New York Jets Post Bye Week Wish List

Greg Armstrong with his New York Jets Post Bye Week Wish List…

We have officially entered the holiday season. We feverishly sift through Black Friday deals and put together lists for what we want for the holidays. I’m putting together a wish list for what I want to see from the Jets as we put the bye week behind us and push through the home stretch of the season. 

Less Conservative Game Plans

I frankly don’t understand why Jeremy Bates has decided to run the most basic offensive with a dynamic quarterback like Sam Darnold. We’ve seen Bates open it up for Darnold in segments so far this season and it’s led to success. However, outside of the Denver game, Bates has yet to put together a complete game.

One of the frustrations with John Morton last season was his inability to call complete games. Bates has a weird habit of taking a quarter or a half to get started and when he opens things up for a drive with success, doesn’t replicate it throughout the course of games.

We’ve seen Darnold is going to make mistakes but he can also sling it when given the opportunity. Bates probably isn’t going to be here next season. There’s no reason why the Jets should play conservative in games where they won’t be expected to win anyways.

Lay The Law Down

The Jets are 3-7, have a killer post bye schedule and are not making the playoffs. If Todd Bowles has any hopes on saving his job, he needs to be more stern with his personnel decisions. Leaving guys like Jermaine Kearse, Spencer Long and even Trumaine Johnson in games when they’re either bad or don’t look like they care should not happen. Don’t make Deontay Burnett inactive when he has been better than Kearse this season. Don’t staple Darryl Roberts to the bench just because Johnson is your big money free agent corner when Roberts has been the Jets best corner this season. If I have to see one more Spencer Long errant snap…you get the point. If a guy doesn’t look like he wants to play? Sit him. If a guys play is actively hurting your team? Sit him. This isn’t next level thinking, it’s called being a coach with a pulse.

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

The “culture change” rhetoric has been forced down our throats way too often for a 3-7 football team who can’t even beat a Matt Barkley led team at home. No sane (key word: sane) person that is a part of this fanbase believes that there is any culture change. You’re a bad team and you’ve been a bad team. Nobody cares that you’re sick of losing. We all are. Go out and show this fanbase and the organization that you’re serious about a culture change.

Now this season was never about wins and losses. It was always about the progression of Darnold and the progression of guys like Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye, Darron Lee, etc. The schedule is tough to close the season out. I’m not saying you have to reel off six wins in a row and sneak into the playoffs. Be competitive in games and don’t lie down when Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady comes into town.