a shame that Austin Corbett wasn’t able to claim the spot but he could provide some help as a swing lineman instead. Drafting Dillard here will allow them to focus on other positions outside of the offensive line.


18. Minnesota Vikings

OL Cody Ford, Oklahoma

Kirk Cousins will get a lot of flack for not getting one of the best rosters on paper into the playoffs, but the offensive line will need to do their part as well. The restructuring of the offensive line hasn’t exactly worked out for them over the past couple of years so here is a chance to take advantage of a great opportunity. Ford played right tackle for Oklahoma but if this is his destination, look for him to get kicked inside. He definitely has the physicality and the outstanding footwork to play the guard position.


19. Tennessee Titans

WR DK Metcalf, Ole Miss

The Titans took a chance a couple of drafts ago on rebuilding the receiver position when they took Corey Davis fifth overall in 2017. While he hasn’t played like he’s been worthy of that spot, he has still been a quality player when healthy. Now the get a chance to get another big body on the outside with Metcalf. He broke his neck last season and was somehow cleared to play football just over a week ago. If he shows that he is back to normal at the Combine and his pro day, he could potentially be the top receiver on the board for many people.


20. Pittsburgh Steelers

LB Mack Wilson, Alabama

Yet another team that many didn’t expect to miss the playoffs but here they are. This doesn’t seem like the same Steelers organization that was the among the topin all of sports. With trouble in and out of the locker room, they have become a circus of late. Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell could both be gone for good this offseason so this selection could be a playmaker on offense. That won’t be the pick here though. The defense has some serious needs at the linebacker position since Ryan Shazier’s devastating injury in 2017 and they have no legitimate depth behind a soon to be 30 year old Joe Haden at the cornerback position. Mack Wilson brings athleticism and a physicality to the defense that could use a spark in the middle.


21. Seattle Seahawks

S Deionte Thompson, Alabama

Thompson has been taken a hit on the boards of late. The Clemson game opened up some eyes and made people question their thoughts on him. While there are concerns, there is no need to drop him too far. He is still a very good safety prospect who will fill in for the future Hall of Famer, Earl Thomas. His range is otherworldly getting to different parts of the field with ease. The Championship game showed that he can have some lapses in coverage, but what he can bring to the table as a centerfield type free safety is very appealing, especially to a team that has been accustomed to having someone that can do that with the best of them.


22. Baltimore Ravens

EDGE Jachai Polite, Florida

Throughout the entire process, it is likely that most people that mock this pick will give them an offensive playmaker of some sort. While that is definitely a possibility, Jachai Polite would be a tremendous piece to the puzzle of the defense. Terrell Suggs cannot do it forever and Polite would be able to learn from one of the best until he hangs them up. Polite is a bit undersized at 6’2 but what he lacks in size, he makes up in explosiveness and leverage. He has shown he can jump off the ball supremely well and uses that to set up his pass rush moves. The long arm has even been a part of his game even though he is a little smaller than most would like. Adding a player like Polite to a top five defense like Baltimore would almost be unfair.


23. Houston Texans

OT Yodny Cajuste, West Virginia

The Texans had a successful turnaround in 2018 after a horrible 1-3 start, thanks in no part to the offensive line. They have had their issues for quite some time but taking Cajuste here can help turn that around as well. His size, strength and mobility are all good enough to where he should be able to fit into any kind of offensive scheme. He could step in as the starting left tackle from day one considering there isn’t much there to get in his way. This should only be the first of many selections for them on the offensive line.


24. Oakland Raiders (from Chicago)

HB Joshua Jacobs, Alabama

The Raiders traded Khalil Mack to the Bears thinking they would get a pretty decent pick, but here they are now picking 24th and if not for the infamous “Double Doink,” it’d be even later. They started off well taking a replacement for Mack with the fourth overall pick, but they could really use some offensive help. Jacobs didn’t really become a household name until later on in the season but boy has it picked up. His incredible story brings him here as the potential top running back in the class. He’s bag of mixed goods, being able to run with power, elusiveness, balance and provides some help as a receiver as well. Joining the league with little tread on his tires, he can be productive for a long time.


25. Philadelphia Eagles

CB DeAndre Baker, Georgia

Same selection for the Eagles as last time. It’s likely they allow Ronald Darby to test the waters in free agency, Sidney Jones has struggled with his play and health since returning from his Achilles tear in the spring of 2017 and there is just nothing special about the guys after them like Jalen Mills, Cre’von LeBlanc and Rasul Douglas. They need that number one guy and that could be Baker. He is at his best playing on the outside in a man heavy defense but would not out of his element in zone. His speed and athleticism isn’t up there with say a Byron Murphy but the physicality he brings just fits into what you expect out of Philadelphia players.


26. Indianapolis Colts

WR N’Keal Harry, Arizona State

The Colts were one easily the best surprise of the entire season. On paper they looked like they were easily one of the worst teams in the league, especially considering Andrew Luck hadn’t thrown a ball in what seemed like an eternity. But they were able to get hot after their loss to the Jets in the early part of the season. While many players really stepped up like Eric Ebron, Marlon Mack and the entire offensive line, the Colts are going to need the receiver to target opposite TY Hilton, who also happens to turn 30 this year. Harry could definitely go higher than this but there are questions concerning his long speed and his route running/separation.


27. Oakland Raiders (from Dallas)

EDGE Montez Sweat, Mississippi State

Yes, the Raiders already took Josh Allen, Yes, this is a pretty steep fall for Sweat after a great 2018 season and dominant Senior Bowl. But yes, this is a possibility. The Raiders only had 13 sacks this past season, that’s less than seven players had all season. They can completely rebuild this line with Allen and Sweat coming off the edges. Sweat showed off his length, athleticism and more in Mobile a couple weeks ago but what hurt him was his interviewing. If that hurts him enough, falling to 27 wouldn’t be too crazy, but Jon Gruden was able to see him enough down there to know that they could use a player like Sweat.


28. Los Angeles Chargers

IDL Christian Wilkins, Clemson

The Chargers had a relatively disappointing ending to their season, getting blown out by the Patriots and all but they should be right back in the conversation next season. They will be bringing back most of their younger nucleus and as long as Philip Rivers doesn’t fall off a cliff, they’ll be good to go. What they do need is someone to take the pressure off of Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. They are still playing very well with no interior help but just imagine if a player was able to free up some blockers for them every once in a while. Wilkins plays with outstanding leverage for his size but it’s his ability to get penetration up the middle that entices the Chargers here.


29. Kansas City Chiefs

EDGE Charles Omenihu, Texas

Omenihu was a name that was being talked about before Mobile, but after his weigh in and his play on the field, he has become a more talked about player than before. His arm length is the first noticeable thing about him as it was measured at 37 inches long. For comparison, Khalil Mack was at 33.5 inches and Cam Jordan was at 35 inches. His length is easy to see on film as he uses it so well in multiple parts of his game. The Chiefs definitely need secondary help but with Dee Ford being an impending free agent and Justin Houston turning 30, they could look in this direction.


30. Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans)

TE Noah Fant, Iowa

Unless tight ends test out of their minds and have top notch film, there aren’t going to be many of them being top 10 picks in any given draft. With this particular class being very strong at the position, there is an even bigger chance that the top one falls pretty far. The first one in Noah Fant comes off the board here being the potential replacement for Jimmy Graham. Graham did not perform the way the Packers were hoping for when they signed him and could let him go during the offseason. Fant is similar to what Graham was in his prime, a complete mismatch who is too big for safeties and too fast for many linebackers. If that weren’t enough, Fant had 18 touchdowns in his 70 catches over the last two seasons, it’s safe to say that he’ll be an elite red zone target, just like Graham.


31. Los Angeles Rams

LB Devin Bush, Michigan

After that Super Bowl you could argue that the Rams need a bunch of positions because of how poor they looked for the entirety of the game. Even though they held the Patriots to 13 points, they still need defense and the best fit and available player is Bush. He will need to improve in coverage but he shows potential with his plus athleticism. He has a second gear in his acceleration at the position closing gaps on ball carriers very quickly. Having someone like him behind Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers would really improve the run defense.


32. New England Patriots

TE TJ Hockenson, Iowa

Rob Gronkowski showed he still had at least a little left in the tank for potentially his final game last night. Nevertheless, they will need someone to be able to keep some eyes off of Edelman in the middle of the field. After watching some of Hockenson, this would be a nightmare scenario going from facing arguably the best tight end of all time twice a year to a young guy with the potential Hockenson has. He’s a dual threat dominating in the pass and is an absolute beast as a blocker. He won’t have any problems stepping onto the field for New England if Gronk does hang them up.


2nd Round

  1. Arizona Cardinals

OL Dalton Risner, Kansas State

2. Indianapolis Colts (from Jets)

WR Deebo Samuel, South Carolina

3. Oakland Raiders

S Nasir Adderley, Delaware

4. San Francisco 49ers

CB Trayvon Mullen, Clemson

5. New York Giants

OT Jawaan Taylor, Florida

6. New York Jets (from Jaguars)

WR Marquise Brown, Oklahoma

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

EDGE Jaylon Ferguson, LA Tech

8. Buffalo Bills

WR Hakeem Butler, Iowa State

9. Denver Broncos

TE Irv Smith, Alabama

10. Cincinnati Bengals

OT David Edwards, Wisconsin

11. Detroit Lions

IOL Elgton Jenkins, Mississippi State

12. Green Bay Packers

WR Riley Ridley, Georgia

13. Atlanta Falcons

CB Julian Love, Notre Dame

14. New York Jets (from Washington)

C Garrett Bradbury, North Carolina State

15. Carolina Panthers

IOL Chris Lindstrom, Boston College

16. Miami Dolphins

C Erik McCoy, Texas A&M

17. Cleveland Browns

S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Florida

18. Minnesota Vikings

IDL Dre’Mont Jones, Ohio State

19. Tennessee Titans

CB Rock Ya-Sin, Temple

20. Pittsburgh Steelers

WR AJ Brown, Ole Miss

21. Philadelphia Eagles (from Ravens)

HB David Montgomery, Iowa State

22. Houston Texans (from Seahawks)

HB Darrell Henderson, Memphis

23. Houston Texans

IOL Dru Samia, Oklahoma

24. New England Patriots (from Bears)

EDGE Christian Miller, Alabama

25. Philadelphia Eagles

OT Greg Little, Ole Miss

26. Dallas Cowboys

S Juan Thornhill, Virginia

27. Indianapolis Colts

IDL Daylon Mack, Texas A&M

28. Los Angeles Chargers

LB Germaine Pratt, North Carolina State

29. Kansas City Chiefs

CB Amani Oruwariye, Penn State

30. New Orleans Saints

TE Kaden Smith, Stanford

31. Kansas City Chiefs (from Los Angeles Rams)

S Taylor Rapp, Washington

32. New England Patriots

WR Parris Campbell, Ohio State