TOJ New York Jets Film Room Breakdown – Jets/Eagles, Preseason Week 4

Joe Blewett with a film room breakdown for Jets vs. Eagles…

Joe Blewett with a film room breakdown for Jets vs. Eagles. Make sure to subscribe here for more! 

Hewitt deserved to make the roster but still has his flaws. Hewitt drops back into his hook zone. The TE on the inside (#3 threat) runs a whip route. Hewitt needs to get much tighter to the TE before he peaks into the backfield. Allows a catch in front of him.

Good play by Henry Anderson (weak side 1 tech) on this tight zone. Anderson gets lower then the RG (Anderson is 6’6, one of his plus traits), good hand placement and gets the RG off his body with arm extension. Sheds and makes the TKFL. Nice play by Bryant to sift through traffic.

Eagles in a 2×2 gun set. Copeland (bottom OLB) does a good job getting lower then then TE, gets good hand placement, extension and then scrapes to make the tackle. Hewitt gets into the a-gap quickly to get in on the tackle.

Jets are in a zone look (looks like cover 3). Jones is responsible for his deep 1/3rd but follows Wheaton inside on the post (inside safety wasn’t there). Jones needs to play this ball better. Either get the upfield arm on the back and play with inside or attack the ball.

Burris (top of screen) is in man in this cover 2 man. The WR runs a bad inn route, Burris plays the upfield shoulder and gets the INT.

Jets a in 2×2 gun set and run a inside zone read option. This is where we see some of Cannons plus traits. As he sees the A-gap clog up he quickly cuts and burst through the c-gap. He always looks faster then everybody on the field.

Copeland (7 tech on top of screen) again gets lower then the TE, gets god hand placement, keeps his chest clean. Then scrapes down the LOS and makes the tackle on the RB for little gain.

Not a good snap for Nickerson who is man on the slot WR in this cover 1. Nickerson doesn’t have a controlled soft shoes technique as he is hoping backwards which won’t allow him to burst at any moment. Seems like he is looking high as well and he is beat badly here.

Really bad play from Cannon on this mid zone. As he approaches the play side he is too high with long strides, not allowing him to escape 4i tech who Cannon sees early into the play. He needs to cut this run back and try to make something happen.

Hoping the Jets are able to get him on the practice squad and can’t understand why not if they decide not to. McBride put in a 1v1 situation on the bubble screen for YAC and he takes advantage getting the first down. McBride has some interesting traits that are worth developing.

Another guy I would have liked to make the roster. Eagles are in a cover 3, Walford (Y-TE on bottom of screen) sees the LB on his exit angle to the curl flat. So Walford presses outside because that where the LB can’t get beat, then cuts into the seam and makes a tough catch.

Probably the last play ill ever put up mentioning Hackenberg 😥. Who attempts to scramble for a first down but needs to tuck the ball much tighter then this. Have to appreciate Wilcox trying to lay a hit, who is a guy I see being subbed in as a LB frequently this season.

Last play of this very short review (because lets be honest, who cares when week 1 is less then a week away). Nickerson gets to the QB on a slot blitz, showing some good speed to get there. This will be more of a Skrine type play in the reg season but nice to Nickerson make a play.