Top Free Agents That Jets Should Re-Sign In 2019

The New York Jets are preparing for the 2019 season after a tough 2018. Just like any other offseason, the Jets are using a variety of strategies to prepare adequately for the next year. Most notably the team is organizing potential new contracts to hand out. The contracts will afford the Jets time to share deals with preferred players before next season. In addition, the postseason affords fans the opportunity to engage in online betting, for those who would like to start their betting adventures, you can check out the live odds here. Apart from using postseason as a preparatory strategy for next season, the New York Jets are also looking at signing onboard new players or bringing back players who were on the team last year. Below, we share with you some of the players that the club is looking to sign or rather re-sign…

Deontay Burnett

Deontay Burnett appeared five times in 2018 for the New York Jets and his most impressive performance came against New England in week 17. At only 21 years old, Burnett  has a lot of years ahead of him and hence he still has time to develop into a quality starter or role player. As such, it would be wise if the New York Jets manage to give Burnett an extended look. 

Avery Williamson

Just a couple of seasons ago, the New York Jets did the unthinkable as they let David Harris leave. For the New York Jets, the decision was very puzzling as many questioned the logic behind one of the top defenders team history leaving. For the player himself, it was a great switch as in his first season with his new club, New England, he managed to reach the Super Bowl. In order to replace the void left by David Harris, the New York Jets eventually signed Avery Williamson after letting Demario Davis walk in free agency. It is therefore imperative for the New York Jets to offer the man a contract extension to keep him around long term. 

Jason Myers

When Jason Myers arrived as a free agent last season at the New York Jets, not many fans were pleased with the signing. However, the Jets tied him down to just a one year contract so as to give themselves a cushion at kicker, if Myers performed well then they would be relieved but if not, then with a one-year contract, they would happily let him leave for nothing. Fortunately, the former happened as Jason Myers was one of the best kickers in the league last season despite his overall field goal rate declining in the previous three seasons (86.7 percent as a rookie, 79.4 percent in year two, and 73.3 percent the following year).