TOJ New York Jets Film Room Breakdown – Jets At Lions Week 1

Joe Blewett with a film room breakdown of Jets vs. Lions in week 1…

Joe Blewett with a film room breakdown of Jets vs. Lions. For more, make sure to subscribe here! 

Jets run a play action bootleg to the boundary side. 3 WRs flow to the boundary with their routes, Jets are hoping that pulls the entire defense that way as well. But Diggs stays disciplined in his curl/flat zone and picks off the floater from Darnold.

Jets run outside zone out of 21 personnel to the wing set. Good job by Shell reach blocking the 4i tech (who is hesitating because of Enunwa’s motion) and good read by Powell to notice that the backside b gap is wide open.

Few things on this play. Nice pickup of the TE stunt from the Jets interior line (Shell could have blocked the 9 better). Good read and throw from Darnold on the mesh concept with a snag over top. Darnold sees the leverage Sterling has on the DB/ leads him outside for a YAC opp.

This well get fixed as they play more together. Miscommunication between Enunwa and Darnold. Enunwa has great leverage (vertically and horizontally) on the DB. Darnold wants to lead him downfield where it would create the most separation. Enunwa breaks his angle flat.

I hate free press releases, especially with no shuffled. Johnson is in man on Jones and shows some good eye discipline and pad level at first but then he opens his hips (not challenging route stem). Top of the route Jones does get away with a clear push off to the facemask. Pass interference on Trumaine Johnson.

McLendon (backside 1 tech) shows his lateral quickness off the snap to get position on the OC in the play side a-gap forcing Blount to attempt to bounce the run. But Adams shoots in off the backside edge to get in on the tackle. Adams knew what was coming. TKFL -7 yards.

Good snap from Claiborne (top of screen). He was consistently changing up his technique from off, soft press, aggressive press, even pre snap he wasn’t showing what he would do. He is a little high off the snap but a nice off hand jam and challenge of the ball.

The guy Jets fans wanted to cut a few weeks ago on his first big return for 43 yards. Roberts sets up his lanes well as he presses the inside but its bigger to note that Brooks finishes his block on the edge essentially taking out 3 Lion players. A near TD here as well.

Not a ton to break down on the play. But Enunwa gets hit quickly over the middle vs this cover 3 buzz. Have to love seeing Enunwa back in the game and bounce up quickly after a big hit.

Carp is a split sec late picking up the the stunt. Darnold keeps his eyes downfield with pressure and also shows pocket awareness. Not just but avoiding the rush but by rolling out to the right inside of just stepping up. 2 hands on ball. Accuracy, strength, mobility, confidence.

Jets run an inside zone-split. Crowell’s first read in the 3 tech in the play side b-gap which is clogged. Next is the a-gap which is clogged. Crowell is forced to bend the run all the way back into the backside c gap. Nice block from Sterling on the backside OLB. Nice reach from Crowell.

Lions run a hawk concept to the top of the screen. Jets are in a cover 2 zone. Claiborne (curl/flat zone) drops back while (shuffle) while he reads Stafford. When Stafford loads up to throw the 9, Claiborne flips to gain ground and makes an athletic INT.

Haven’t seen a designed QB run in awhile. Loved the play call to put Anderson in motion to get one less defender on the play side. Playside is 4v4 so blockers just need to do their job which they all do and Darnold runs for a first down on 3rd and 2.

Good from Powell here as he gains 14 yards on this wide zone out of 13 personnel. But the bigger thing to notice is Tomlinson (Y-TE on play side) blocking Ansah 1v1. Some people wanted Tomlinson cut which was pretty (very) dumb. A lot of trust in Tomlinson from the Jets coaches.

1/2 sacks that Darnold shouldn’t have took. Lions rush 3 and drop 8 into coverage. Darnold drops back and doesn’t see anything worth throwing so he starts to move around in pocket. But once the play is over its over and he needs to get rid of the ball.

Crowell has been looking like a great add since the Jets picked him up. Jets run a tight zone out of a 11 personnel gun set. Crowell’s first read is the a-gap which is clogged so he bends the run back. Good balance and fight for extra yards here.

Jets in cover 1 with a banjo coverage (first in first out) with Skrine and Johnson to the right side of the screen. Johnson is a little bit too far outside not allowing him to get position on the inside WR allowing an easy catch on the over route.

Terrible play from Stafford here on a simple slant/flat concept (in-out read) the flat is open as the slant provides the natural rub on JA. Its first and ten so no reason to force this. Johnson shows nice hands but its an easy INT for him. Soon after he gets rocked and fumbles.

Luvu played well for his first NFL start. Getting good hand position on the Y-TE and sheds to block to get into the backfield (assisted by the Lions FB). Also notice McLendon (slanted play side 1 tech) and his pad level and penetration of the play side a-gap.

Again nothing crazy but something small that means a lot. Jets drop into Tampa 2 and Skrine is the hook/curl defender on the bottom of the screen. Skrine is quick to come up and make the tackle on the short check down. His tackling means a lot.

Liked this play design from Bates on 3rd and 6. The inside breaking seam route from Legget hold the hook/curl defender, in turn allowing space for Enunwa on the angle route who lined up in the backfield.

This play would have actually worked if Sterling had succeeded on his crack block. Crowell lined up as a tight I (showing run) and putting Anderson in motion to take the CB off the play side. Anderson gets the toss but loses yards. Still don’t like the play call on the 32.

McLendon (3 tech) was a monster on this snap. Arm overs the LG off the snap and then uses the hump move to toss the LT to the ground and get in on the tackle. Also good snap from Lee who takes on two blockers and Skrine who diagnoses the run and gets in on the tackle.

Lions run a belly zone out of 11 personnel and again Adams knows whats coming as he pushes Lee inside as the slot WR lines up tight to the Y-TE. Adams shows his strength and burst off the snap as he trucks the WR to the ground and then makes the tackle on Blount.

Jets showing a different type of cover 2 as they are disguising it with Adams in the box and Claiborne showing man and then dropping back into a deep 1/2 zone. Stafford tries to fit it into a tight window but Adams shows some athleticism and plays through the WR well.

Like I stated on my weekly spot on “X’s and O’s Quick Hits”. Like the diversity of the offensive play calling from Bates.12 personal wing set to the boundary side. Tomlinson releases on the seam route carrying both of the LB’s opening up the screen to Sterling.

Great play (could be better execution from Darnold. Lions rush 3 and drop into a Tampa 2 defense. Darnold doesn’t panic in the pocket (many young QBS do) and stays put. Sees the deep 1/2 safety drive on the stop rote. Anderson makes a great catch. Darnold could have lead more.

One of the very few negative plays for lee this game. As he drops back into his hook zone Stafford hits the WR on the slant. Lee comes up and misses the tackle. Needs to wrap up and drive here, instead of leaving his feet.

Jets in a cover 3. Roberts on the top of the screen notices the hit pass to the smoke route to the WR. Roberts comes into the tackle too uncontrolled and allows an extra 20 yards.

Jets in a Tampa 2. Nickerson is quick to get to the RB on the swing route and makes a good tackle. Not sure what he said that the ref overheard but thought it was a pretty soft taunting call.

Nickerson was in man on the WR. Seemed like Stafford either try to throw the ball away or wanted to throw a jump ball but the WR gave up on the route. Nickerson makes a GREAT catch with fantastic body control. Gets both feet in bounds but the refs never reviewed.

Skrine is in man on Tate and plays it well off the line and shows some good athleticism but looks back too soon and loses Tate up the sideline, who makes a great catch. Should have played through the WR here.

Jets in another cover 1 look and the Lions run a yankee concept. Johnson is playing too far off and outside allowing the WR an easy catch as he breaks on the deep over route, allowing a big chunk gain.

Didn’t like this call from the Jets defense. Blitz 7 vs a empty set but play off coverage. Allowing Stafford an easy completion unless he completely shits the bed and panics. Middleton comes up from the deep middle and misses the tackle on Tate.

Jets again run a sail concept to the boundary side from play action (they like the sail concept). Good blitz pickup from Powell even though he gets trucked. Darnold gets shows good accuracy and strength while on the move, hitting Pryor on the over route. Good catch from Pryor too

Another solid play design. Sterling comes from the slot with the rub on the defender who is man on Enunwa, opening up Enunwa in the flat. Enunwa shows that YAC ability/strength and drags two defenders into the end zone.

McLendon being McLendon. Lined up as the 1 tech vs the RB draw. Gets good hand placement on the OC, stacks him and then sheds him pretty easily to get in on the tackle. Good job also by Jenkins (6 tech) who crashes hard inside clogging up gaps.

Darron Lee’s pick 6 that was talked about after the game with the Jets knowing some of the plays that were coming. On this “drag and follow” concept The drag from the WR is suppose to clear out the hook zone defender for the angle route from the RB. Lee jumps the angle, pick 6.

First punt return TD since 2012 for the Jets. Andre Roberts receives the ball, presses to the inside getting the cov unit to leave their lanes. Finds a hole back outside and breaks an arm tackle. Then tight ropes the sideline WHILE taking contact from two defenders. 77 yard TD.

Another forced ball from Stafford. Lee drops back in his hook/curl zone with some depth because there is no other short threat + the Lions are down big at this point. Stafford tries to fit it in to the post to MOFO and Darron Lee makes an athletic INT.

Enunwa is facing man on the right side of screen. Runs a nice route as he releases inside and chops the DB’s inside hand with his outside arm, then stacks vertically and then breaks the angle flat which beats the DB. Darnold misses the throw (this is rare on the run from Darnold).

Another good play from Lee and this is where his athletic ability comes into play. Lee is dropping back into his hook zone and notices the RB screen. Gets to it quickly and makes the tackle before he faces any real blocks.

Jets run a mid zone (aiming point Shell’s outside hip) out of 31 personnel to the wing set side. The 5 tech has position in the play side c-gap so Crowell decides to cut it into the b-gap and break the tackle from the 2 tech (Winters fell). Crowell then shows the underrated speed.

I just like seeing good hits. Williamson drops back into his hook zone, notices the short snag. Lays a solid hit on the WR.

Impressive play from Jamal Adams here. Jets drop back into cov 3, Adams in responsible for the curl/flat zone. Adams takes his exit angle into his zone but doesnt get distracted by the flat route from the RB, reads the QB which leads him to the route behind. Fluid hips, good hit.

Jets send Leo and Luvu (left side) on an ET stunt. Luvu doesn’t get in but is preparing the get the PD as Stafford loads up to throw. Smart/athletic play for the UDFA.

Another athletic play from Lee. As Lee drops back into hit hook/curl zone he is reading Stafford. Solid vertical from Lee to get a hand on the ball for the PD.

Lions run a china concept to the right side of the screen. The WR running the short inn alligator arms it as he hears from footsteps. Adams (in man on the TE) shows some good awareness to notice the ball is heading in his direction. Nice catch and run after catch.

Pryor runs a solid route (corner) as the CB opens early, Pryor stacks him vertically then break out towards the sideline which creates separation. Darnold Rolls out to his left on the bootleg. Danold then quickly resets his feet and makes a good throw from a unbalanced base.