New York Jets Week 4 Report Card

Greg Armstrong with his Week 4 New York Jets report card…

Sundays 31-12 loss in Jacksonville didn’t feature many bright spots as units. Were there some bright plays? Yes. As whole units were there bright spots? Well, not really. An awful effort from the jump from an uninspired roster and coaching staff.

Quarterback: C-

Let’s just put it this way: Sam Darnold looked like a 21 year old rookie quarterback who was going up against one of the best defenses in football on Sunday. He looked rushed in his decision making and made some awkward throws where he wasn’t set. Darnolds quirks aren’t anything to be concerned about until they are, it’s more of the decision making that led to some bad throws.

Darnold almost threw three interceptions (two were dropped and one was called back due to holding on the Jaguars). However, he tried more throws downfield which was a very encouraging sign. His deep ball was a concern coming out of USC but he showed when he needs to make the throw he can get it there. The two incomplete deep passes were just out of reach of Robby Anderson and Bilal Powell while Quincy Enunwa dropped one.

Running Back: D 

The Jets had 34 yards of rushing offense and exactly zero of them came from Isaiah Crowell. He contributed more the Jaguars than he did the Jets (he was stopped for a safety). The Jets were trailing for the entire game game but Bilal Powell (8 carries, 26 yards) once again showed that he should be the premiere back for this team. Time and time again we see the Jets bring in some running back to split time with Powell and time and time again we Powell come out the more productive option.

Wide Receivers: C-

Once again it was the Quincy Enunwa show. Darnold has locked onto Enunwa through four weeks maybe too much for comfort. Robby Anderson had another game where he didn’t get it going and almost had an 88 yard touchdown if Darnold didn’t overthrow him by a hair. Jermaine Kearse slid into Terrelle Pryors spot and I don’t think Pryor sees much of the field moving forward. Through four weeks it doesn’t look like the group we defended tooth and nail throughout the summer.

Tight Ends: D-

Eric Tomlinson made the roster solely because of his blocking and got toasted all game. He negated a long, bobbling catch by Herndon with a holding penalty and was one of the guys missing assignments on the safety. Chris Herndon had another game where he was practically invisible. Jordan Leggett caught three of his four targets for 13 yards and a score. He might be in line for more playing time moving forward. *shutters*

Offensive Line: C-

I will say, only giving up three sacks to that front seven when you were mainly in passing scenarios deserves some credit. What doesn’t deserve credit is the atrocity that was the safety, where it looked like every guy missed an assignment. It’s tough to place a grade on this unit when they only ran the ball 14 times and two of those were from Darnold. They were in pass pro for a majority of the game and didn’t get destroyed like I thought they would.

Defensive Line: B

Leonard Williams got a sack! Henry Anderson is still by far the Jets best defensive lineman but Leonard Williams had a game where he actually recorded real stats which was encouraging. Steve McLendon did Steve McLendon things and I thought as a whole, this was the best unit playing on Sunday. That isn’t much but for perceived weak point of this roster, they’ve been playing fairly well as a whole.

Linebackers: F

Oh boy. I’ll keep this short and sweet so as to not beat a dead horse. They were bad. I don’t know if it was more so miscommunication or just bad scheme but either way they could not stop a Madden offense. It was cross after cross, underneath after underneath and TJ Yeldon still hasn’t seen a defender within 10 yards of him.

Secondary: D-

Much like Enunwa, Jamal Adams continues to put in very good games every week. Other than that Truman’s Johnson continues to fall further and further away from his hefty price tag this offseason. Mo Claiborne left with an injury but from what I saw didn’t play terribly. Buster Skrine is doing Buster Skrine things, take that for what you will. They did a bad job of tackling and much like the linebackers, couldn’t do much of anything to limit Blake Bortles (I cant believe I just wrote that).

Special Teams: B-

Jason Meyers has been putting in work. 2/2 on field goals once again. Lachlan Edwards had a 61 yard punt and averaged almost 50 yards a pop. The Jets do need to improve on their returns. They aren’t giving Darnold much of anything to work with in regards to starting field position but that can also be attributed to the other teams punters. They also did fairly well defending returns.

Coaching: F

Its the same things over and over again. A Jets team that didn’t look prepared at all coming off of 10 days rest and all of the quotes that came from the Cleveland game. Bowles hasn’t made a halftime adjustment in his life, has shown the same mistake for three and a half years and shows no signs of letting up. Kicking to make a three score game a three score game is laughable. Jeremy Bates needs to stop calling the same game every time and mix some things up. Kacy Rodgers needs to show that he’s actually watching these games and make some adjustments to what’s happening on the field. The seat is getting hotter and hotter.