TOJ Let’s Get Weird: Week 1 – Jets vs. Lions

Dan Essien get’s weird with the New York Jets week 1 matchup against the Detroit Lions…

Football is back and I come bearing gifts! Let’s Get Weird will be a weekly collection of non-conventional statistics, predictions, and general random observation about the Jets and their upcoming matchups. It will be VERY serious (READ: sometimes serious). We start off with week 1 as the New York Jets kick off the regular season with a Monday night showdown in Detroit, against the Lions.

Game notes

Darnderson Chemistry

Last season it took a little while before before McCown and Anderson started to develop good chemistry. Anderson really got going around week 3 but even then was still not on the best terms with McCown. That particularly showed with the helmet spike in Miami, when fans got pretty mad at Anderson. But after that, from week 8 up until week 14 when McCown got hurt, Anderson and McCown were on fire. So try not to freak out if Anderson and Darnold don’t hit the ground running in week 1. Honestly, in general, try not to freak out about week 1, as hard as that may be.

Sam Cam

Sam Darnold’s situation is largely unprecedented. He’ll be the youngest rookie to ever start the season opener since the merger. Much of the talk this offseason has been whether or not the Jets should start him right away. While, most rookie quarterbacks start off slow, let’s take at one quarterback that hit the ground running from day one. Cam Newton had 422 passing yards, 2 TD’s and 1 INT in his first start for the Panthers which was a close loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Most quarterbacks don’t start this quick but Cam was just built different. Much of the feedback we’ve been getting is that Darnold is wise beyond his years. Can Darnold overcome the expected jitters and send an early statement like Newton did in 2011?

Roadtrips w/ the kids

Everyone knows road trips are usually a lot more fun when kids aren’t involved. The Jets have been learning that the hard way. Last year they went 1-7 on the road. There is somewhat of a correlation, however. Of the teams in the top 10 in terms of winning percentage on the road, only the Rams and the Lions had an average age below 26.


Henry Anderson First Impression

I think we forget too easily how good of a pass rusher Henry Anderson is. The Lions have a decent offensive line but I think the Jets run defense does well to force a bunch of 3rd and longs. Then, I think Anderson gets through and has 1.5 sacks on Monday.

Nathan Shepherd Cele

This is more of a request than a prediction. Nathan Shepherd’s first ever NFL celebration is obvious. He should simply stand tall…and snap…and then half of the Jets defense should fall out. He would be immediately inducted in the Jets ring of honor the following week. Someone please get this to Mr. Shepherd.


Still Golden

The last time the Jets faced the Lions it was 2014 at home and they lost 24-17. Calvin Johnson was hurt and some thought the Jets might’ve caught the Lions at a good time but it turned out to be Golden Tate that scorched the Jets for 116 yard receiving on 8 catches. Member of the Jets night’s watch, Calvin Pace, said in a quote after the game, “You get caught up in names but Golden Tate is a good receiver, too.” Unfortunately for the Jets, he still is. Let’s hope Trumaine Johnson and the rest of “New Jack City” fair better than Rex Ryan’s final Jets secondary did.