New York Jets Week 12 Report Card

Greg Armstrong with his New York Jets Week 12 Report Card

It was another lackluster Sunday for the Jets as we trudge through the mud towards the end of the season. The Jets kept it competitive in the first half but ultimately melted down in the second half and losing to the Patriots 27-13. Here’s my report card for Week 12.

Quarterback: C

Let me preface this by saying Josh McCown shouldn’t take anymore snaps for this Jets team and if it’s not Darnold, it should be Davis Webb. As for McCowns play, it was exactly what what you would expect. The same typical cookie cutter plays, check downs and the occasional shot down field were in store on Sunday. McCown did have the Jets first touchdown pass since Week 8, which is the only reason this grade is a C.

Running Back: F

Outside of the Broncos game where he ran for 219 yards on 15 carries, Crowell has averaged 36.3 yards per game  on 10.5 carries per game with seven games of 35 yards or less. He also contributes nothing in pass pro and makes rare appearances catching passes. Eli McGuire was supposed to be the change of pace back and help fill in for Bilal Powell but he only had six carries for 19 yards and one reception for seven yards on three targets. But yeah, signing Le’Veon Bell would be a bad decision.

Wide Receivers: C-

Jermaine Kearse led the team in targets with 12, which should not be happening in Week 12 for a team that is now 3-8. We’ve gotten no reason as to why Deontay Burnett has been inactive the last two games when he has more of a chance to be on the roster next season than Kearse does. Quincy Enunwa caught all four of his targets as the Jets finally began to realize that maybe he can contribute more running downfield routes. Robby Anderson caught two of his five targets but was overthrown on nine route that would’ve let to a touchdown.

The Jets continue to run a dink and dunk offense trailing in games against bad secondaries. McCown averaged 6.1 YPA on Sunday. The Jets have guys to stretch the field. It’s time to start using them.

Tight End: C+

Give. Chris. Herndon. The. Ball. He caught seven of his eight targets for 57 yards. He was second on the team in targets (8) behind Kearse which is a good sign for the rookie. He elevates this group with Eric Tomlinson, who was supposed to be the blocking tight end but can’t block, and Jordan Leggett who is just another guy out there. Herndon’s progress week to week is very encouraging.

Offensive Line: B-

The Jets offensive line held up pretty well against the Patriots even with their lackluster pass rushing. Spencer Long got moved to LG and a nice pancake block but other than that was just as bad as he was at center. He was really the only lineman who struggled. The Jets were in passing mode for a majority of the game and McCown was only sacked twice. He was hit 13 times however.

The Jets offensive line isn’t great, we know this. They need to add to it but the only real liability on a week to week basis is Spencer Long.

Defensive Line: F

Leonard Williams had one QB hit and a personal foul. Henry Anderson had just as many grabs to his junk as he did QB hits. Robby Anderson had just as many tackles as Nathan Shepherd. The defensive line got very little pressure on Brady who had all day to throw when the Patriots decided to pass. The Jets also gave up 215 yards of rushing to the Patriots and a whopping 6.8 YPC to their running backs. It’s like beating a dead horse at this point with this unit.

Linebackers: D

Avery Williamson is a tackling machine, once again leading the team in tackles with 11 on Sunday. Darron Lee was just another guy Sunday. Jordan Jenkins and Frankie Luvu (who Dan Fouts called Lavoo) had two QB hits combined on the day. They couldn’t stop the run and they got zero pressure on the edge. Only five more games left of this.

Secondary: C

The one and only reason this unit gets a C is because Jamal Adams balled out on Sunday. He was blowing up blocks, guarding Gronk man to man with no help and had three pass deflections. He a couple of hiccups (bad angles on some runs and not tackling Edelman on his touchdown reception) but he is far and away the Jets best player.

As for the rest of the secondary? Guys were running wide open all day. Trumaine Johnson is the second highest paid cornerback in the league and is playing like a sixth round rookie. Darryl Roberts got moved to safety in a surprising move considering he has been their best corner all season. They seem just as done with this season as much as the fans are.

Special Teams: B+

Jason Meyers might be the Jets MVP as he nailed a 55 yard field goal and Lachlan Edwards is one of Maccagnans best draft picks. Andre Roberts averaged 26 yards a return on kickoff returns but had one yard on one punt return.

Coaching: D

Jeremy Bates called a better game than he did against Buffalo or Miami but still declined to attack the Patriots secondary deep. Todd Bowles once again proves he’s inept as a head coach in declining a penalty that would’ve put the Patriots in a 4th & 2 and the Jets proceeded to give up a touchdown pass on the 3rd and 12. Down two scores in the fourth, what did he do on a fourth down? You guessed it! Punted the ball away because he loves nothing more than to play conservative. There’s only five games left and that’s five games too many.